How to Get Paid Apps for Free & Make Money by Reviewing Apps

get paid apps for freeWhen you visit any app store, you will find two varieties of apps – free and paid. Free apps are usually ad supported and some will ask you to pay a certain amount of money in order to enjoy an ad free experience. Paid apps on other hand can only be used after buying them from the store. Not everyone can afford to buy an app. Thanks to different opportunities, people can have access to paid apps for free. So, how can one achieve this? Here are several tips on how to get paid apps for free.

Amazon App of the Day

When you visit the Amazon app store, you can get paid apps for free. This is possible under the App of the Day offer. The offer leads to the giveaway of a paid Android app for free. You can even stumble upon an offer where the app store gives away over 30 apps which are worth over $100. This offer is usually available to Android users only. In order to benefit from the offers, you need to install the Amazon app store. Once you have done so, you will be greeted every day with an offer to download a paid app for free. The other option is the Free App notifier for Amazon which helps to keep the user notified about offers of the day. The Amazon App is free to download and use.

App of the Day

This is a free app that is available on the Google Play store. The app scours for different deals on the Play Store finally offering users with a paid app they can download for free. The app has the same get paid apps for free concept like the Amazon App of the Day. There is a team of experts who spend time looking for offers and selecting the most popular from the Play Store. Once this is done, the team of experts gets to negotiate with the developers in order to make the app free.

What the developers gain is visibility as users will get to leave reviews on their official app page which can draw a stream of revenue.

Google Opinion Rewards

get paid apps for freeThe app is available for free from the Play Store. It allows users to answer quick surveys served by Google. When you complete a survey, Google credits your Play Store account with Google Play credits. Getting started is easy as all you have to do is download the app from the official Play Store. Once your app is up and running, you will receive surveys around once a week. The surveys can be more or less frequent but you will receive a notification every time a short and relevant survey is ready in your phone. Questions to be asked include “which logo is the best” or “which promotion is compelling.” The app works in select countries so it’s wise to check if it’s compatible with your own.

Free App alert

This is for iOS and iPhone users. The FreeAppAlert is actually a website where users can visit on a daily basis to take advantage of deals and offers. The app lists paid apps which are offered for free for that day. You can receive an email that contains links which allow you to view all paid apps offered for free on their website or in iTunes. The app listing contains information about the app for example how much it costs before becoming free for the day.


AppMiner is a great and convenient way of keeping up with price changes on the Apple App Store. You can browse different categories or even see the top rated apps. When you select a category, you can view all apps that have dropped in price and even those that have been made free. In each category, you will see that every app has a description accompanying it which helps the user to understand what it does. Screenshots are also available which give a preview to the user how the app will look when installed.

In order to download your paid free app, all you need to do is click on “get it.” There are reviews which help to guide you in making better choices. To view them, click on the Buzz button. Users have the ability to share links about get paid apps for free via email to family and friends. You can always add an app to your watch list, get notified when a paid free is free and any changes in price for a set of apps.

Get Paid Apps for Free with BestReviewApp

get paid apps for freeIt is easy for you to get paid apps for free with Bestreviewapp. We offer app review service and also provide app users opportunities to make money by reviewing apps introduced by us. Go through the following parts and start to earn USD dollars.

Sign In: Visit BestReviewApp reviewer page and create an account.

Download an app: Download an app (paid or free) from the Android/Windows/Apple’s app store.

Use the app: Use this app, explore the maximum of its functionality and figure out if it is offering the same features it is developed for.

Review this app: Now write a real review according to your experience for this app and rate it with 4/5 stars.

Get paid for review: Now it’s all done! You have done your contribution and it’s time to get dollars for your amazing work.

How to Make Money Online with Your Mobile Phone?

The mobile phone has been popularized to each and every family and it continues to permeate into our daily life in every regard. Then with the rapid advancement of the mobile phone, more and more people are no longer just satisfied with entertainments it brings. They desire to make money online and have fun with their phones at the meantime.

make money onlineThis is truly a fascinating idea, for the Internet has brought infinite possibilities to mobile phones. However, when you immerse yourself in this terrific idea, we have to warn you that the Internet is also full of risks and cheaters. So you can’t be too careful! In this post, we will introduce you several safe ways of how to earn money online, and you can have a look at them.

Finish online surveys

To better analyze the markets, there are apps that pay users after they finish online surveys, like Ipinion, Ipoll, Global Test Market, etc. The themes of surveys vary differently. After download these apps,you can spend only 2/3 minutes filling out the survry forms in your spare time. You will either collect points that can be transferred into real cash or receive money directly.

