What Are the Best Ways to Promote iOS Apps?

promote iOS apps

promote ios appsA mobile developer’s success in creating an amazing app is just the beginning as it opens up massive opportunities to make it big. It’s time to let people know about your unique offering sprung from your brilliant ideas and creativity! Investing time and efforts in any or all of these proven effective ways to promote iOS apps are well worth it.

Free and Paid Version

Form a large user base by making your app initially available for free, whether in the form of a trial version for a limited time or with ads. Let your customers enjoy a free trial that’s useful enough, and still offers them the option to upgrade through an in-app purchase as they wish. This gives users the flexibility to download and keep it on their device without costing them anything. At any point in time, they can have access to full features and instantly acquire more functionality by getting the paid version. You benefit both ways, where you gain profit on ads driven by the free app and from the revenue generated by purchases made.

Social Networking

Promote iOS apps by posting about it, announcing to all your friends, family, and colleagues across popular social network accounts. Submit your iPhone/iPad app information to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. and bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon for optimal media exposure. Making your presence known on these favorite places significantly increase visibility and traffic to your app’s page.

Run A Contest

promote ios apps - run a contentGiving freebies, running a contest, and discounted coupon codes never fail to attract a good number of interested customers, especially for new and recently launched apps. Promotional items like coffee mugs, pens, T-shirts, and buttons are common giveaways which people fascinatingly still find useful. Physical items help create brand awareness beyond the digital world.

Buy App Store Reviews

Every mobile developer has a different marketing budget and favored strategy to promote iOS apps, but getting an app or game reviewed is a must for all developers. A higher rating equates to more downloads since users tend to listen to good feedback from real people. Your app attains popularity with users helping you effortlessly spread the word through the stars and comments they put in place. You can never go wrong in buying app store reviews which ensures positive responses, making it one of the most effective and efficient ways, if not the best in getting the results you want!

Build A Website/Landing Page

Create your very own website where you can showcase more of your app without the restrictions of the app market description page. Keep it simple yet striking with a well-designed landing page or an attractive one-page site. Promote iOS apps by incorporating banner images that direct online visitors to your mobile app rather than staying on the mobile site. They can quickly download your app in a click of a button whenever they want.


promote ios apps - advertiseAdvertisements work for all kinds of apps, as long as you find the right websites with a suitable niche to buy up an ad space. It’s even better if you can find bloggers who are willing to promote iOS apps and coordinate directly with them. If you have money to splurge, go all out and go with the route of TV advertising and celebrity endorsements to reach a large audience and construct a strong user base.

Press Release

The newness factor linked to an app creates anticipation to users, thus press releases do wonders in boosting apps to high ranks and increasing the number of installs. General or specialized media typically mention the latest and coolest apps on their pages, as well as prestigious awards if any to make a good first impression. Draft a press release that has screenshots of your app and tells of your brand’s story. It should also include your website’s URL and a download link, then promote iOS apps by sending your exclusive content to press targets.

Email marketing

You could collect the Email of potential users via Facebook and Twitter. Then, you can send them an email and notify that you have uploaded a new app on app stores, hoping they will install and leave their feedbacks. This method is more effective than others since you have a targeted goal. Of course, the email also can be received through other channels, for example, the recommendation of your clients and friends.

Create an appealing videopromote iOS apps - create a video

The video on the app store is the only dynamic part app developers can use to represent their apps. You have to make your app more creative, funny, attractive and worthy. In order to get more new users to install your app via the video, you can start with a story. A story that shows your app and the experience when you create it. But, you should control the time of video within 30 seconds. A too long story will give users a boring experience so that drive them to leave your app alone.

Put your app on review sites

There are many professional review sites who majors in reviewing other sites objectively. The sites are reviewed by them must receive tons of traffic and exposure. So,  if you want to increase the exposure rate of your app and get increasing downloads, you can try to do this method. While, before you upload your app to these sites, you have to guarantee the quality of your app is value. Or, the results will not let you happy.

