How to Market Apps Successfully?

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From the point of view of the most successful app, marketing is very important for making profits from an App rather than design and development. Even though a simple app with fewer budgets will get big revenue with good marketing strategies. Therefore, it is important to market apps. We also have developed a guide on how to market apps successfully. Now, read the following parts to learn the details.

Reach users by marketing online

Marketing online can help you reach users worldwide, with up to 100% of your target users spending most of their spare time in surfing the Internet every day, so an online presence is a must-have.

Create a website or a landing page

how to market apps-create a website

A website is the best platform for you to introduce and describe your apps or products. It’s also the place where users can know every detail of your app. Even today, people prefer to search on the web when they hear an app. Here they need to land on a comfortable page to know about your app, see its demo and even download it. Creating a good landing page is also one of the things you need to before launching your app. Remember you don’t need a fabulous website but just a simple one that tells details of your app and how your app works?

Publish a Viral video

When comes to how to market apps, publishing a viral video is one of the best ways. What is “viral video”? When a video was shared hundreds and thousands of times, it becomes a “viral video”. It’s a great way to promote apps to users on a pretty big scale. Sometimes it’s larger than a TV ad. It’s cheap to make.

Demonstrate your app combination with entertainment through a “viral video” is one of the best ways to market apps.


Blogging is an efficient and effective way to enhance your app and your business. Tell the story of your experience behind creating your app and what you wish to do next. It’s also a way to express your ideas to your users and engage them in your business. The followers on your blog are the ready users to access. Besides this, blogging is very important for SEO.

Convert the traffic to your users

how to market apps-convert traffic to your appsPeople search you and find you because they are interested in you. In order to get the traffic, you need to pay! You will not succeed if only a tiny part of the huge traffic download your app eventually, so you really need to take the conversion rate seriously. Learn how to increase conversion rate in below.

1. Create beautiful interface and awesome function

Beautiful interface is always attractive, and most of users are likely to try those apps with a beautiful interface. Besides, functions are important, which are the main reason why a user download and use a app. Try to think more about your users’ need and design a fabulous and attractive interface for your app!

2. Higher ranking in App Store

The survey shows that 70 % of the top 10 apps in App Stores have been downloaded, and 81% App Store visitors stop browsing after checking out the top 50 apps. 75% of users download apps from the top charts without even hear about them before, so you need to do some ASO works for your app.

3. Good reviews of your app

how to market apps-good reviewsFor apps that are not in top 10 or top chat apps, it will be searched by input keywords, App Store will usually bring multiple app results after searching by keywords. When a user decide to download an app, he/she will consider the ratings and reviews from other users, especially for those paid apps.

As for good reviews, you can ask your friends to leave positive apps and work with special platform like BestReviewApp. Remember that high ratings and good reviews are important for app promotion!


The corn of marketing apps is just bringing traffic by different ways and convert the traffic with good quality or attractive interface or functions and good comments from other users. Hope this guides helps you know clearly about how to market apps.

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