Download apps

You can make money online by downloading apps and reviewing for them too. For instance, users can use TryMyApps to increase incomes. iOS users get $0.3 for each download. Android users gain points for each task, and every 600 points can be converted into $1. Payments are processed every Friday through .

Review for apps

make money online-review for appsOther apps like BestReviewApp pay users if they review for an app. BestReviewApp requires users to write good reviews for apps and reward them $0.5-$2 for each positive comment. Android and iOS users obtain different payments for different tasks. While it is a good way to earn money, you have to ensure the quality of reviews you write.


To motivate people to exercise, some apps like Gym Pact and Nexercise reward users if they do regular exercise. For instance, when you are working out, you can open Gym Pact and log in. Then the app automatically records, which enables you to collect money. When the amount reaches to $5, you can transfer it into real cash via . But if you stop working out, you will be fined. The fine is used as incentives to reward these users who keep working out.

Place screen ads on the screen saver

If you are seeking an easier way to make money online with your mobile phone, you can choose to use apps like Slidejoy and Locket. Take Locket as an example, it enables you to earn money if you place ads on the screen saver. Each time when you turn your phone on, you can swipe one way to enter the ads, and the other way to access the menus. The amount of money you earn depends on how often you unlock your phone everyday. Payments are paid via .

Listen to music and watch TV

make money online-listen to music and watch tvWhile having fun with your mobile phone, you can make extra incomes too! Viggle is an interesting app which rewards users if they listen to music and watch TV programs on it. Once you log in and check in with the Viggle button, you begin to gather points. If you want to earn more points,, you can answer questions or take short surveys within the app. You can use these points to redeem at Starbucks, Best buy, etc, for Viggle has cooperation with these shops.

Sell Your Phone Pictures

You can use a new app called Foap to sell your phone pictures online. You first need to install the app, register an account, and then upload a quality picture to the Foap marketplace. If someone is interested in your picture, he/she pays $ 10 for it, and you get $ 5.You can sell the same photo for an unlimited number of times.

Open Iotta and go shopping

Ibotta is an app available for both iOS and Android users. You can use this app to make money online when you go shopping. Ibotta cooperates with some shopping stores like Target and Walgreens. When you buy things from these stores, don’t forget to take photos of the receipts. Once your receipt is verified, your account will be credited with a specified cash back amount. Once you earn $5.00, you can transfer it into real cash via Pay Pal.


These 8 methods are highly recognized, for they are reliable and profitable. However, to use these apps, you first need to download and install them. So, stop hesitating, do it now to make money online with your mobile phone! If you want to know more money-making apps, you can click here to have more recommendations. Besides, if you have better suggestions, you can let us know in the following comments.



 Make a Smartphone Be a Purse with BestReviewApp

People carry their smartphones with them almost every moment. They can go out without a bag and even a wallet but with smartphone? Why? Because they can use it contact their friends, view news, play games or even make money. In this guide, we mainly talk about how to make a smartphone be a purse with BestReviewApp.

 Make a Smartphone Be a Purse with BestReviewApp

What is BestReviewApp

BestReviewApp is a review service platform both for app developers and app users. App developers want their app to be reviewed, these reviews can help developers to improve their product, meanwhile, users can earn some money by reviewing apps. With BestReviewApp, app users can get paid for downloading, reviewing and rating apps.

How to make a smartphone be a purse?

Well with a huge number of applications floating around our eyes with several new additions in almost all the categories, you may download these apps many times. Some of them may be of great use to you while some may not be that useful. After using the app you may feel like reviewing and letting others know how the application is as per your use. BestReviewApp helps you in getting paid for these reviews.

What do you need to do?

All you need to do is installing BestReviewApp on your iPhone/iPod/iPad. Then, claim the tasks listed on the task page and complete the tasks by installing and reviewing the apps in the App Store. You will get paid for both the free apps as well as the paid apps.

For free apps, you would receive $0.50 and for the paid apps you would get $1-$1.5 and plus the money you paid for it. As for payments, you will get them money via or Alipay by submitting the request every Friday.

So are there any specifications with respect to the review? You need to write the review within 48 hours of the app you download and this would be verified by the App store within 24 hours of submission.