Time-limited downloads(For paid apps)

Usually, users would like to install free apps rather than paid one. Therefore, if you have a paid app, there is a big challenge for you to get app installs. In this time, time-limited downloads is a great method to achieve your success. During the activity, your app will gain numerous installs and traffic, which lays a great foundation for the later app promotion.

Cooperate promote iOS apps - cooperate

If you are a developer who has not enough time and efforts but budget, you could cooperate with a professional app promotion company to assist you. You should believe your spend is valued and can receive a good result in return. Nowadays, there are many companies offering app promotion service, including app installs, app reviews and ratings. However, in this big and complete marketing, you have to sharpen your eyes to choose a reliable one, like AsoTop1ReviewApp4u.

Generate high ratings

App ratings have a big impact on app ranking on App Store. Especially in the iOS 11,  Apple has raised the role of app ratings on App Store. So, to face the new situation and stand out from it, you have to spare your efforts to get app ratings. Just like the app reviews, it is hard to let users leave their positive reviews and high ratings. You can incentivize them to do or buy app ratings from a  trustworthy provider or company.

Celebrity endorsements

Most successful businesses have benefited from the celebrity endorsements. Maybe there are many developers have not enough budget to pay for the celebrity to promote iOS apps. While, don’t worry, there is still a chance to for you. Connecting to your special and respectable industry, asking the influencers of this area to help you promote iOS apps is a good way. It is a cheaper way than others and related to the mobile industry.

Blog marketingpromote iOS apps - blog marketing

If you have created a website for your app, why not update the blog to attract more new traffic and users. Pay attention to the hot topic of the mobile world and write blogs are essential for you to promote iOS apps. In addition, you can also publish the guest post and Press Release to increase your app’s exposure rate.


Out of the millions of iPhone/iPad applications to date, it won’t matter how awesome an app is without proper promotional strategies in place to pinpoint and connect with your audience. These 7 tips are certain to help developers promote iOS apps efficiently in the shortest time and produce dramatic results over the long-term.

Best App Store Optimization Tips to Increase App Visibility

Best App Store Optimization GuidesHow to download an app on the app store? Most people will search the keywords or app name on the app store and download it. A survey shows that 65% apps are downloaded in this way. But how to make sure that the app store brings your app up when potential users search related keywords? In below, we gathered several app store optimization tips for you to get your app noticed when people search related keywords..

What is app store optimization?

App store optimization is the process that optimizes your app in app store by specific ways, which aims to boost the app ranking and increase the visibility to drive more organic traffic and downloads for the app. ASO is an important and necessary skill for every app developer.

Best app store optimization tips

There are a lot of factors need to concern when optimize an app for better ranking in app store search. In below, we have detailed explained what and how to optimize an app. Now, read the following app store optimization tips.

Optimize app name and title

App name is the first thing that users see your app, no matter they search for it in app stores or already installed on their devices. Every developer wants a unique and awesome app name, but you cannot neglect other factors in order to pursuit unique. Including relevant keywords in the app name and title is also very important. It affects the app store search results. Survey show that app names including keywords rank 10.3% higher than those don’t include keywords.

App Store Optimization Guides - Optimize titleApp titles can be up to 255 characters in the app store, so developers can write plenty of keywords. However, it’s not a good idea to fill many keywords as long as you think of. In App Store, it will be truncated after the 23rd characters, and in Google Play, it will be truncated after the 30th characters. For those already installed apps, it will also be truncated after the 11 characters and 14 characters on the home screen and navigation menu, so make the app name shorter and better.

Besides, it is important to avoid using the URL-unfriendly keywords in app name and title. Particularly in App Store, bad keywords will detract your potential users to other things, not your app name.

Optimize keywords

Potential users find and locate your app by inputting special words in app stores, the words they input in the search box is just called KEYWORDS. Optimize your app keywords helps users to locate your app a lot, a good keyword should contains two important factors, high popularity, and low competition. To learn how to chose the best keywords for your mobile app in this article.

