The Most Recommended Ways About How to Get App Reviews

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People’s purchase decisions are often influenced by reviews from others, so does app users. App reviews play a major role in boosting app ranking and hooking potential users. Accordingly, developers have to know how to get app reviews when landing apps in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

how to get app reviewsAlthough app reviews exert a decisive role, developers often find it hard to let users make good reviews for their apps. Contrarily, people who are willing to leave behind reviews usually have a really bad experience with your apps! They do so because they find a way to complain their grievances and discontentment.

In the increasingly fierce competition, developers should seek ways to get app reviews, since app reviews can’t just produce by themselves. We provide you several ways in this guide and hope they are helpful for you.

Develop a Real Good App

To develop a real good app is the paramount thing. Users often get a nice experience from a good-developed app and feel pleased to leave reviews. A real good app contains attractive designs, meaningful contents, clear descriptions, a fast operation, attentive and satisfactory services and so on. To build a high-quality app, most app developers have used app store optimization(ASO) to achieve this goal. ASO is a process of optimizing your app in app stores to increase the search ranking and app downloads. The app review is a crucial part of app store optimization, which can affect the app installs and retention rate. So, getting app reviews is very necessary for app developers. If you want to get app reviews, especially good reviews, perfect your app so as to make users leave app reviews of their free will.

Provide Exceptional Customer Services

Providing exceptional customer services has proven useful in how to get app reviews. This helps you exchange one to one message with your users within the app. Also, you can set a live two-way instant messaging window for users to communicate with each other. Besides, make a “Send Feedback” button that opens an email form. Users fill the form and make suggestions for your app. From this way, you avoid negative reviews, get app reviews and keep your users too.

Run a Contest to Get App Reviews

how to get app reviewsIt is quite useful to run a contest to let users rate your app on social platforms. Some forums contain sections where app developers run a contest to prompt users making reviews. As for rewards, you can present winners giveaways, gift cards or real cash. Thus, users are motivated to leave reviews. But make sure the contest is impartially held.

Implant An App Review Plugin

Many app developers choose to implant an app review plugin to get app reviews. When users open the app, the plugin will pop up later and ask users to rate in a polite way. Users usually have three choices-Yes, rate the app, remind me later, and no thanks. If users choose the first one, they are taken right to the App Store where they can leave app reviews. If they choose the second one, the plugin will prompt later.

One thing needs to be strengthened is timing the prompt. If it automatically open at the beginning, it will influence the speed of operation. Besides, the plugin should pop up only when users have completed their tasks. If not, it leaves a bad impression on users, let alone getting reviews.

Buy App Reviewsget app reviews - buy app reviews

Another method of how to get app reviews we recommend is buying app reviews. It is quite a difficulty to obtain reviews from users. Actually, the only one who is willing to rate your app is the one who really has a bad experience with your app!

To avoid that, you should buy good app reviews from companies. For instance, buy app reviews from BestReviewApp. It will make users all around the world rate your app. There is no need for you to worry whether the reviews are fake or not. BestReviewApp let real users download your app, play it, and then leave good comments. You can go to the official website to have more.

Incentivize Users to Review Your App

We all love free things, so does app users. Entice your users to review your app and reward them. Although pop-ups are helpful, users still are reluctant to rate your app. So, how to get app reviews? Incentivize them. You can provide gifts or real cash to motivate them. However, be meticulous when using this tactic, because Apple might remove these apps that incentive users.

Review Exchange in Social Media and Forums

Maybe you will think review exchange will not give you a perfect result in a short time, but it is free and the review is high-quality. The first important step of this method is to find the targeted users. Because only you have assured a goal, you will advertise your product effectively. Thus, before you put your app in social media and forums, you must find the relevant users about your app. For example, you can create a group in Facebook and Linkedin, introducing your app function and features in these groups. With there are many app developers who want to get app reviews, you can ask for their help and give them the same reviews in return.

Utilize Your Interpersonal Relationshipsget app reviews - personal relationships

Actually, your friends and relatives are the precious resources for you. You can’t image the great power of them. If your app quality is valued, you can introduce it to your friends and relatives. They will advertise your app in their friends’ circle so that you can get more and more app downloads and reviews. This method not only helps you get app installs, but also build a good reputation for your app.


Most app developers are not reluctant to use advertisement to popularize their app and get app reviews with the high budget needed. But it is the most effective and fast method. Also, advertising can leave a great first impression for users, and it has a huge impact to drive users to install your app. Only if your app has millions of downloads, you have not worried the volumes of positive app reviews. You must believe that what you give out comes back to you, and in most cases many times over.

Put Your App in Review Sites

If you want to get more positive app reviews, why don’t you consider put your app on some review sites? These sites always have a huge influence in app career, and you can get more app reviews form these platforms. But you must guarantee the quality of your app, because the reviewers would like to give positive and high-quality reviews for a valued app.


App reviews play an important role in app promotion process, so app developers have to pay more attention to app reviews. In addition the methods mentioned above, app developers have to combine the actual condition so that create more appropriate methods for your app.

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