What’s the Importance of App Reviews for Developers and Users

In the latest Apple Store algorithm, Apple gives a bigger weight to social factors in app ranking rules. Moreover, a report shows that reviews are the most significant factors when users search on app store. This means that if you get more positive reviews , the ranking of your app will greatly be improved. The most popular app is the most reviewed app. That is why app reviews become more and more important. You can read this guide to know more about the importance of app reviews for developers and users.

Part 1. The Importance of Reviews for App Developers

app developers

A successful app developer understands the importance of app reviews. App reviews are full of information of what users think of your app. Why are reviews important for app developers?

1. Get useful information about your app

You can easily know that bugs or problems your app is facing, which features need to be improved, advantages and disadvantages of your app.

2. Reply to user reviews

  • Gives users a great service support, which will help to attract more potential users.
  • Encourages other users to leave reviews, because they know that their reviews will get developers’ attention.
  • It may make unhappy, discouraged users to change negative reviews to good ones.

When replying to user reviews, you’d better know these tips about how to reply effectively. You can make a polite apology for any unpleasant user experience, and give your practical suggestions or solutions. Furthermore, notice users timely when bugs are fixed and ask them to re-review your app, which will increase more good reviews.

3. Analyze user reviews

  • Note down all feature requests, bug reports and general feedback, then decide which one need to be prioritized in the next update.
  • Have an opportunity to know about your competitors’app and improve your app.
  • Keep and improve the wow moment in your app to make your app stand out.

4. Contribute to boost app ranking

Get more good reviews will boost app ranking by ranking app to top charts and higher in searches. Besides, the latest good reviews also make app have a bigger chance to rank up. Therefore, update your description once update new features.

Part 2. The Importance of Reviews for App Users

app user rating

Why are reviews important for app users? Here we list two points.

1. Reviews help users to make a choice.

When we make a decision before downloading an app, firstly we’ll look at its title, secondly look at the numbers of reviews and little stars next to the app. Reviews are shared by app users, which can help users know whether other people liked it or not and why they did so.

2. Reviews written by genuine users are highly valued.

Reviews from trustworthy users with real and active profiles have more impact than others. Beyond that, the date of reviews also affects app ranking. People prefer to see the latest reviews. The more latest good reviews your app gets, the higher it will rank.

No matter for developers and users, reviews play a very big role. Bestreviewapp provides the service of buying reviews for your app. Thousands of app fans gather here to test, review and rate your app.

How to use BestReviewApp App to Make Money?

For developers, they are able to promote apps effectively with BestReviewApp. As for app users, they can get paid apps free and make cash by reviewing apps listed by us. However, there are many people having no idea on how to use this app to earn cash. Therefore, we made this guide to teach people how to use BestReviewApp app. Now, following steps in below.

To use BestreviewApp app, you first need to access the website by using your mobile device (iPhone/iPad/iPod). Then, click “Donwload App” button at the top left corner.

use BestReviewApp app- download

Once clicked “Download App” button, a confirmation button will pop up, just click “Install”.

use BestReviewApp app- install

It will take several minutes to finish the installation, When it’s done, click “Start” on the page.

use BestReviewApp app- start

After clicking “Start” button , You will be asked to authenticate your device. Just click the orange button “Authenticate”.

use BestReviewApp app- authenticate

Click “Install” at the top right corner in Install Profile page.

use BestReviewApp app- install

Then click “Install” in the top right corner of Warning Page. Then you are redirected to this page, click “Open” in the popped up window.

use BestReviewApp app- open

After clicking “Open” button, you should be redirected to this page where you are required choose Apple ID country. Please note that the country you chose should be the same with Apple ID account country, it cannot be modified later. If you register with a referral code, you will be rewarded $0.5.

use BestReviewApp app- rewards

Now you are available to claim tasks to make money. Choose the tasks in the unclaimed page list.

use BestReviewApp app- tasks

If you want to do the task then please click the “Accept” button.

use BestReviewApp app- accept

If you are a new reviewer and you have never reviewed any App before, you will be required to fill in your Apple nickname in your first task. Take note that your iTunes nickname is CASE SENSITIVE, and must be the same username you use to leave reviews in app stores. If you register it wrongly, you need to send an email to support team to change your nickname.

use BestReviewApp app- username

If you claimed some tasks but you don’t want to do it or you can’t do it, please click the pink Cancel button, otherwise it will become a bad record, and five bad records will lead to a banned account.

use BestReviewApp app- cancel

As long as your tasks has been completed, the bonus will get back to you immediately and you could see it in “Balance under “Profile“.

use BestReviewApp app- balance

You can check your account information such as User ID, iTunes nickname and Country in Profil page.

use BestReviewApp app- profile

If you have any questions, you can check the FAQ also under Profile page.