Optimize app description

best app store optimization guides - Optimize app descriptionYou should target the description to the customer since you have convinced and brought the potential customer to you app by the keywords in other places. Now, they will focus on the description of your app to see what your app can offer them or if the app can meet their requirements.

We recommend that focus your energy on the first three lines of your app description to immediately grasp your potential users’ attention. Also, list your app functions and unique benefits to describe what does the app do and why do they should download your app.

Optimize app icon

The icon is just like a brand or a marker for your app. A good icon can turn the eyeballs into clicks, downloads, installs, even for the users who already installed your app. We have written an article on how to make and optimize the app icon successfully before, click here to get details.

Optimize app screenshots

Optimizing app screenshots is also one of the most widely-used app store optimization tips, even though screenshots have no direct effect on app ranking. Screenshots can convey more information about what this app actually is, it also allows the users to visualize using your app before downloading.

You can upload up to 5 screenshots in the App Store and up to 8 screenshots in Google Play, but only 2-3 will be shown on the gallery loading page, so it’s import to chose the best screenshots to show. This can compel the potential users to click to see more other screenshots.

Localize your app

app store optimization guides - localize app72% people prefer to use their native language while shopping, even they’re in fluent in English. Both iTunes Store and Play store allows you to localize your app.
Moreover, data shows that apps which did the localize action get 76% more downloads. Therefore, if you have plans to promote your app to other countries and want to get more revenue, it’s necessary to localize it.

Encourage ratings and reviews

When a potential user decides to download your app, he/she will judge whether it’s quality from other users’ comments. Over 70% users will look at least one review before downloading and 90% apps with over 4-star ratings will be downloaded, so the ratings and reviews will also effect on the download rate.


With these app store optimization tips, we hope to see you in the top charts! If you do not have enough time to go through these guides, you can also find a reliable app store optimization company to help you optimize your app to get higher ranking and more sales.

Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Android Apps

Promote Android Apps If a developer wants to be successful with their creations, they need to find a way to distinguish their work from other developers in the industry. This can be done by marketing the developer’s apps so that android users are aware of its existence and its functionality. So, for those who are interested in how to promote Android apps online, here are 7 effective tips that can be started today.

Promote Android Apps via Facebook Ads

When a developer wants to boost their app install rates, one of the best things that they can do is utilize paid vehicles like Facebook that provides opportunities for developers to show ads of their apps to specific target audience. Therefore, when a developer advertise their apps on Facebook, they can choose which audience they want to appeal to. The developer’s audience can be identified by age, location, mobile operating systems as well as other types of criterion. Additionally, if the developer wants to customize their audience to a specified group of users, they can create an email list.

Buy Google Play Reviews

Another option that developers can take advantage of involves promoting their by buying Google Play Reviews. Finding the best services provider for these services is one of the keys to being successful. So, developers should search around for online businesses that will provide detail reviews that actually promote their product based on the features offered.

Promote Android Apps in Multiple Stores

Promote Android Apps in Multiple StoresIn addition to promote Android apps in Google Play Store, developers can also publish their app in some other app store like Amazon, Samsung app store, and so on. The more stores your app is published in, the more chances it will be noticed by people. Also, you need to learn different methods to promote Android apps in different app store.

Offer Premium Apps

Though there are many different ways to encourage users to download an app, one of the most successful is to get users to download premium versions. While free apps can help with building up the user base, it does not always cover the extra territory that is available to the developer. Meaning after the user downloads a free version, they may then move forward by buying the full version or add ons when they need them.

Advertise Though Free Content

Sites like MobileStartupz.com. are ideal for developers that want to take advantage of free publicity. So, this is also an excellent resource for marketing an app. On these types of sites, the developers will be appealing to a start-up voting community that will not only give excellent input about an app, but will also give the developer top billing when their apps are voted in the top ranking spots.

Promote Apps on Youtube

Promote Android Apps on YouTubeOne of the biggest problems with getting an app noticed is developers don’t explain what the app is for and what it can do for users. So, when a developer provides an overview of what an app can do, it will place them light years ahead of others in the same development community. With this in mind, a brief but thorough overview of an app can also assist with boosting traffic and sales.

