How Do You Drive Users to Give Positive App Reviews on App Store

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Be it restaurants, movies or even app, the suggestions of others will play a major role in making decisions while shopping. When it comes to apps, the opinions and reviews will have a great impact on their visibility in App Store research result. It will also affect how they would be characterized on App Store. In the present scenario of the crowded App Store, you need to get positive app reviews with an intention to boost app ranking. Now, learn how to drive users to give positive app reviews on App Store.

Make use of app review plugins

The easiest and quickest way to get app reviews from someone is just by asking them to do so within your app as there is a plenty of turn-key plugins accessible for Android and IOS, which make it drop-dead easy and simple and let users review your app without any delay.

Dropping IOS plugins into your app doesn’t take enough time as it takes nearly 2 minutes. It will enable users to review your app after a fixed time period or after they had utilized at a definite number of times. If users would tap on the rate button, then they are consequently taken to App Store in which they can able to give positive app reviews.

However, be careful while setting up iOS plugins. You should not display the review popup as soon as possible or soon after the users have downloaded your app. This is because you may end with certain bad reviews or annoyed users.

Review your app by giving incentive to your users

People often ignore popups and that’s why most of them don’t like a standard app review pop up. If you would like to juice your app reviewing numbers, you have to go ahead of portraying an app review popup towards your users. So, you are required to incentivize them.

Check out whether your app has in-game points or rewards? Rewarding your users is considered to be easy and the most powerful incentive to give if they review your app. People will often love free stuff.

The probability of clicking your app review popup will be expected to increase if users will know that they would get a gift as an incentive. You are required to develop your individual app review popup in addition to finding out the best way to incentivize your users. Be sure that your additional effort would be worth it.

Influence helpshift to provide users direct support

It is typical for apps to include a button to send feedbacks, which simply open in the form of an email. As a little effort added, you can also incorporate HelpShift into your application, which helps you in communicating with your users directly by means of a two-way live window for the purpose of instant messaging.

A web-based dashboard will be given to you by Helpshift so as to enable you to exchange one-one messages together with your users within your app directly. So if your users need help next time, you can go ahead in the form of pre-populated mail to deliver an excellent customer experience through Helpshift.

If you have assisted your users, then you can request them to review your mobile app and share them the link. Of course, it is absolutely free and also very easy to integrate. Moreover, Helpshift will come with its individual popup plugin to review apps. This will surely minimize negative app reviews by means of giving send feedback button to the users.

When a user presses the “Send Feedback” button, the user will be directed to a live chat window, rather than the app store, in which they can easily and directly air all their grievances regarding your app.

Run a contest

Running a contest on several forums is another excellent way to increase your app reviews. Some popular blogs have a separate section in their forums for the sake of app developers in order to run contests as well as giveaways that entice others to leave reviews for your apps.

While running a contest, you may give iTunes gift cards or even pay the winner. You can pick the winner randomly when reviewers of your app will leave their Google Play or iTunes usernames as replies to your thread.

If you need to be completely transparent, it is very important to highlight the names of contestants and by the way, you chose a winner. Even, you can put almost all the usernames into the spreadsheet by assigning a specific number to every user.

Running a contest need you to manage the whole process manually right from checking iTunes to validating the review for the purpose of selecting a winner.

Time the prompt

Though review prompts are an excellent way to drive users to give positive app reviews, it is significant to time the prompts in a proper manner within the user experience. Most of the apps will make the mistake of requesting users for giving reviews while launching the app. However, this may lead to a poor user experience as users will less likely leave a review when the app is found to be interrupting the typical user flow. The best way to request for reviews is just by waiting until the user has achieved something in your app or even completed his or her assigned task.

The prompt occurs once you have met a few conditions. At first, the user should make use of the app for certain weeks. Secondly, the user should clear the rest of the task in the given list. While users are feeling better regarding the app, prompting for reviews will make it a win-win condition for both the end users and app developers.

The final verdict

No one would like to pay an app, which nobody likes. Therefore, you should try every effect to drive users to give positive app reviews for your app on App Store, which is one of the best and most effective ways to boost app ranking and get more downloads. Hope you will master the mentioned methods and get more app reviews on App Store.

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