If you want to contact us, you can click the Chat Online to contact us directly. We will answer your question as soon as we receive your message.

After going through all the steps we listed above, you can know how to use BestReviewApp app clearly. Then, you can start make money with it by first visiting www.bestreviewapp.com.

How to Write Good App Reviews in iTunes App Store?


Write Good App ReviewsSince you have got a new iPhone or iPod, congratulations, you have the opportunity to start your way to make money by reviewing apps on BestReviewApp. It’s better to learn the skills about how to write good app reviews in the iTunes App Store before starting.

As we know that all the submitted reviews will take 1 or 2 days to be approved by Apple before showing in the app review list. However, not all the reviews can be approved, whether your review gets approved depends on its quality.

To write good reviews in the iTunes App Store, you need to obey the following tips.

No grammatical mistakes

The best way to avoid grammar mistakes is to review local apps with your local language. However, if you are good at other foreign languages and want to review the apps in other countries’ app store, then please check your reviews several times to avoid grammar mistakes before submitting it to App Store.

No irrelevant content review

We can understand you that the reason you review the app is just for money, but please note, if your reviews are far away from the truth, all about some irrelevant reviews, it might not be approved by Apple. Then you will not get money for it. Even though the review is approved, once it was reported by other users or developers, your Apple ID would be taken suspiciously by Apple.

Matched rating and review

This is similar to “Irrelevant content reviews”. If you rate it for 5-star, but you left a negative review, your Apple ID also has the risk to be suspected or even banned by Apple. So make sure that your Rating matches your review.

Don’t review multiple apps in a short time

how to write good app reviews 2Imagine that you reviewed over 100 apps in a day or over 20 apps in an hour with the same Apple ID, it’s just not normal. Few people would do that, installing numerous apps at a time? If you really want to review more apps to make more money, you can use multiple devices with multiple Apple IDs.

In addition to those tips above, there are some tips to help you to write good app reviews in iTunes App Store.

Use a local nickname

If you review apps in USA App Store, then don’t take your nickname as a Japanese one, it will be taken suspicious and your review may not be approved. Therefore, it’s better to use a local name.

Refer to the description but don’t copy it

The developer will place the app’s best advantages in the first three lines in the description. Therefore, to write good app reviews, it’s a good idea to refer to its description to see which part is the developer want to show or take it pride. But you can not copy it, it will look fake.

Tell about your experience

To write a good review, besides highlight its advantage, you also can write something about your feeling or experience when using it. This will be a good review to share your thoughts and ideas in it.

Talk about its interface

Sometimes, when you really confuse what it is, in order to avoid writing some irrelevant reviews, you can try to write something about its interface, like “I love its interface, the interface is really amazing.” etc.

Comment on its functions

It’s also a good idea to comment its functions to explain how useful and helpful it is. What does it helped you and, how much time you have spent on it daily. Just remember not to write irrelevant things.

Say something about its system flexibility

how to write app reviews - talk about its flexibilityJust like talking about its interface, the system flexibility is another topic. Flexibility is also important for both users and developers. Users hope to install those apps with good flexibility and developer also want to see this kind of good reviews.


The most important thing to write good app reviews in the iTunes App Store is to make it as real as possible. Write your experience, talk about thoughts, avoid irrelevant content and grammar mistakes, you will get more tasks. Remember how to write good app reviews, then you can earn more money from app review platforms.

10 Best Money-making Apps Bring You Money and Fun!

Want some extra incomes while having fun with your smart-phone? Or are you looking for best money-making apps that are both entertaining and profitable? Well, you can definitely find your answer here!

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Best Money Making Apps - BestReviewAppBestreviewapp is one of the best money-making apps and offers you great chances to earn money. As app users, you can make money by receiving tasks and then writing good reviews. You will get $0.5 to around $2 for each good comment you made. Different phone users(Android or IOS or Mac) get different payments for different tasks. Want to make money with BestReviewApp? Read how to use BestReviewApp to make money.


 helps you a lot in gaining extra earnings. For IOS users, you first receive tasks, paste keywords, search keywords in the App Store, and then download apps. After you finished your task, you will get paid $0.3 for it. For Android users, they don’t need to paste keywords. Just receive tasks directly and then download apps. Android users get points for their tasks, and every 600 points can be converted into $1. Payments are processed every Friday through .