BestReviewApp pays high for reviewing apps, which can make a smartphone be a purse. It pays you $0.5-$1.5 for a review. You just need spend several minutes to write a 30-40 words reviews and give a 4/5 stars rating. There’s no time limited, no geography limited, you can do it at any time you want. Most of all , it’s very convenient to carry just like a purse!

How to Make Money with Smartphones?

Make Money with SmartphonesMore and more people want to make money with smartphones, due to it’s very convenient to carry and smartphone is getting more and more popular. If you want to make money with your smartphone but you have never done it before and know nothing about it, we suggest you start it by earning several dollars a day.

If you want to make some pin money with your smartphone, we will tell you how to make your pin money to big money, of course, it needs time, and you also need to learn some skills. Now, read the following parts to learn how to make money with smartphones.

1.Shopping Online

More and more people love to shop online these days, but do you know that you can also make money during shopping? Yes, there are a lot of merchants online they would pay you extra money if you shopping in their stores, of course, the purchase money will be returned to you.

2. Share Posts

Sharing posts, articles, photos, links, or news on your social media account like Facebook, Google plus account, and Twitter account is also a way to make money, there are a lot of sites gathered all these information.

3. Install Apps

Make Money with Smartphones - install appsThere is no way easier than making money by just installing apps, it’s easy to apply and anyone can do it as long as he or she has a smartphone. There are many companies paying people for installing apps, among which the one we highly recommend is TryMyApps because of its high rewards and good UE.

4.Review Apps

Reviewing apps is a little different from just installing apps, you have to install apps before you write a review for it. Therefore, it’s a little tougher than just installing, but the other side, you can ba paid more! Normally they will reward you $0.5-$1.5 for a review. We BestReviewApp pay people reviewing apps on Android phones. Read this guide to learn how to make money with smartphones on

5.Place Ads

There are kinds of apps called “Locket”, it’s basically only for Android system. You need install the “Locket” app on your phone, it will place ads on your phone’s homepage, the ad will disappear if you unlock your phone, swipe the way to Internet and the other way to access the phone’s functions with swiping the ad. How much you will get depends on how often you unlock your phone.

6. Watch Videos

Watch videos or listen music in a special way also will bring you money. Just like “Viggle”, it’s an app available for Android system. Install this on Android phone, you can earn points by clicking the button to complete tasks of watching videos or listening music on it, the points can be redeemed for gift card or cash out.

7.Do Surveys

Make Money with Smartphones - do surveysThere are some paid survey websites, once registered to be their users, you can make money by doing their surveys, the payment will be made through when the survey is submitted. It’s also a pretty easy way to make money.


Only that you know how to make pin money at first, then you will have the chance to earn big money in future. All these 7 methods to make money with smartphones are easy to use and effective. Hope you can make much money with these methods. Also, if you want to make money with BestReviewApp and you have some concerns, feel free to let us know.


BestReviewApp Launched the First Lucky Draw Event

first BestReviewAPP lucky draw eventIn addition to help app developers promote apps and get higher app ranking, BestReviewApp also offers opportunities for app users to make money with our app. Recently, we launched the first BestReviewAPP lucky draw event to help app users win huge bonus by inviting friends with their referral code. People can even earn more than $100 bonus from this event.

Remember that the event duration is April 20, 2016 – May 20, 2016. Now, read the following parts to learn details.


  • Write posts or articles to introduce how you make money with BestReviewApp.
  • Like and share BestReviewApp Facebook page with your Facebook followers.
  • Comment our Facebook Event post with your referral code and post links.
  • Invite your friends to sign up as our reviewer with your referral code and complete our app tasks.

NOTE: We will manually verify all your invitations. If there is any invalid or fraud invitation, you will be disqualified.


During our event time-frame, the more friends you invite to sign up as our valid reviewer, the more bonus you will get. See details in the following part.

  • 20~29 new reviewers – $10 bonus;
  • 30~39 new reviewers – $15 bonus;
  • 40~49 new reviewers – $20 bonus;
  • 50~59 new reviewers – $30 bonus;
  • 60~69 new reviewers – $36 bonus;
  • 70~79 new reviewers – $42 bonus;
  • 80~89 new reviewers – $56 bonus;
  • 90~99 new reviewers – $72 bonus;
  • 100 new reviewers – $100 bonus;

If you send us more than 100 new reviewers during the first BestReviewApp Lucky Draw event, we will paid you more bonus. We will announce the winners on May 23, 2016. If you want to participate in this event, please leave us with your referral code and post/article links on Facebook. We are looking forward that you can send us new reviewers and make more bonus from this event.