What’s the Importance of App Reviews for Developers and Users

In the latest Apple Store algorithm, Apple gives a bigger weight to social factors in app ranking rules. Moreover, a report shows that reviews are the most significant factors when users search on app store. This means that if you get more positive reviews , the ranking of your app will greatly be improved. The most popular app is the most reviewed app. That is why app reviews become more and more important. You can read this guide to know more about the importance of app reviews for developers and users.

Part 1. The Importance of Reviews for App Developers

app developers

A successful app developer understands the importance of app reviews. App reviews are full of information of what users think of your app. Why are reviews important for app developers?

1. Get useful information about your app

You can easily know that bugs or problems your app is facing, which features need to be improved, advantages and disadvantages of your app.

2. Reply to user reviews

  • Gives users a great service support, which will help to attract more potential users.
  • Encourages other users to leave reviews, because they know that their reviews will get developers’ attention.
  • It may make unhappy, discouraged users to change negative reviews to good ones.

When replying to user reviews, you’d better know these tips about how to reply effectively. You can make a polite apology for any unpleasant user experience, and give your practical suggestions or solutions. Furthermore, notice users timely when bugs are fixed and ask them to re-review your app, which will increase more good reviews.

3. Analyze user reviews

  • Note down all feature requests, bug reports and general feedback, then decide which one need to be prioritized in the next update.
  • Have an opportunity to know about your competitors’app and improve your app.
  • Keep and improve the wow moment in your app to make your app stand out.

4. Contribute to boost app ranking

Get more good reviews will boost app ranking by ranking app to top charts and higher in searches. Besides, the latest good reviews also make app have a bigger chance to rank up. Therefore, update your description once update new features.

Part 2. The Importance of Reviews for App Users

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Why are reviews important for app users? Here we list two points.

1. Reviews help users to make a choice.

When we make a decision before downloading an app, firstly we’ll look at its title, secondly look at the numbers of reviews and little stars next to the app. Reviews are shared by app users, which can help users know whether other people liked it or not and why they did so.

2. Reviews written by genuine users are highly valued.

Reviews from trustworthy users with real and active profiles have more impact than others. Beyond that, the date of reviews also affects app ranking. People prefer to see the latest reviews. The more latest good reviews your app gets, the higher it will rank.

No matter for developers and users, reviews play a very big role. Bestreviewapp provides the service of buying reviews for your app. Thousands of app fans gather here to test, review and rate your app.

How to Prevent/Avoid Bad App Reviews

App reviews have a large impact in the app stores’ algorithms. So reviews are an important element of App Store Optimization (ASO). Bad reviews for an app can largely affect the chances of your customers’ app succeeding. And they are less likely to download some apps with bad or negative reviews. Therefore, Good and positive reviews for your app mean good word-of-mouth, effective marketing as well, and result in boosting app store rankings.

It is vital to take action to your bad reviews. Lots of factors will result in bad reviews. Users maybe have high expectations on your app, if you can’t follow these parts we’ll talk about the next, you’ll inevitably face bad reviews. This guide will introduce you about how to avoid bad app reviews, how to get positive app reviews and how to manage negative reviews.

Part 1. How to Prevent/Avoid Bad App Reviews

avoid negative apps reviews

These tips will help avoid a large portion of bad app reviews. However, Some bad reviews are inevitable, as some people are simply impossible to please – but many are easily avoided. Therefore, it’s essential that try everything possible to avoid as more as bad app store reviews.
Before your mobile app goes to market, make sure you’ve solved all of these following issues. Here, we provide you five ways to avoid bad app reviews for app developers.

1. Test Again and Again

Test your app again and again before publishing it to the App Store. You can do testing to quicken the process and smoothen the app process for your user.

2. Ensure App Users Know What to Expect from Your App

Video is frequently becoming the fastest way to show your app. Downloaders will know what to expect from the app by watching the video.

3. Have an Effective Customer Support

Effective customer service makes a big difference on a frustrated, unhappy, disappointed clients give negative reviews. When your customers are well attended for outstanding customer support, they are possible to share positive and quality reviews, even turn a bad review into a positive review.

Part 2. How to Manage Bad App Reviews

Handl Negative App Reviews

It’s both difficult and time-consuming to push the reviews back up once a number of poor reviews already exist. So you need to learn how to deal with bad or negative app reviews.

