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15 App Store Optimization Mistakes Every Developer Should Avoid

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Today there are more than 4 million apps in the app store and the biggest challenge developers now face is maximizing their app’s visibility in this already oversaturated market, and the best way is to do app store optimization. Therefore, we listed 15 app store optimization mistakes that most developers should avoid.

Not Knowing That ASO Exists And Its Impactsapp store optimization mistakes - aso

It is weird but there are people out there who don’t know that ASO exists. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing an app so as to maximize its discovery in the app store, improving app visibility and download rates. Therefore, it directly impacts a business.

Not Using The Right Keywords in the Right Fields

Depending on an app, finding the right keyword can be difficult or easy. The right step every developer should take is to find keywords that define your app in a clear and precise manner so that when users come across your app they will be able to know what the app is about and what it offers within seconds. Using the right keywords is very crucial to improve your app visibility on App store.

Assuming Visual Elements Don’t Impact ASO

Most developers think that search store optimization is all about increasing traffic. Even though traffic is essential for your app ranking, it is equally important to be able to convert this traffic into downloads or installs. Creating a pleasing and attractive design increases an app’s download and install rates.

Not Running Tests to Improve Your Metricsapp store optimization mistakes - tests

For most marketers, marketing is all about measuring and data. This is another one of the most common app store optimization mistakes. There are helpful features on App Store that let you test run various aspects of your app to measure their impacts so as you know which is generating more traffic and which is not. This will allow you to make adjustments accordingly preventing future setbacks. Remember nothing is completely proved not until it is tested.

Not Localizing Your App

In case you are targeting a wider market that goes beyond your geographical boundary, it is a good idea to localize your app listing to languages of the country where your potential customers are. Both Google play store and Apple app store let app developers localize their apps so as they become visible everywhere. Localizing will not only boost your visibility but will also improve your install and download rates.

Thinking That Product Promotion Doesn’t Affect ASO

One of the factors that app stores consider when it comes to a number of installs and app ranking is the promotion. When app store realizes that your app gets download every time users visit it is likely to favor the app more as it sees that your app is user-friendly. One can boost their app install through paid ads, influencer marketing, building a landing site for your app and much more. Product promotion is a very powerful tool in app store optimization.

Focusing On Wrong Keywordsapp store optimization mistakes - keywords

When it comes to optimizing your app through keywords, relevance is very important. It is very important to use keywords that best define your app, and most developers would make this app store optimization mistakes. Once you have found these keywords, it’s good to test them to find out which rank top according to ASO. Using irrelevant keyword or too much jargon is useless in ASO and might even make your app be kicked out! Read this guide to learn more about how to choose right keywords for your mobile app.

Using the Same Strategies on Both Google Play And Apple App Store

When it comes to ASO, both Google Play and Apple App Store have their own particulars. It is important to first find out how each store works and how ASO strategies work in each one of them. Since apple app store and Google play store are different, then it means their ASO strategies are different hence why would you implement the same strategies.

Thinking ASO Is a One-Time Thing

Thinking ASO is a one-time thing is another one of app store optimization mistakes. ASO is a continuous process and not a one-time execution. Algorithms keep changing due to keywords, competition, reviews, and rating hence it has to be constantly tracked and observed so as your app doesn’t become obsolete. Remember ASO isn’t a sprint but rather a marathon.

Not Keep Tracking Your Competitorsapp store optimization mistakes - competitors

Any app developed is likely to have three types of competitors; one that is similar to your app, one that competes for top charts and one that uses both strategies.  Since your app is likely to be one of a kind in the app store, not keep tracking your competitors is also one of the app store optimization mistakes you will ever make. It’s important to monitor how your competitors rank, it will also enable you to discover trending keywords and features you could possibly consider including in your app.

Doing Black Hat Optimization

This is a cruel reality on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Doing fake reviews, installs, searches etc can work but you will not know when they stop working. It is like gambling and you will never know whether your app will make it or not. So if you really care about your app, don’t do this!

Not Using Right Tools

Since ASO was discovered, we have witnessed several tools emerging that focus on tracking anything related to apps’ discoverability on stores. The tools consider an app’s rankings, ratings, competitors, reviews and much more to provide you with helpful suggestions that you could consider including in your app to improve its visibility. These tools will allow you to monitor how your app behaves in the app store and hence it will be a mistake to fail to keep track of these tools.

Not Follow ASO Rules

ASO rules are there for a reason and not following them might result in your app becoming obsolete or even kicked out of the store. It is very important to follow and implement these rules when building your app. They will not only enable you to stay updated but also improve your app visibility.

Failing to Constantly Update Your or Learning App Store Algorithmsapp store optimization mistakes - algorithms

Since ASO is a continuous process it means its algorithms as well keep changing whether on websites or social media accounts. Apple App Store, as well as Google Play Store, normally update their own algorithm every now and then. Therefore, it is advised to keep your app up to date with the app store algorithm. Otherwise, you will not be able to notice any changes that might arise which will, in turn, mean you will not be able to react in a timely manner.

It is very important to quickly change when you notice the algorithms in the store have changed otherwise your app will be negatively affected. Follow ASO experts as well so that you be in the know in case of any new upcoming or discovery.

Assuming ASO Is Apps’ SEO

Even though SEO and ASO might seem similar in some ways they are not the same. ASO is ASO and SEO is SEO. SEO is a search optimization process that improves a website’s visibility in Google search whereas ASO is an app store optimization process for maximizing an app’s visibility, boost conversation rate and ultimately increase downloads and installs. Both processes work differently and hence one should assume that they are the same and use the same tactics on both platforms. It is recommended to follow each of the processes’ rules and regulations for you to get the most out of each.

In conclusion

App store optimization is a must to do for app developers to promote their apps. While there is still some app store optimization mistakes most developers would misunderstand. In order to avoid this situation, learning about these 15 app store optimization mistakes mentioned above will be helpful.


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