Why Should You Buy App Reviews by Cooperating with BestReviewApp

buy app reviews

App review is a core part of affecting app ranking on app stores, and the content of reviews may decide whether the users will install your app. Thus, it is evident that getting app reviews is essential for app developers to promote their apps. In order to achieve this goal, most app developers choose to buy app reviews from a reliable company to make their app stand out from others. While, how to choose a good company is not easy. In the fierce competition, BestReviewApp has become the preferred choice for app developers with their professional service and competitive skills.

Why should you buy app reviews?buy app reviews

There are many methods to get app reviews, why should you choose to buy app reviews to promote your app? At below, there are 3 benefits to convince you:

  • Good and fast result

Comparing with other methods to get app reviews, buying app reviews is a method that can give you a fast result. Once you choose a trustworthy company and activate your order, you will get positive reviews in a short time. Also, if there are some problems happened in your reviews, you can contact the support of this company to deal with. It is convenient and efficient.

  • Professional team

If you choose to buy app reviews from a company, they will provide their most professional service to help you. The ultimate goal of them is to increase the visibility of your app so that grow increasing downloads and revenues. This method also can avoid the situation that you cause some trouble with poor experience and skills.

  • Save time and efforts

If you have enough budget, it is perfect for you to buy app reviews. It is a method that saving your time and efforts. Also, it is beneficial for those who are busy with other business. Maybe you will pay for this method, while you will get a surprising result.

Why should you buy app reviews from BestReviewApp?

Among the numerous app reviews provider, why BestReviewApp stand out from the crowd? The following details will remove your doubts effectively.

larger user basebuy app reviews - user base

BestReviewApp has a larger user base all around the world, and the number is still increasing. Once you activate your order, these users will install your app and leave positive reviews for your app. This also ensures all the reviews are from real users. The special part is BestReviewApp has an app where gathering the worldwide reviewers. They search your app in this app, and finish the task to get the bounty. This system will keep them stay there and attract more new reviewers to join in. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that they will not give you enough reviews that you want to get.

High-quality reviews

They are strict with the quality of reviews, and they are still working on exploring more new methods to avoid the cheating behaviors. Each reviewer on this company is limited to use one unique IP address, and the nickname of different devices cannot be similar. Therefore, they can guarantee all the reviews are from real users. Also, you do not worry the risk that your app will be punished or removed by Apple.

In addition, the content of reviews they provide is valued. Each review is unique, and the content is high-quality, too. Each review is the reviewers’ real feedback after they have experienced your app. Also, you can choose your targeted country, they will give you the local reviews to promote your app effectively.

Reasonable charge

Maybe the price is the part app developers most focus on. In BestReviewApp, you don’t worry you will lose more than you gain. They will give you the best cost-effective service to promote your app on app stores. Also, there are some discounts you can get if you place a big order. They offer 10% discount for over 50 reviews and 30% discount for over 100 reviews. You can pay via , which is fast and safe. You can also contact the support via Skype if you have any questions about the review service.

Precise targeting

Just mentioned above, they have worldwide reviewers, which means that you can get app reviews from any country. Comparing with other kinds of reviews, local reviews are more appealing and effective to attract new users to install an app. Therefore, there is no country limitation for app developers to get app reviews in BestReviewApp. It exactly helps this company have more competitive than others.

The different app has different features and functions. If you buy app reviews from this company, they will customize your promotion plan according to your app. For example, when you upload your app link, they will analyze it and choose the most suitable keywords for your app. Then, they will guide their reviewers to leave positive reviews with these keywords. This method can increase the keywords search results on App Store so that increase app downloads.

Guaranteed servicebuy app reviews - guaranteed services

BestReviewApp offers professional and completed service to help you get app reviews on App Store. They have helped more users to achieve their success and build a good reputation in the past years. What they do is not only give a good review service for you, they also hope that all the app who have used their service will increase downloads and the ranking on App Store. They support 24/7 service to answer your questions. If you are not happy with their service during your order, you can contact their support at any time.

what’s more, the after-sale service of this company is also a bright spot. After finishing your order, if you find your reviews disappeared or be removed by Apple, you can contact their support. Their experts will analyze your app and draw out a complete plan to make up your loss. All the service is to make you worry-free and risk-free. Once the reputation has built among old users, they will return back and introduce more new friends to buy app reviews from this company. It is exactly their strategy to marketing their service.