  • Make an Formal Apology

Whatever reviews said, just make an polite apology to your end users and reply them like “We’ re sorry for bringing you unpleasant experience, we’re glad that you help us find bugs, thank you for letting us have this chance to fix this for you, please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do to bring you a pleasant experience.”

  • Notify Users Timely When Bugs Are Fixed

Fix bugs quickly after you give the feedback and inform users to updated the new version in a pop-up window, then ask them to re-review your app in another pop-up window. If users are leaving negative comments because of bugs, this will help to decrease the negative app reviews.

Part 3. How to Get More Positive App Reviews

manage bad apps reviews

1. Incentivize Users

You can provide free upgrades or in-app present in exchange for a positive review.

2. Ask “Strategically”

When and how should you request your users to give a review for your app? When do they feel delighted and would they like to give you a review? You can start out to do from these two points.

  • Ask at the suitable time-Prompt users with a request to review your app after they have completed their task or just been awarded, because they are likely in a better mood and likely to give you a positive review.
  • Ask politely and be clear– You can send a two-parts question like, “do you like this app?” If they choose yes, redirect them to the app store. If they choose no, redirect them to an internal feedback page. By this way, you’ll only receive positive reviews and you can go over negative ones.

3. Keep Communication Open with Users

If you have an official website for your app, you can provide customer support or add a complaint/ feedback area on your site to make your users get in touch with you timely or bring feedback to you.

4. Buy App Store Reviews for Your App

Why do you need to buy app reviews? If you did everything above and other things you could, but you still can’t change the negative reviews for your app. At this time, you should consider getting app reviews by buying some quality and positive reviews for your app.

You May Want to Know: Benefits of Buying App Store Reviews

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Moreover, Bestreviewapp will maximize your ROI effectively and provide you professional customer services.

In Summary

Negative reviews have a large impact on the search discovery of your app in the app store. But if you work on building a great app and keep users happy, you can combat bad or negative reviews, and you’ll be one step ahead of your rivals and get more great reviews.

What to Do Next after Received Rejections from Apple?

what to do after received apple rejectionsIt’s frustrating when you received rejections from Apple review team, what’s more, it is not clear the exact reasons why your app can’t get through. Today, we will share possible reasons behind rejections and effective strategies you may follow.

First, it’s necessary to pinpoint the problem. Apple definitely will send you an e-mail with “no”, but they won’t give you the exact answer in the e-mail. There is a common reason for app rejection, especially the finance apps.

The Seller and Artist names/company names associated with your app do not reflect the xxx in the app or its metadata, as required by section 1.2 of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Effective solutions are as follows:

  • Change the developer Apple-ID from individual to company to submit your app, especially for finance apps. There is a second option if the app submission is for your clients, ask your client add your Apple-ID in the developers’ group list of the app and then resubmit.
  • During the period of reviewing, delete or hide the brand name of banks in app content and functions at risk to be rejected.
  • App content provides more information about your company and brand.
  • Feedback relevant information and evidence to prove the brand app mentioned is your company.
  • Revise Apple-ID e-mail address from individual to app company and the website for support to company’ website.

There are similar reasons for other apps:

  • why received apple rejectionsShopping apps: meta data containing other apps’ Delete app title, keywords and description relevant to other brand and provide more content related to own company and brand in meta data. Feedback adequate information and evidence to prove the brand app mentioned is your own company to Apple reviewers.
  • Shopping apps: developer name and company name do not match with shopping platform or coupon provider mentioned in apps. During the period of reviewing, hide information and functions at risk to be rejected.
  • Medical apps: developer name and company name do not match with medical organizations apps mentioned.

For cloned apps, there are two ways to fix the rejections.

  • Hide information at risk to be rejected and make a revision to meta data, app icon, interface, and functions during the period of reviewing which can revise back after approval. One thing needs to mention is your app will gain a red card if Apple notices thus irregularities.
  • Design a completely different app.

How to Become a Successful Independent Mobile App Developer?

As an independent mobile app developer you work as your own boss. It is you who sets your own hours. You work on projects you like and when you like. If you want to become a successful independent mobile app developer, you should focus on long-term strategies of success. The following tips will help you with your success.

