Basic Mobile App Promotional Guides

There are more and more mobile apps coming into the market every single day. However, only a few of them become popular and only a small number of developers are able to earn cash money by spending months in coding, designing and testing. The main reason is that most developers do not put a highly value on their mobile app promotion. Therefore, we developed this post to show the basic mobile app promotional guides to teach developers how to promote their apps easily.

As a mobile app developer, the first thing you need to do after launching your app is to promote it and make it known by more and more people. If you do not promote your app, you can’t earn as much as you expected. To make more cash from your app, follow the basic mobile app promotional guides in below.

basic mobile app promotional guides

Promote Your Apps on Social Network Platforms

Create official social network accounts for your app, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Let’s talk about app promotion through Facebook. First, you need to create a page for your app. Then, share all about your app on the page to inform people what your app offers and whether there is anything new.

Besides, you can also share the guides on how to use your app to your followers. Also, invite people to leave positive reviews on your app on your Facebook page is a good way to promote your mobile app.

Promote Your Mobile App by Advertising

Some people use different types of advertisement for their app promotion. There are many companies offering advertising service, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and many others. Here, we suggest developers to advertise their apps on Google AdWords. To use Google AdWords, you first need to make a keywords list and set a bid for each keyword.

After your campaigns are activated, remember to track the number, total payments, average price of per click, price of each keyword, bounce rate, and conversion rate. In addition, remember to create a negative keyword list.

Promote Mobile Apps with a Reliable App Promotion Company

As described earlier after developing an app, app promotion is a very important factor. The easiest way is to  work with an app promotion company. By making compare of different app promotion companies , the best one is We have made it much easier for a developer to promote apps in a very different and unique way .

BestReviewApp displays your app on their website to show the real users around the world. Once your app is listed on our website, our users who are interested in it will download and use it. After fully experiencing it, they will leave a positive review and give a 4/5-star rating. Positive reviews and high ratings are helpful for improving ranking and boosting sales.

After getting more than 50 positive reviews and 4/5-star ratings, you will definitely receive a good ranking. Once your app ranking is improved, you get more chances to be seen and download by app users. In this way, your mobile app will be more and more popular.


Besides the 3 basic mobile app promotional guides we listed above, there are also many other useful methods to promote a mobile app. However, these 3 are the most basic promotion guides, which are also very effective. If you do not have enough time or do not know how to advertise with Google, you can choose the most cost-efficient way – working with BestReviewApp.

How to Market Your Mobile Application(2)

In addition to the methods we listed in the previous post to introduce how to market a mobile application, there are also many other effective ways to promote your mobile apps and make them more popular. Now, read the following parts to learn the detailed methods.

Cater to Blogs

Social media and the blogosphere are not isolated from each other. Like ripples in a pond, the more people tweet about your app, the more likely you’ll hit a big blog.

Review blogs and tech websites are part of the App Store’s eco-system, and while the exact effect they have on sales is debatable, the traffic and buzz they generate are worth pursuing.

Market Your Mobile Application - Cater to the Blogs

Think Like Media

To get good media coverage, you need to think like media. How good a story is your app? Obviously, the law of uniqueness makes a difference here, but your app should also be easy to write about. First, provide a free press package that anyone can download. Supply people with the material they need to talk about your app. Give them a high-res version of the icon, screenshots and press-related texts.

Don’t be stingy with the promo keys either – in fact, dispense them liberally. Promo keys are cheap marketing collateral and a way for you to put your app in the hands of peer leaders. Throw the keys at your favorite blog, and invite them to give some away for free in a raffle. If you can find a category-specific blog, you’ve got a direct line to your target customers. It’s a great way to reach a new audience and strengthen your relationships and reputation.

Blog Are Like Kids in a Schoolyard

While they may not want to hear this, blogs are a bit like kids in a schoolyard. If you can get the cool kids to talk about you, chances are that other blogs will pick up the story and throw you on their front page. Getting on review and media websites is vital to your marketing success, because they are less transient than tweets. Reviews stay there and bring in traffic for months.

  • Give out promo codes to blogs without hesitation.
  • Have an extensive and easily accessible press package.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask individuals to endorse your app.
  • Try to crack category-specific blogs. If you’re making a wine app, contact wine blogs.

Control the Hype

App sales thrive on hype. Learn to control the hype, and you will have mastered the product launch. Hype will always be partly out of your hands, but the rules mentioned above will help you put things in motion. But hype will amount to nothing if it’s for a poor product. While there is truth to the saying that there is no such thing as bad publicity, hype can backfire and harm your efforts to generate hype in future.

Promote Mobile Application - Control the Hype

Hype Early

Start hyping early. If you know you have a unique product, let people in on the secret before the launch. Having an interesting “Coming soon” website can do this, by building a mailing list and getting Google juice for your domain.