Create a Gorgeous Icon

Many marketing specialists spend countless hours working on the presentation for a new product or service. The primary goal during this time is to make sure the product is appealing to the eye. The same concept is true for developers who are placing their apps on Google Play store and other places, especially since one of the basic tricks is to promote android apps creative plans over others. For instance, if the icon for the app looks inferior, it can hamper the possibility of increasing sales severely.

How to Rank Android Apps Higher in Google Play Store?

Rank Android Apps Higher in Google Play StoreGoogle Play has more than 2.2 million apps and the numbers keep growing every day. The Android operating system is the most widely used mobile OS in the world. Whether you want to promote your business, improve your customer service, offer games, or do anything else, Android apps provide you an easier way to reach out to your target audience with your message or product. However, creating a great app and adding it to the Play Store is not just enough. You will have to take some steps to ensure that it ranks high.

Find out what you can do to rank Android apps Rank Android Apps Higher in Google Play Storehigher in the Play Store.

1. Develop a Great App that Gets More Reviews

The more positive reviews you can get and the higher your app is rated, the higher it can rank in the Google Play Store. An excellent app is highly likely to draw and more and more reviews. But you will still have to take other steps to get the attention before it is downloaded in large numbers.

When you get high quality reviews from your users, it helps in improving the app’s rankings. It will also provide an insight about your app to potential users. A well accepted app is highly likely to be downloaded by new users.

2. Keyword Optimization

Keywords play a very important role in SEO and so do they in Google Play Store’s ranking algorithm too. You should research keywords and use the most relevant and important keywords in both the app name and description. Keyword research is one of the most important steps involved in optimizing your Android apps. The Play Store uses keywords to identify what your app is about and uses this factor as an important one for ranking.

Follow these 3 key tips when choosing your keywords:

  • Look for keyword relevant to your app
  • Choose keywords with lower difficulty scores
  • Choose keywords having highest traffic scores

Rank Android Apps Higher in Google Play StoreYou can use a number of tools that can help in finding the right keywords. Optimizing your app’s description and title can help you get a major boost in ranking. When done well, the improvement in ranking can be as high as a hundred places.

Follow these tips with regard to adding the keywords into your app’s content:

  • Include the primary keyword just once into the app’s title
  • Insert the primary keywords 3-4 times into the description

3. App’s Retention

Quality is again a big factor when it comes to ensuring longer app retention. Google Play Store does take into account the retention rate of an app for ranking it. So if your app is downloaded and retained (and used often) without being uninstalled by most of the users, it is likely to rank higher.

Besides creating a great app, you can use a few more steps to increase your Android app’s retention. One thing you can do is to ensure that the app description should be to the point when describing what the app can do. Don’t make promises that your app doesn’t deliver.

4. Number of Installs

Rank Android Apps Higher in Google Play StoreThe more the number of installs you have, the better it will be for the ranking algorithm. It is not just the total number of installs, the installation rate also affects your apps ranking in the Play Store. So if you can implement off-page strategies to drive more traffic and increase the installs, it can give a boost to your app’s rankings.

5. Improve & Update Your App

Another strategy to improve your app’s ranking is to keep improving and updating it on a regular basis.

  • Remove the bugs regularly, especially when OS upgrades take place.
  • Improve the UI regularly.
  • Take cues from user feedbacks and improve your app.

You should also monitor your Android app’s ranking on a daily basis. You can also monitor your competitors to learn what they are doing to improve their Play Store rankings. Find out when do they update their app and what changes do they make. You can also follow them in many ways.

So take these steps and you will notice that your app starts gaining higher ranks. It is a continuous process and can take some time before your Android app starts ranking high in the Play Store.

The Best App Marketing Guidelines for Your New App

Best App Marketing Guidelines App developers tell that acquiring downloads and installs of applications is not as easy as most people think. Getting your app to stand out above the millions of apps available on Google Play and App Store is quite difficult. The good thing with following proper app marketing guidelines is that you can sit and get lots of great reviews. There are many options to utilize media spend to get the downloads you are looking for. Here is a look.