1. Create Apps that Interest You

Become a Successful Independent Mobile App DeveloperWhen you work on something of interest, the results are likely to be stunning. So it will be best to focus more of your energy on developing apps which are closer to your interests. In such a case you are more likely to create something of high quality, offering exceptional user experience. This will translate into more number of higher ratings and positive reviews, and more downloads.

When you already have deep interest in the ideas, you can prove to be the best user of the app. This will mean that you are able to create unique features and functions while removing all bugs. It is important to understand that when you have passion for something, you can achieve great results with it.

2. Keep it Simple

There is no better example than the Google in defining the importance of “keeping it simple.” No app can succeed without making it easy for its users to use its features and functions. And as an app developer seeking to succeed, this should be one of the core practices in your development principles.

Create apps which your users can learn to use in seconds even if they haven’t seen the demo video. This will require integrating proven and universal concepts, icons, and design principles.

3. Diversify & Develop Your Skills

As an independent app developer your job will cover everything, including coding. It will be you who will have to do everything, covering all aspects of the app development cycle. So make sure that you diversify and develop your skill set.

Become a Successful Independent Mobile App DeveloperThe other solution is to hire others to address the different aspects of your app development. This can however increase costs. However, if your projects require more manpower to manage them efficiently, you will have to learn how to manage people with different skills to streamline your product development cycle. Part of your business skills also includes excellent communication skills. These will be required when you deal with your team.

4. Take App Marketing & Distribution Seriously

Most app developers are focused so much on the core development activities that they never take marketing and distribution seriously. It doesn’t matter how great an app you have developed, if it doesn’t reach your target audience it has no purpose. Find out where more of your potential users are and create marketing strategies to reach them.

5. Focus on High Quality & User Experience

There is nothing that can replace app quality and good user experience. This is what will help your app succeed in the long term. An exceptional app can be promoted even without having to spend a fortune. Word of mouth publicity may be all that is required.

6. Be Well Organized

Nothing beats discipline. As an independent app developer you are responsible for all aspects of your business. It is extremely important to become well organized. There are different points to this.

become-successful-independent-mobile-app-developer-organizedIf you have any ideas or any concerns, make sure they are noted down. Review your projects and all these relevant points on a consistent basis. You cannot remember everything. If you try to work so, you will find that app development can be a draining job in the long term. Create an organized system with steps, procedures, and idea inputs that streamline your processes.

Your organized system should be applied consistently to all aspects of your responsibility. It should cover everything from the technical points to the tiniest detail so that you always remain on top of your projects.

Remember, when you yourself are the business, you have all the freedom in the world to do anything you want. However, if you want to get paid, you will have to get things done. A disciplined and well organized system will help you achieve that on a consistent basis. It will keep your clients happier. It will help you deliver outstanding results on a regular basis, and will help you succeed.

7. Promote Yourself

You cannot become a successful independent mobile app developer unless you promote yourself as an app developer. Whether you promote yourself or your brand, it is important for people to know about you. It is important to keep promoting yourself while maintaining consistency in your message and image. The same applies to the quality of services you offer. Follow these tips to help further promote yourself:

  • Create a blog and post regularly
  • Join your local chamber of commerce
  • Reach out to people by answering questions within LinkedIn groups
  • Create and post informative YouTube videos

Become a Successful Independent Mobile App DeveloperUse your imagination in choosing or creating methods that promote your skills in the best possible way. It is important to choose platforms where you have maximum of your target audience. A channel that may be great for someone else may not be so for you.

It will also require time and effort to track and learn which are the best methods for you to promote yourself. Keep track of your marketing methods and analyze the results regularly. Use this data to keep adjusting your marketing effort.

8. Set Your Goals

As an app developer who seeks to succeed it is important to set your goal and follow them with discipline. You should have a goal not only for what you want to develop, but also for your career. Determine what you want to achieve or where you want to reach in the next few years. Set your goals and work hard to reach them.

As an independent mobile app developer, your business and your career relies on what you do to drive your sales. You will have to be disciplined, well-organized, and follow on your goals. You will have to manage everything from marketing to operations to your finances. You have to choose the right platforms where you target audience spends most of its time. You will also have to be self driven in everything you do.