Make Your Website Great

Needles to say, you should create an official website for your app. To make any of the rules above work, you will need a point of reference, somewhere to send the masses. Make the website interesting, show the app in action, and think outside the box. Make the website an extension of your app, and you will have yet another great tool in your marketing toolbox.

Launch Big

When you launch an app, make it big. Send out the triumphant newsletter, and hit all social media. Have you or your team write up blog posts, and pull every lever and handle in your network. Hype is all about critical mass: the first wave you set in motion will give you instant feedback on how to adjust your hype machine.

Maintaining hype is all about introducing new venues in which to exhibit your app. Get a steady stream of review websites to cover your app. Give away promo keys on Twitter, and serve new content on your website. Obviously, if you can get into the “What’s hot” or “New and noteworthy” sections of the App Store, you’ve made it far.

In the end, hype is part luck and part skill. The best way to balance the two is to keep asking yourself whether you can do anything else to add value, mystery, polish or spin to your product. Rely on your own judgement: what would excite you about this app if it were made by another developer?

  • Give out promo codes on Twitter and in the blogosphere.
  • Run contests related to your app. Give away prizes that make sense for your category.
  • Boost popularity by timing the launch of your app to coincide with a live event or trending topic. Climate-related apps spiked around the COP15 Climate Summit in Copenhagen.
  • Release your app with a big bang. Hold an online or live event. Attract visitors in creative ways, by building a game or puzzle or just throwing a contest or giveaway.

Example: Being Awesome In A Saturated Market

To illustrate the application of these rules, let’s take a play-by-play look at one successful app. For the sake of convenience, let’s just call it “Awesome app”.


Awesome app is a weather-forecasting app. This is a classic scenario: a re-thinking of an established category. I can’t think of a more tired and saturated market than weather apps, making this an excellent example of being able to re-invent and compete if we have the right frame of mind.

Unique Spin

The Awesome app reverse-engineers the trend of offering up increasingly detailed and advanced weather data. Instead, it trims down functionality and focuses on the very playful and human idea of exploring the weather visually, by swiping through a virtual forecast. It builds uniqueness right into the very concept and goes in the opposite direction of the market leaders.

Early Hype, Big Launch

Prior to launch, the website for Awesome app presents a “Coming soon” page that collects close to a thousand confirmed emails. A teaser video of the interface generates some buzz and earns the app a nomination in the App Star awards. The app launches at the end of December 2009. The release newsletter goes out; a more elaborate version of the website, with video and screenshots, goes up; and the developers make as much noise as they possibly can in their networks.

Review Websites

As soon as sales get a lift from the early launch hype, emails are sent out to various review websites offering promo keys. Reviews started flowing in, and chatter about the app is monitored on Twitter, where developers offer help and follow up on questions. A “Making the app” video is posted that gives existing customers something to enjoy (and that humanizes the team), highlighting user recommendations.

App Sales

The website for Awesome app gets some wind of its own by being featured in various design blogs for its modern use of CSS animations, contributing hype that doesn’t have anything to do with the app itself.


A week and a half after launch, larger websites such as TUAW started showing interest. And coverage peaks with a TechCrunch article, which ripples out to LifeHacker and other major websites. More than a month in and we’re still seeing continued interest in the app; it has gathered hundreds of five-star reviews in the App Store and has been featured in both “New and noteworthy” and “What’s hot”.


What worked for Awesome app was a combination of the marketing rules discussed above:

  • It was sufficiently unique in a crowded market to spark interest and be seen as a “good story”.
  • The idea of a “visual weather forecast” was easy to convey and was presented in a way that gave it high tweetability.
  • It was completely the opposite of what leading competitors were doing.
  • The team started hyping early with a “Coming soon” page. It was appealing enough for people to tweet about it, and it eventually attracted visitors not only because of the app but because of the design of the website.
  • A press package with everything you could want was freely available on the website, making it easy for blogs to write about the app.

Parting Thought

Not a single dime was spent on marketing it, yet the Awesome app reached tens of thousands of people. If you have a unique product and apply some of the ideas above, you too can secure free exposure for your beloved app. It’s a rather democratic and honest process because you are required to re-invent apps by adding unique features. Marketing then becomes all about making it easier and more interesting for people to talk about and share your creation.

As with most other things in life, there’s no surefire way to create a successful app. But keeping in mind some of the things we’ve talked about here—both at the conception and the execution stage—will put you in a position to build awareness of your application much more easily.