If you are interested in taking photos of food, clothes, and other fashion products, why not choose Iconzoomer? The task for it is easy. Each week you will receive assignments from the app, like” show us what you are eating for lunch” or “Share us what kind of bag are you carrying?” If you choose the “Show Us”” Send It” and “Earn It” buttons, you will earn money for your snapshots via or receive free merchandise.


This app rewards users if they finish market research surveys. The topics of surveys vary widely, including business, science, technology, and… Users earn points for each task and exchange points to real cash. Every 100 points worth $1 and can be cashed. Payments are processed every Friday through .


Ibotta has attracted many app users for its audacious idea. It is a shopping app. Click the product you are going to buy, which will make the app turn into an interface with 3 tasks on it. After finished these 3 tasks, you receive the money you made. Send your bill to the Ibotta, and you receive equivalent amount of money in your account.


Best Money-making AppsSport fans take many benefits from Fancake. This app rewards users who watch sport shows in the app. Users receive discounts on tickets, merchandise or other items. You will like it much if you are a sport fan.


What? Your exercise record brings you money from others? Yes, definitely! You earn points if you log in the app and exercise for at least 15 minutes. Also, you get points from this. The more points you accumulate, the more rewards you get. So, when you work out, open Nexercise to gain points!


Make money through watching live TV? Yes! Viggle is also a best money-making app that makes you satisfied. You first watch live TV programs, then take part in quizzes or answer onscreen questions, and finally collect points. From these, you can obtain rewards.


Best money-making AppsJunoWallet is mainly for game lovers. You earn points by playing games, watching videos or filling survey forms. If you want to gain more points, invite your friends to play games, or share games on your Facebook.

Location Panel

Location Panel is regarded as one of the 10 best money-making apps, too. This app is used to help store and restaurant owners localize their new business.Open it while you are shopping or having your meals. The location-based app automatically keeps track of you. As a result, you collect points, which can be converted into real cash.


These 10 best money-making apps are recommended based on the analysis we have made online. Can’t wait to try them? Go ahead and enjoy yourself! Once you used these apps, you cannot agree more that these apps are exactly what you want, and like to recommend them to your friends and families!

5 Most Useful Tips on How to Name an App?

name an appApp nаmе іѕ оnе оf thе mоѕt important factors affecting App Store Optimization. It іѕ nоt thе easiest task tо name an app. Yоu ѕhоuld hаvе unique nаmе fоr уоur website аnd app wіth rіght impact оn thе buyers. Also, іt ѕhоuld hаvе good discoverability features fоr web searching programs аnd app stores. Yоur nаmе ѕhоuld bе original аnd rеаllу catchy.

Optimize app name is also one of the App Store Optimization guides. Bеlоw аrе tips оn hоw tо name an app tо give уоur app аn awesome name.

Be unique

Dо уоu wаnt tо bе mistaken fоr аnоthеr app? Or worse, dо уоu wаnt tо bе sued fоr copyright оr trademark infringement? Juѕt lіkе уоur idea fоr аn app, уоur app’s nаmе hаѕ tо bе unique. First, уоu don’t wаnt tо accidentally steal ѕоmеоnе else’s name. Second, you’ll bе dоіng уоurѕеlf аnd уоur marketing team а huge favor – thе mоrе unique уоur app’s nаmе is, thе easier іt wіll bе tо claim іt оn social networks аnd register іt аѕ а domain. Google wіll bе уоur bеѕt friend here, ѕо put уоur Google hats оn аnd gеt to… Googling.

Be easy to pronounce

Yоu knоw hоw уоu gо іntо аn Ikea store, аnd уоu can’t pronounce anything? Don’t dо thаt tо уоur app. It frustrates people. At Ikea, learning hоw tо pronounce furniture names (and finding оut whаt thеу mean) іѕ hаlf thе fun. At thе App Store, there’s I-don’t-know-how-to-pronounce-this-but-it’s-fun-to-say-anyway (Bahndr, pr. BON-DER), thеn there’s I-don’t-know-how-to-pronounce-this-and-it’s-freakin’-annoying! (e.g., app whісh ѕhаll nоt bе named). Don’t bе thаt app.

Easy to remember

name an app - easy to rememberIf users can’t remember уоur app’s name, thеу рrоbаblу won’t remember tо uѕе іt either. Longer names аrе harder tо “stick”, ѕо kеер іt short аnd straightforward. Unlеѕѕ уоur app’s multi-syllabic nаmе іѕ related tо іtѕ functionality (Remember thе Milk, Cut thе Rope), cut іt dоwn tо 2 syllables tо kеер іt snappy аnd memorable (Mime-Me). Otherwise, it’s time tо gо bасk tо thе drawing board. (No оnе wіll еvеr remember ‘Chucking/Launching/Propelling/Scattering Birds’ оr ‘Birdies Thrown аt Piggies,’ but ‘Angry Birds’? WIN.)