5 Tips on How to Develop Successful Android Apps

How to Develop Successful Android AppsWith apps being downloaded over 50 billion times, the Google Play Store is the ultimate place for people to look for Android apps. With over a billion Android devices being in use on the planet, every app developer targets this platform. Over 70% of developers around the world create apps for this platform. With over a 2.4 million active apps on the Play Store, an Android app developer has to develop a unique and special app in order to succeed. So how to develop successful Android apps that will draw more potential users and drive your sales? Follow these 5 tips.

1. UX Focused Design

Design an app that delivers easy and unique user experience. The app must deliver its functions through a user-friendly interface design. Let the user find something unique yet simple in the app’s performance. Create an engaging environment that encourages users to invite their friends to install your app.

Google and Android’s concepts are based on simplicity and effortless experience. Make sure you stick to these principles in your app’s design and functionality. A good graphical interface with excellent customer support can help you create a great Android app.

2. Device Compatibility

If you want to create a successful Android app, it is important to reach all Android devices. There are many developers who are focused on specific devices because they are more popular. The mobile market is highly dynamic and changes every few months. A potentially successful app is one that is universal (in the Android domain) and can run on any Android device.

The app should have density-independent pixels so that it can work with consistency across different Android devices, without concern for the brand. It should determine the pixel density automatically and deliver a consistent user experience.

3. Add Customizable Features

How to Develop Successful Android AppsAndroid offers a lot of flexibility to its users. Try not to deviate from it by providing customizable features focused on your target audience. The features themselves should be developed keeping in mind the interests and demands of the user-segment that you want to reach. Whether it’s a gaming, video streaming, or TV program app, provide respective features which can be customized based on the user preferences and requirements. Android is successful because users have more control over what they can do with it or what visuals experience they want to have. A successful Android app should follow on this principle.

4. Follow the Trends

The SDK is regularly getting updated and upgraded. There are new tools and methods of app development being always released. A serious app developer who wants to create successful Android apps will always remain up-to-date with these trends. Also make sure that your app gets updated regularly. You cannot create an app that’s future-ready. It will have to be updated from time to time as the Android platform gets its regular updates. New features will also need to be added keeping in line with the latest trends.

Keep the following points in mind when developing your app:

  • Remember that many developers don’t use Android devices as much their targeted audience. You could be one of those developers. So make sure to get updated with the latest info about the platform and the trends.
  • You should know about total functionalities in Android devices.
  • Interact with other developers and keep improving your coding knowledge.

5. Never Ignore What Your Users Have to Say

How to Develop Successful Android AppsGet feedback and suggestions from your target audience by putting your app in the beta before a full release. Even when your app is released, keep track of the feedbacks and reviews and improve your app. You can also run surveys to learn what your end users would like to have added to the app. The success of your Android app depends on your end user’s experience with it. So it is important to get their feedback and make the required changes to keep them satisfied.


Follow these 5 tips you are able to develop successful Android apps. Your goal should be to focus your app on your target audience but they can be using any type or brand of Android device. The success of an app not only depends on the initial development phase. It is a continuous process where you will have to tweak it every now and then based on feedbacks, market trends, and platform updates. So keep all these things in mind when developing your app.

Also remember once your app is alive on Google Play Store, you need to know how to promote an app and how to get more Google Play reviews, or you can’t earn much from your app.

Are Fake App Reviews Useful for App Promotion?

With more and more developers involving in developing apps, there is an increasingly cut-throat competition among them.As a result,buying fake app reviews has become a prevailing phenomenon. While the app business has seen a dramatic prosperity, many developers are participating in this field and want to take a slice of the action.

fake app reviewsSome app developers employ companies or users to rate their apps, leave 5 stars and write good comments. Anecdotally, few developers even hire users to attack their opposite app developers. It seems that buying fake app reviews has become a trend. However, are fake app review really useful for app promotion? Definitely no! On the contrary, fake app review is quite detrimental.

the Perniciousness of Fake App Reviews

Both App Store and Google Play Store attach great importance to app reviews when reviewing app rankings. They know that it is quite common for some developers to buy fake app reviews. To solve this thorny problem, they provide specialized channels for both users and developers to report developers buying fake app reviews.

Once the report is verified, not only the developer runs risk to see his app removed from the store, but to see his developer account suspended or even canceled. The Apple Store and the Google Store Play resort to this punishment to users, not only because developers are dishonest and immoral, but because they violate relative terms and regulations. Obviously, the loss outweighs the gain.

fake app reviewsMany developers defend themselves for this action. They take the “everybody does it” for excuse, and assert that this is the most effective way to game the top chart in the store. However, this is quite harmful for their apps. Although fake app reviews are hard to detect, users still get upset when finding these kind of reviews. This is useless for app promotion.