(Source: edit by Michael Flarup)

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Poor App Promotion Is the Biggest Reason for App Failure

Some app companies pay much attention on writing code, designing a UI and testing, but their app is not as popular as they expected. The main reason is that they ignore app promotion. No matter how quality your app is, if you don’t promote your app on the market, it will not be popular, which is also the biggest reason for app failure.

the biggest reason for app failurePromotion is often ignored, or at best stuck to the bottom of the list, in spite of the critical importance of getting the app noticed. In a study by App Promo, 52% of developers had no budget for promotion and spent under 5% of their time on marketing. It is probably no coincidence that two thirds of apps make less than $5000. However, the developers that have a marketing budget and a promotion strategy received significantly more revenue on average.

It is a well-known statistic that the iTunes app store has over 1 million apps, so does Google Play. Therefore, a very small proportion of these apps will make any kind of impression on the hundreds of millions of potential customers available. App developers need to be aware that the competition is intense and app promotion is the only way to make a dent in the market.

One excellent method of getting noticed by the crowds is to use the iTunes ranking system to get an app “above the fold” and in the faces of potential customers. The best way to achieve this is through reviews and ratings. Highly rated apps appear higher on the search results for both Apple and Google so it makes sense to pursue this avenue as much as possible.

There are many ways to achieve this. BetsReviewApp is a portal that allows app developers to connect with real iOS and Android users and have these users download, review and rate apps. Results are available within days and a boost in rankings and therefore views, downloads and revenue can happen literally overnight.

With tens of thousands of registered iTunes and Android users, BestReviewApp has hit upon a unique, cost-effective and proven method of raising an app’s profile to stand out from the crowd and make a real impact on the overcrowded app market.

If an app developer wants their product to be used, appreciated and ideally paid for, the only way is to be seen by enough target audience. App promotion is a fundamental facet of the development process and should be treated as such. If you do not have enough time, contact us and we will offer you the best app promotion service.

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We know 84% of users download apps shining with rated stars and reviews. Therefore, we make sure your app shines bright like a diamond by providing reviews from “genuine” iOS or Android users! We have tens of thousands of real users here to review and rate developers’ apps.

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Little Comma Is Not Easy to Use Well In Apple Keywords

As we all know, App Store allows developers to enter a keyword of up to 100 characters, each character is very important. Every developer wants to find ways to cover more hot words with a minimum of keywords, however, can not make bricks without straw, How to use this valuable space to 100 characters has become the majority for iOS app developers .

We all know that the punctuation in keywords will occupy a space character just like letters, numbers. Some of the developers often remove the comma and filling more letters, hoping to achieve better coverage results. So the whole keyword without any commas, and other developers will just put commas in keywords casually, However, after mentioning that the new submitted keywords has an awful coverage of hot words, a lot of hot words has not been covered, Thus did not meet the purpose of improving product exposure, leads to be much difficult to expand the inlet of product flow, resulting in the growth of organic traffic is very slow.

Based on our years of accumulated data, by analyzing from massive to figure our Apple’s rules and core algorithms, And it proves that comma between keywords will affect Apple backstage keyword crawl, if the commas is placed reasonably in keywords, it will significantly improve the overall product coverage of hot words. Which will also increased the exposure of the App, Fully enhance the products’ performance in the Apple store, So how to place the comma in the keywords is very important for most ASOers when design the keywords scheme.

Can comma between keywords be removed?

Remove or retain a comma between keywords is an key factor to be considered for ASOer, Such as removing the comma between the higher degree of matching keywords A and B,Apple will strengthen the association properties between the A and B during crawling. Which will improve the ranking of the hot words related with both A and B.

How to place the comma in those combination keywords

Apple systems typically crawl every two words frequency to match the keywords, so for those keywords of three words combination without a common nor in head or tail, Apple may ignore the composition, thus affecting the hot words coverage for those combination keywords, so it’s very necessary and important to place comma for those combination keywords, so in order to make it easy to crawl for Apple, the combination keywords should be highlighted.

ASO is a gradual process, the use of a comma can not be ignored when design the keywords, all those conclusions are derived from the long-term collected data and analysis from Apple, Hope this can offer some help for ASOer!

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How To Market Your App?

You’ve invested weeks and months of marketing resources designing and developing your app, but when you launch in the app stores you don’t get as many installs as expected. What happened?

1. A landing page for your app on your corporate website (SEO)

Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) best practices also apply to mobile apps. Your new app should have a dedicated marketing page on your current corporate website. That page  will be the foundation of future cross-promotion  with your other marketing campaigns and linking opportunities, external and internal. For example, somewhere in the app description you should provide a link to your desktop website. The website should also link back to the destination of the mobile app in the app store(s). Linking between the app store and the website boosts the app’s SEO value and also confirms that the app is authentic, not an imposter.

In addition to cross-linking with the app store,  you should also focus on optimizing the web page that the app lives on.  The app itself won’t get crawled by search engines to  determine what the app does, or who the app is for. Instead,  the search engine will look at the content on the page that the  app lives on to determine the relevancy. Follow traditional SEO tactics – use metadata attributes,  focus and align your  keyword strategy, write rich content, etc. – to show up  in prime location organically in search results.