Make it useful

The first thing you need to do before you think of marketing your new app is to confirm whether it’s useful. No matter how well you market your app, unless it’s something your audience need then the marketing will be in vain. It shouldn’t just be an extension of your website or your previous version. It should interest both your current and your potential customers.

People knowing that your application attracts the general public is the first step to a successful marketing campaign. For instance, a travel app is most likely able to penetrate the market because of its ability to cater for anyone who travels and is looking for the nearest destination.

There are those apps that also help you find pet friendly places to travel to. Such apps also allow you to watch pet videos, look at adorable photos and read latest pet news. This goes to say your app will easily penetrate the market as long as it caters for the wider public. So before you even launch your application, make sure it is something useful for the audience you target. You can do your research and ask your potential customers what’s convenient for them. Then you will see great results from both your app and your marketing.

QR Codes

app marketing guidelines - QR codeQR codes are the best way to market your app especially for a new app that’s targeting the smartphone generation. You can add them to your business card, website, mailings, brochures, storefront window and receipts. A good number of websites have a page dedicated to their coupons app. Such pages normally explain exactly what customers get when they download their app and show them what it will look like after installation. Following proper app marketing guidelines also suggest that you include QR code on the envelope of your regular coupon mailers.

Social Advertising

The best and most convenient way to market your new app is through social advertising. You have the opportunity to target your audience specifically by interests and demographics. Be aware of who your customers and make sure they are the only people seeing and clicking your ads. You can get pretty specific by trying out the Facebook ads.

The best way to lower your advertising costs and getting higher returns (in downloads for your app) while you are at it is by simply having a smaller audience who have a specific interest related to what your application offers.

Guest Blogging

app marketing guidelines -bloggingIf you are looking for app marketing guidelines that have been proven over time, then you shouldn’t bypass guest blogging. This is one of the greatest ways to build an audience. This means posting your app on a variety of blogs. Make sure you post on blogs that are related to the niche your potential audience would be willing to read. There are various technology blogs about mobile devices you should consider posting on. The main idea is to market yourself on blogs whose audiences would most likely be interested in your app.

Guest posts are not supposed to be promotional. however, there is a way you can gear the topic and leave your readers eager to check out your app. Your author’s bio should be as enticing as possible in order to make those clicks count. Link this to your app’s page on your website, Google Play or iTunes. You shouldn’t forget a call to action wording like “Download our app today.”


Keep the above app marketing guidelines to increase the downloads and installs. Also, for those who are considering PPC advertising, always include your advertisements on mobile devices. Google is the best platform that offers ads to target uses who search on their devices. They can also see the advertisements when on sites that display Google ads.

What Are the Best Ways to Get App Installs?

Get App InstallsMillions of applications with massive offerings under different categories have been created to date, but a single aspect stays unchanged. Mobile developers remain to have one thing in common – the desire to get app installs and increase new users . It’s a constant challenge both paid and free-marketeers are faced with.

Having a good app title and meta description optimized with your target keyword are essential in boosting your app listing. What comes next? You’d have to get really creative to avoid spending unnecessarily on extensive ad campaigns and still reach sweet success. Here’s how to get app installs to its highest potential while keeping everything within a reasonable budget.

Localize Descriptions

With the availability of Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store world over, it makes sense that not everyone searches the app store in English. If your app is not tied to any specific country or region, then localizing is a great strategy to get app installs. After putting up a nice description for your app in the market place, invest time on translating them in the most common languages such as Chinese, Korean, French and Spanish. To gain an insight on how it would fare, try translating your app’s name and keywords first to monitor results prior to translating the rest.

Snap Attractive Screenshots

Show off high-quality screenshots that are crisp, clean and professional-looking. If you can, capture images of a real person using your app on their smartphone or tablet to better relate to users. Present the best possible shots that gives a sneak peek to what’s inside your app and convinces a person to instantly download your app. Optimize for small screens such that the pictures maintain its integrity on any kind of device.