What Are the App Reviews Useful for App Promotion?

So, what are the useful app reviews that promote apps? Well, real app reviews truly help a lot for app promotion. It is treated as a proof that persuades users and help users to distinguish the good app and the bad one. However, real app reviews alone is not enough to promote apps.

To better promote your app, you need both real and good app reviews to stand at the top charts. Fake app reviews leave a bad impression on users, while real and good reviews help them to make right choice. With more than 900,000 apps swarming into users’eyes, they get confused and can’t make the right choice. As a result, they get reference from app reviews and choose the best-reviewed app.

fake app reviewsThere are many companies that bring real and good reviews for developers’apps. We here sincerely recommend you BestReviewapp, because it provides app promotion services for iOS, Mac and Android. You can get real and good reviews and ratings from real users for your apps. Unlike others who make fake app reviews, BestReviewApp provide real and good reviews from users all over the world. Once you submitted your app, it will be posted on the homepage for real users to download and review.


Fake app reviews are not useful for app promotion. Conversely, it is harmful for app promotion. To promote your app appropriately and rightfully, you should use real and good app reviews to boost app ranking and touch your users. You can read this page to know the importance of real and good app reviews.

Top 5 Tips to Cope with App Store Review Guidelines

App has changed and enriched our life, and we have already stepped into an app age.The app industry is a vibrant ecosystem, for now, it has already embraced millions of app developers and users. The app development process is by no means an easy job. However, when you submit your app to App Store, you will encounter with app store review guidelines. Here are some interpretations of these guidelines and tips to make your app approved by the app store review guidelines.

Why Did App Store Set These Review Guidelines?

The App Store functions as the third-party to serve both app developers and users. So it is App Store’s responsibility to provide an inclusive and fair platform for developers, and make sure that users have a comfortable experience. This work is demanding.

Main Guidelines Ruled by App Store

app store review guidelinesApple first issued its official App Store Review Guidelines for app developers on September 9, 2010. The published App Store Review Guidelines reject many apps, and require them to relaunch after modification according to the guidelines. The guidelines is a living one which changes all the time. In 2014, so Apple issued a report. This report disclosed how the Apple App Store functions, and the main reasons why some apps are rejected.

Apple hopes that the newly jointed app developers can better know this ecosystem. Then, developers can provide more high-quality apps. Here we can have a look of the top 10 rejection reasons:

The Uncompleted Information

Apple requires all app developers to provide complete information for the review in App Review Information Section. This reason accounts for 14% of the rejection.

Too Many Bugs

Too many bugs affect the users’ experience. Apple asks all app developers to thoroughly examine their apps to avoid bugs before submitting. What’s more, your apps should try to load themselves within 15 seconds.

Wrong links

Apple requires that all links in app page should be real and accessible. Apps with wrong or false links will be rejected by App Store.

Placeholder Content

app store review guidelinesAccording to the App Store Review Guidelines, apps with placeholder contents can not be reviewed and approved.

Nonstandard User Interface

The user interface should be user-friendly, containing all the useful information with well-designed layout.

Submit Many Apps at One Time

The number of workers responsive for the app review is not big enough as we think. If you submit several apps at one time or repeatedly submit one app, the review speed will be slowed down, and your app may even be rejected.

Lack of Value in Use

Apple always values whether an app can attract enough users, and whether it has the potential to update itself to meet users’ rapidly changing demand.

Titles with “Beta” or “Demo”

Many Google products like to launch with titles containing “beta”, “demo” and “trial”. However, Apple is very strict about it, any titles with these words or similar words will be regarded as unfinished app version, so the App Store will not approve these apps.

How to Cope With App Store Review Guidelines

The listed reasons are some common problems for app developers, still, there are many other forbidden items, such as sexual discrimination, pornography, risks of physical harm your app might cause. App developers should take practical measures to make their apps succeed in submitting into the App Store.

Analysis of Users’ Needs

app store review guidelines-customers' needsBefore starting to design an app, try to make it unique and useful, because the review workers will quickly reject your app once they found. Customers’ need is the top concern for app developers. Those apps that have gained wide popularity are always the useful ones.