2. Optimize for discovery in the app stores (ASO)

In addition to optimizing the page that your app lives on for  your corporate website, you also want to optimize the page that your app lives on in the app stores (also referred to App Store  Optimization). The descriptive content submitted with the app is vital to the app’s success in the app store when submitting in app to app stores. These are the areas that you want to optimize:

Title of the app

Determines the URL and title tag of the web page the app is  hosted on. Choose a title for the app that reflects the brand and also the app’s function. This allows your app to be found by your brand name as well as the purpose of the app if brand isn’t top of mind for the user.

Category of the app

It is important for better visibility in niche and vertical  searches. A lot of times an app can fit into several categories. If there is no single best fit, choose the category that best fits the  app’s purpose but also contains the least number of competing apps.

Keyword field

Influences the search results because there is far less text to indicate relevance of an app than there is for a traditional web page. Just as Google and major search engines frown on keyword stuffing on websites, stuffing the keyword field with unrelated keywords can get an app rejected from app stores.  So play fair – stick with descriptive keywords that are relevant to the purpose of the app.

Description field

is the largest area of the page and acts like the main content on a web page. As with traditional SEO for websites, the description for the app should be written for the target audience and be optimized with relevant keywords.

Or you can find some company which offers ASO service .Such like TryMyApps.

3. Internationalize and localize

Although the United States app store market is the largest revenue opportunity, users from other countries can benefit from an app that supports their native language and country. To validate the importance of internationalization and localization, Apple sent an email to its developers with the sole purpose of reminding them of the benefits of localization apps to provide a more pleasant user experience and reach more users.Apple offers clear steps to help app developers internationalize and localize apps to capture the opportunity of more revenue, by attending to the native user experience of other countries worldwide.

However, when investing resources in localizing your app, be sure to know your target audience. It would be a waste of resources to localize (and maintain the app) for every country and language. You have to consider the incremental downloads and revenue you can gain from internationalization and localization strategies.

4. Social promotion & reviews

Encouraging users to review your app is one of the most powerful marketing tactics that will boost your inbound traffic and app install. It is important to proactively gather reviews of your app because they are a strong social first impression, showing up right after the title of an app listing. Here are a few ideas for social media promotions:

Incentives – if you have a paid mobile app, you can use Facebook (or any other social media channel) to offer it for free on a certain day to any fan/follower/subscriber.

Youtube – create a Youtube video of your app to show it’s function in a real life demo. Be sure to include a ‘download’ call to action.

Forums/Communities – share the news of your app launch in any forums or communities you’re a member of. Encourage and ask people to try it out and share feedback.

Add social media endorsements in app description – when your first users are sharing positive reviews about your app, grab those endorsements and put them in your mobile app description. If your app cannot collect some good reviews at the very beginning after launching. you also could get some genuine reviews by trying paid-review service, You could try BestReviewApp. It’s a platform gathered a lot of app developers and app users, app users will write an good and unbiased review after downloading and experiencing an app.

5. Advertising

Allocating budget for an advertising campaign for the launch of your mobile app can boost your initial installs and increase your organic lift for your app. The most important part of advertising your mobile app is targeting the right audience. Here are the top mediums for advertising your mobile app:

Mobile Web Ads – As you might guess, advertising your mobile app on mobile web browsers is one of the best ways to get people to instantly download your app. Users are already using their mobile phones and can easily navigate to your app download link.

In-App Ads – In addition to using in-app ads to increase incremental revenue for a user of an app, you can also use it as an opportunity to advertise your own app, especially if it’s relevant to the app the user is already using.

Networks – You can advertise your app through incentivized networks, like TapJoy, to boost app installs. Networks connect advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements.

Desktop Web Ads – Whether you go with search ads or banner ads, you can use this type of advertising to point directly to your listing in any of the app stores for a direct download.

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter is making it easier for mobile app marketers to advertise on social media. Facebook launched Mobile App Install Ads as a way for marketers to specifically advertise apps, and Twitter is experimenting with adding ‘click to download’ right in the Tweet card to make the user acquisition experience as seamless as possible.

If you’re seeing a high churn rate of people downloading your app and then quickly uninstalling it, you should analysis your marketing efforts to find out where you can drive higher quality users. Find out which marketing activities are driving a lot of traffic but not a lot of installs. Look for channels that drive high conversion rates from a visitor to an install. Furthermore, identify which channels drive the highest valued users by also tracking in-app activities.

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We’ve all seen pictures on the Net of Internet marketing gurus taking exotic trips, floating around on million-dollar yachts, lolling on the beach, driving expensive cars and playing golf at 10 in the morning (instead of working their tails off!)

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