Create a Video

make a video to get app instlallsSocial media marketing typically focuses on sharing posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. YouTube is one avenue that offers big SEO opportunities for app developers by letting customers do what they love. People like watching videos and giving them a good preview of your app, along with the feel of what they’d get after downloading it makes them anticipate more. You’d be surprised at how a short and meaningful clip can get hundreds of thousands of views without ever being tagged as a viral video.

Buy App Installs

Want a quick and efficient way to get app installs? Buy app reviews. You rank high, get positive reviews and steer clear of negative comments, and definitely amass more downloads. Most users read the ratings and feedback of those who have installed the app. If an app has thousands of downloads, it seems trustworthy and a lot more useful. Your app gains popularity almost effortlessly by introducing it to potential users without seeming like a self-promoter. Thus, it generates tons of downloads especially when real people recommend your great app to other users.

Use Smart App Banners

One way to get app installs to impressive numbers is to give desktop users quick access to your app. Simply display a small banner indicating that that there’s an app available for download if they don’t have it yet. It makes things pretty easy for them with just a single click needed to get directly on the download page, or opt to deliver the app to their mobile by texting the link.

Add a Call to Action

get app installsIn marketing, telling the reader what you’d like them to do pays off. Many are inclined to offer their friendly advice, so you might as well ask. The perfect description and beautiful images could mean nothing if you overlook the critical step to drive downloads. Craft a call to action that goes beyond the installation itself, leaving users with the thought of the benefits they can get upon installing it.

Run CPI Campaigns

If you’re offering a paid app, get app installs by making it available for free for a short period of time. You can also give a discount like slashing half the price off if you prefer, or make one of the in-app purchases free. Make your Cost-Per-Install campaign known for full media exposure. Drive interest by running a contest and spread the word further by engaging the most influential bloggers to try your app who are likely to share with their readers and social network followers.

How to Promote App in Google Play?

Promote App in Google PlayKnowing how to promote app in Google Play is more and more important for developers who are aiming at the Android market and managing to develop an Android app. However, it’s not easy to run an app successfully. Not only for the design and code, but the marketing job, it’s not easy neither. Therefore, in this article, we listed some useful guides on how to promote app in Google Play.

Preparation for promoting app in Google Play

Test your app

Test your app on varied Android phones to make sure it is suitable for any kind of screen size and the resolution. Besides, test it with different Android OS versions, especially with the lower versions. Ensure your app is compatible with a variety of OSes.

Creating a landing page

When potential users see your app or the advertisements of it, they need to a page where they can know details about your app. Therefore, before promoting your app, you need to create a landing page for it. Creating a landing page is also one of the things developers need to do before launching an app. You can also put a video or text description for your app to make your target users know your app well. This could invert them to your real users.

Upload it on Google Play Store

Survey shows that 80% users like to download Android apps on Google Play Store, so if you want to get more users for your app then don’t hesitate to upload it on Google Play Store.

Promote app in Google Play

Promote App in Google PlayIf an app has top ranking, high rating, positive reviews, and millions of downloads, millions of users, it is a successful app. Also, it is well promoted. If you want to promote app in Google Play successfully and get all the labels for your app, you need to do ASO work.

ASO is the abbreviation of “App Store Optimization”, it’s the process to optimize apps to rank higher in the app store’ search results. The higher the app ranks in the app stores’ search results, the more visibility for app potential users. Also, the more traffic to your app will be led.

How to do the ASO?

Design a beautiful Icon

A beautiful icon will leave deep impression to the people who see it, which is also useful for attracting people to download and try your app. Besides the icon, comfortable app screenshots and awesome app video also has a very important effect on the app ranking in the app store.

Create a quality title

According to the Google Play Store data, it shows that the title contains keywords can improve 10.3% ranking in the app store, so be sure to put the main keywords in the title.

Get high ratings

Only 15% users would like to download those apps with 2 ratings, and 50% users would like to download those 3 rating apps. However, 94% users would like to download those 4-5 rating apps. In order to increase your app download rate, you need to take the following measures.