Well-prepared Before Submitting

All developers give birth to an app for some reason, financially or responsively. They all want to make their app be put into market earlier than their competitors. Timing is very important. But we should know that it takes long time to design, improve and launch an app, and many problems will come out in this process. It is appreciated to submit an app on time, however, developers should bear in mind that it is more essential to settle down everything before submitting.

Avoid Bugs

Well-functioned and flawless apps should do best in all aspects including the background technical support. This technical support must make sure your app have no bugs. A minor mistake will ruin other good aspects, and leave an unprofessional impression on others.

No Mention of Competitors’ Name or Logo

app store review guidelines-no customers' nameWhether intentional or unintentional, Apple’s competitors’ name and logo will be unpleasant for workers who are responsive for review.  And you risk of being rejected in the end. It is a common sense that we are very sensitive for everything involving the competitors. Details determine the final success. Developers should avoid this kind of silly mistake.

Pleasant Design and Layout

People all love beautiful things, so does the review workers. Those workers face countless apps all the day, so they are pleasant to see those apps with well-designed icons and layout. Try to make your apps eye-catchy and beautiful.


These App Store review guidelines are quite helpful for you to submit an app. Once you succeeded in submitting, the next thing you should care about is App Promotion, like increasing downloads, boosting app rankings and using more app store optimization tips. All these works result in the final success of your apps.

Things Need to Do When Find Negative Reviews

things-need-to-do-when-find-negative-reviews-imageIt’s not easy for developers to build an app because they need to spend much time and many energies. It’s not only a product for them but their work and career, especially for some indie developers. The last things developers want to see are negative app reviews, but what they need to when find negative reviews. In this guide, we listed the things need to do when find negative reviews.

Positive reviews are always exciting and encouraging, it can make you fell that users recognize and enjoy your app. It also can lead off other potential users to try and buy your app. Instead,If find some negative reviews, it will be so frustrating and disturbing for developers. Don’t be panic, don’t be defensive, let’s see how to do?

Things need to do when find negative reviews in app store

App users may publish their reviews on your app in many places, one of the most possible place is app store. In the following, we listed the things need to do when find negative reviews in app store. Now, go on reading to learn details.

A quick look at all the negative reviews

Negative reviews are not always bad, if they are not malicious, they are the voices of users. If you take a quick look at all the negative reviews, you can know they are saying and what do they hope to see in your app. You can also find some good ideas and useful suggestions, which can help you to rethink and improve your app to be a better one.

Avoid being defensive

Things Need to Do When Find Negative Reviews - avoid to be defensiveEven if you find some malicious or irrelevant reviews, don’t be defensive, instead, calm down, think about what they said, is that true? Do the problems or bugs really exist? If they are all true then you should be glad that they found the bugs for your app.

If they are published on Google Play, you should reply the reviewers politely and settle their issues with a professional tone. Besides, you also need to ask them to re-rate your app, just remember don’t argue with them, which may make them re-review your app.

If they are malicious, don’t hesitate to report it to App Store Support with a persuasive proof, down vote it by clicking “it’s not useful”, and ask your friend to repeat it.

Make an apology

Basically, no one wants to get in the endless controversy with a unsatisfied customer. No matter what they said, just make an apology politely and reply them like “Sorry for the unpleasant that caused to you, thank you let us have the opportunity to fix this for you , please let us know if there is anything else we can do to make your experience with us a pleasant one!”

This could stop them to post negative reviews again and may change their mind to change reviews.

Release an update

things need to do when find negative reviews - update appReleasing an new updated version with all bugs fixed, add an pop-up window to inform the users like “the bug fixed and stability improved”, ask them to update the new version, and add a popup to window in the new version to ask them to re-rate and re-write reviews for your app. This action may help to reduce the negative reviews.

Get better reviews

If you did everything you could, but you still cannot change the negative reviews for your app, then focus on the quality of the app and make it a great app, which will drive more organic 5-star rating and good reviews in the future. Or you can also buy quality app reviews to gather good reviews for your app.


After reading the methods above, we have a clear understanding about the things need to do when find negative reviews. With these methods, we believe that you can deal with negative reviews correctly. It is always said that “Prevention is better than cure”, so instead of worrying about how to handle the negative reviews when to find, it’s more important to know how to prevent negative reviews before it happened.