Be relevant

If уоu hаvе а gaming оr social app, уоu саn рrоbаblу hаvе а creativity pass fоr thіѕ one. If уоu hаvе а business оr utility app, іtѕ nаmе ѕhоuld bе ѕоmеwhаt relevant tо іtѕ functionality. Users аrе lеѕѕ lіkеlу tо check оut аn app іf thеу hаvе nо idea whаt thе app іѕ for. Thіѕ doesn’t mеаn уоur app’s nаmе hаѕ tо bе boring (sorry, calculator apps, thаt уоu gеt names lіkе Calculator+, Calculator•, Calculator#, аnd Calculator! but you’re thе exception here).

Yоur app’s nаmе hаѕ tо paint а picture оf thе functionality аѕѕосіаtеd wіth іt (Travel Wallet). Bе creative when name an app, but mаkе ѕurе уоur app’s nаmе аlѕо gіvеѕ users аn idea оf whаt іt does.

How to Make Money with Android Smartphone on BestReviewApp.com?

Make money by reviewing apps with the smartphone? Sounds too good to be true? Read on and learn how thousands of people are earning real money just by giving their honest app reviews on BestReviewApp with their Android smartphone.

BestReviewApp.com is a portal that puts app developers and real users together, charging developers for reviews and disbursing fees to reviewers. Just a few minutes a day can add up to some real money for Android phone users willing to give some honest reviews.

The sign up process is fast and simple and you can get on to reviewing apps very quickly. You receive $0.50 for every free app you review and $1.00 to $1.50 plus the download cost of the available paid apps. There is no minimum payout amount unlike many other sites, and pay outs are processed every Friday through .

Let’s see how to make money with your Android smartphone on BestReviewApp.

Step 1: Visit www.bestreviewapp.com with your android phone browser.
make money with android smartphone on BestReviewApp 1
Step 2: Sign in if you already have an account, and click Sign up to create an account if you don’t have an account yet.
make money with android smartphone on BestReviewApp 2
Step 3: Claim tasks to earn money, by clicking the button “Get it now” to access the task in the unclaimed page. Then you will find the tasks that you have claimed in the “Tasks” page.

make money with android smartphone on BestReviewApp
make money with android smartphone on BestReviewApp 3

Step 4 : Implement the task by downloading and reviewing it on Play Store.
Actually, it will be automatically redirected to this page after you clicking “Get it now” in the last step.

5.When the task has been completed, then the reward will be added to your account automatically. Normally, $0.5 for a free app and $1 or $1.5 for a paid app. You can withdraw it with your account. The payment will be sent to you every Thursday.
make money with android smartphone on BestReviewApp 5
Making money with the android smartphone on BestReviewApp is just so easy, There is no catch, no long application forms to fill in, and nothing to lose. So what are you waiting for? Head over to BestReviewApp.com now and start earning cash today!

How to Make Money Easily with Bestreviewapp

how to make money with BestReviewAppWe have mentioned working with BestReviewApp is one of the best basic mobile app promotional guides for developers before. Besides helping developers promote apps, BestReviewApp also offers good chances for app users to make money online. Here, we listed a detailed guide on how to make money with BestReviewApp. Follow this guide and start to make money easily.

To make money with BestReviewApp, you first need to visit the official site: www.bestreviewapp.com. Then, go through the following steps.

  1. Click Reviewer button on the navigation bar. Then, click get in button to create an account with your real information.
  2. Associate your iTunes nickname or/and your Google nickanme to your account.
  3. Claim an app task.
  4. Click “Take me to iTunes”/”Take me to Google store” to download the app.
  5. After installing the app on your phone or Mac, try it and then write a positive review without grammar issues.
  6. Then “App price+$0.5-$1.5” would be added to your account once your review is confirmed and detected successfully.

Reviewers will be paid for completing each task. Therefore, the more tasks you complete, the more USD dollars you will be paid. You can also withdraw your money anytime you want. We normally process the withdrawals on each Friday via Alipay,  or US iTues Gift Card.


From the steps we listed above, we can know that it is really easy to make money with BestReviewApp. You can make a couple of dollars par day by using your iPhone, iPad and MacBook easily by just installing, trying and reviewing apps. In addition, each time you review an app, you will be paid more than $0.5. There are more and more developers promoting their apps on BestReviewApp, so you can make more money per day with us.

To make money with BestReviewApp, visit BestReviewApp Reviewer Page to create an account and start your money making.