In conclusion

From the above, we have known the benefits of buying app reviews and why you should choose BestReviewApp to get app reviews. As an app developer, getting more app reviews is a must to do to promote and market an app. Combining with the information mentioned above, BestReviewApp is one of the best choices for you to get app reviews.

How to Avoid Negative App Reviews

App users' dissatisfactionNegative reviews are harmful for app ranking and promotion. Therefore, it is important to avoid negative reviews. In this guide, we have listed several method to avoid negative reviews. Also, we have explained what cause low rating and negative reviews and the what negative reviews will lead to. Now, go to learn details.

BestReviewApp is a mobile app promotion service provider dedicated to help developers get positive reviews and high ratings from real users around the world. You can also learn more about how to get positive reviews in this post.

What causes low rating and negative reviews?

App users’ dissatisfaction

The survey shows that 65% users will submit ratings and reviews when they have a poor experience with an app. They will usually submit negative reviews to vent their emotion. It also shows that only 49% users will submit positive reviews even though they have an excellent experience. Therefore, good app quality may not bring many good reviews for you, but it can help to avoid negative app reviews for you.

Malicious competition

This is not absolute, but it did happen to some apps, this is unavoidable that there are some immoral app competitors would take this action. If this happens to your app, don’t panic just report all the malicious negative reviews to Apple support.

What does negative reviews will lead to?

There is also a survey shows that 70% potential users would glance over and refer to the reviews left by other users, even there is only one review left under the app . For this kind of users, the reviews and ratings become a crucial factor in deciding to download or not.

avoid negative app reviewsAlso, 70% of the users will download after viewing a review. For paid apps, 33% of potential users will start to download apps after viewing over 7 reviews. As for free apps, 13% of the potential users will start to download apps after viewing over 7 reviews.

Actually, the ratings and reviews of an app affect the download rate. Details are as below.

App Ratings Download Rate
1 star 12%
2 stars 15%
3 stars 50%
4 stars 96%
5 stars 100%

The above table data shows that about 90% the users will neglect the apps with 1-star ratings. It also tells that too much negative rating and reviews mean death for apps.

How to avoid negative reviews?

Avoid negative reviews are important for improving app ranking and ratings. Now, read the following tips on how to avoid negative reviews.

Test more before launching

avoid negative app reviews - test appAs we know, except the malicious attacks by immoral competitors, there is only one reason that could cause bad reviews, that is the quality of the app. Therefore, pay more attention to app quality and user experience, make sure the basic functions works well in different OS versions and devices, like the login and log out, also make sure each function works well as it described on your landing page or your app description.

Just take more time on the testing to make your app perfect as much as it described, this is really helpful for you to avoid negative reviews.

Pay attention to the needs and desires of the users

From the moment that your app has been installed on users’ devices, your app will accompany the users every day, it also means that you get more opportunities to listen to the users’ voice. Besides, you can establish a personal relationship with them by your-high quality service. Let the app users feel the unique “special treatment” by the two-way interaction.

When the app users encounter kinds of matters or problems, they will always expect a timely and specific communication and assistant. And in app store market, the main way of this kind of interaction in the app is the “reviews and ratings”, so if the users cannot get a timely reply other places or in other ways, they will probably go to the “reviews and ratings” to express their ideas and vent their emotions.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to build an interactive channel in the app, which can hear their problems and calm them before they venting in “reviews and ratings”, so this will help a lot to avoid negative reviews.

Intercept bad reviews

avoid negative app reviews - interceptSend evaluation request to the users in proper time to ask them to evaluate your app, like ask users how does they fell like your app. You can set two-option buttons, one is “good” and the other one is “not good”.

If the users clicked the good button, then it should link to the “reviews and ratings” on the app store directly. This action can guide users to write good reviews for your app.

However, if the users clicked the “not good” button, then it should be popped up a box for users to ask them if they would like to feedback on the app store. And data shows only 1% of the users who clicked “not good” will go forward to the app store to write a negative review, so with this design, the negative reviews on the app store will be reduced by 10 times.

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