  • Guide those users who have downloaded your app and uses well to rate your app.
  • Takeseriously of those ratings below 3 stars. If it’s a malicious attack from competitors or other people please report it to Google Support.
  • Use the professional ASO service of ASO companies such as ASOtop1. They can provide more professional service for you and help your app ranking rank top in a pretty short time.

Gather good reviews

Promote App in Google Play - buy reviews70% users will see at least one app review, 75% users will take the app reviews as one of the most important reference factors to judge the app, but only 42% users will use their own judgment on the quality of the app.

Good reviews is also very important factor in app promoting, users will leave good reviews for your app for its good functions or beautiful interface, so make sure design and code your app as well as you can. If you tried everything that you could but still cannot get enough good reviews then you also ask paid-review company help you, just like BestReviewApp, it will help you access a lot of users and leave a good review for you.


It’s not easy to develop and design an Android app, so you need to pay more attention to app promotion to ensure your app will get success. After knowing how to promote app in Google Play, hope you can promote your app well and earn more from it.

How to Market Apps Successfully?

From the point of view of the most successful app, marketing is very important for making profits from an App rather than design and development. Even though a simple app with fewer budgets will get big revenue with good marketing strategies. Therefore, it is important to market apps. We also have developed a guide on how to market apps successfully. Now, read the following parts to learn the details.

Reach users by marketing online

Marketing online can help you reach users worldwide, with up to 100% of your target users spending most of their spare time in surfing the Internet every day, so an online presence is a must-have.

Create a website or a landing page

how to market apps-create a website

A website is the best platform for you to introduce and describe your apps or products. It’s also the place where users can know every detail of your app. Even today, people prefer to search on the web when they hear an app. Here they need to land on a comfortable page to know about your app, see its demo and even download it. Creating a good landing page is also one of the things you need to before launching your app. Remember you don’t need a fabulous website but just a simple one that tells details of your app and how your app works?

Publish a Viral video

When comes to how to market apps, publishing a viral video is one of the best ways. What is “viral video”? When a video was shared hundreds and thousands of times, it becomes a “viral video”. It’s a great way to promote apps to users on a pretty big scale. Sometimes it’s larger than a TV ad. It’s cheap to make.

Demonstrate your app combination with entertainment through a “viral video” is one of the best ways to market apps.


Blogging is an efficient and effective way to enhance your app and your business. Tell the story of your experience behind creating your app and what you wish to do next. It’s also a way to express your ideas to your users and engage them in your business. The followers on your blog are the ready users to access. Besides this, blogging is very important for SEO.

Convert the traffic to your users

how to market apps-convert traffic to your appsPeople search you and find you because they are interested in you. In order to get the traffic, you need to pay! You will not succeed if only a tiny part of the huge traffic download your app eventually, so you really need to take the conversion rate seriously. Learn how to increase conversion rate in below.

1. Create beautiful interface and awesome function

Beautiful interface is always attractive, and most of users are likely to try those apps with a beautiful interface. Besides, functions are important, which are the main reason why a user download and use a app. Try to think more about your users’ need and design a fabulous and attractive interface for your app!

2. Higher ranking in App Store

The survey shows that 70 % of the top 10 apps in App Stores have been downloaded, and 81% App Store visitors stop browsing after checking out the top 50 apps. 75% of users download apps from the top charts without even hear about them before, so you need to do some ASO works for your app.

3. Good reviews of your app

how to market apps-good reviewsFor apps that are not in top 10 or top chat apps, it will be searched by input keywords, App Store will usually bring multiple app results after searching by keywords. When a user decide to download an app, he/she will consider the ratings and reviews from other users, especially for those paid apps.

As for good reviews, you can ask your friends to leave positive apps and work with special platform like BestReviewApp. Remember that high ratings and good reviews are important for app promotion!


The corn of marketing apps is just bringing traffic by different ways and convert the traffic with good quality or attractive interface or functions and good comments from other users. Hope this guides helps you know clearly about how to market apps.