15 App Store Optimization Mistakes Every Developer Should Avoid

app store optimization mistakes

Today there are more than 4 million apps in the app store and the biggest challenge developers now face is maximizing their app’s visibility in this already oversaturated market, and the best way is to do app store optimization. Therefore, we listed 15 app store optimization mistakes that most developers should avoid.

Not Knowing That ASO Exists And Its Impactsapp store optimization mistakes - aso

It is weird but there are people out there who don’t know that ASO exists. App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing an app so as to maximize its discovery in the app store, improving app visibility and download rates. Therefore, it directly impacts a business.

Not Using The Right Keywords in the Right Fields

Depending on an app, finding the right keyword can be difficult or easy. The right step every developer should take is to find keywords that define your app in a clear and precise manner so that when users come across your app they will be able to know what the app is about and what it offers within seconds. Using the right keywords is very crucial to improve your app visibility on App store.

Assuming Visual Elements Don’t Impact ASO

Most developers think that search store optimization is all about increasing traffic. Even though traffic is essential for your app ranking, it is equally important to be able to convert this traffic into downloads or installs. Creating a pleasing and attractive design increases an app’s download and install rates.

Not Running Tests to Improve Your Metricsapp store optimization mistakes - tests

For most marketers, marketing is all about measuring and data. This is another one of the most common app store optimization mistakes. There are helpful features on App Store that let you test run various aspects of your app to measure their impacts so as you know which is generating more traffic and which is not. This will allow you to make adjustments accordingly preventing future setbacks. Remember nothing is completely proved not until it is tested.

Not Localizing Your App

In case you are targeting a wider market that goes beyond your geographical boundary, it is a good idea to localize your app listing to languages of the country where your potential customers are. Both Google play store and Apple app store let app developers localize their apps so as they become visible everywhere. Localizing will not only boost your visibility but will also improve your install and download rates.

Thinking That Product Promotion Doesn’t Affect ASO

One of the factors that app stores consider when it comes to a number of installs and app ranking is the promotion. When app store realizes that your app gets download every time users visit it is likely to favor the app more as it sees that your app is user-friendly. One can boost their app install through paid ads, influencer marketing, building a landing site for your app and much more. Product promotion is a very powerful tool in app store optimization.

Focusing On Wrong Keywordsapp store optimization mistakes - keywords

When it comes to optimizing your app through keywords, relevance is very important. It is very important to use keywords that best define your app, and most developers would make this app store optimization mistakes. Once you have found these keywords, it’s good to test them to find out which rank top according to ASO. Using irrelevant keyword or too much jargon is useless in ASO and might even make your app be kicked out! Read this guide to learn more about how to choose right keywords for your mobile app.

Using the Same Strategies on Both Google Play And Apple App Store

When it comes to ASO, both Google Play and Apple App Store have their own particulars. It is important to first find out how each store works and how ASO strategies work in each one of them. Since apple app store and Google play store are different, then it means their ASO strategies are different hence why would you implement the same strategies.

Thinking ASO Is a One-Time Thing

Thinking ASO is a one-time thing is another one of app store optimization mistakes. ASO is a continuous process and not a one-time execution. Algorithms keep changing due to keywords, competition, reviews, and rating hence it has to be constantly tracked and observed so as your app doesn’t become obsolete. Remember ASO isn’t a sprint but rather a marathon.

Not Keep Tracking Your Competitorsapp store optimization mistakes - competitors

Any app developed is likely to have three types of competitors; one that is similar to your app, one that competes for top charts and one that uses both strategies.  Since your app is likely to be one of a kind in the app store, not keep tracking your competitors is also one of the app store optimization mistakes you will ever make. It’s important to monitor how your competitors rank, it will also enable you to discover trending keywords and features you could possibly consider including in your app.

Doing Black Hat Optimization

This is a cruel reality on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Doing fake reviews, installs, searches etc can work but you will not know when they stop working. It is like gambling and you will never know whether your app will make it or not. So if you really care about your app, don’t do this!

Not Using Right Tools

Since ASO was discovered, we have witnessed several tools emerging that focus on tracking anything related to apps’ discoverability on stores. The tools consider an app’s rankings, ratings, competitors, reviews and much more to provide you with helpful suggestions that you could consider including in your app to improve its visibility. These tools will allow you to monitor how your app behaves in the app store and hence it will be a mistake to fail to keep track of these tools.

Not Follow ASO Rules

ASO rules are there for a reason and not following them might result in your app becoming obsolete or even kicked out of the store. It is very important to follow and implement these rules when building your app. They will not only enable you to stay updated but also improve your app visibility.

Failing to Constantly Update Your or Learning App Store Algorithmsapp store optimization mistakes - algorithms

Since ASO is a continuous process it means its algorithms as well keep changing whether on websites or social media accounts. Apple App Store, as well as Google Play Store, normally update their own algorithm every now and then. Therefore, it is advised to keep your app up to date with the app store algorithm. Otherwise, you will not be able to notice any changes that might arise which will, in turn, mean you will not be able to react in a timely manner.

It is very important to quickly change when you notice the algorithms in the store have changed otherwise your app will be negatively affected. Follow ASO experts as well so that you be in the know in case of any new upcoming or discovery.

Assuming ASO Is Apps’ SEO

Even though SEO and ASO might seem similar in some ways they are not the same. ASO is ASO and SEO is SEO. SEO is a search optimization process that improves a website’s visibility in Google search whereas ASO is an app store optimization process for maximizing an app’s visibility, boost conversation rate and ultimately increase downloads and installs. Both processes work differently and hence one should assume that they are the same and use the same tactics on both platforms. It is recommended to follow each of the processes’ rules and regulations for you to get the most out of each.

In conclusion

App store optimization is a must to do for app developers to promote their apps. While there is still some app store optimization mistakes most developers would misunderstand. In order to avoid this situation, learning about these 15 app store optimization mistakes mentioned above will be helpful.


How to Choose a Good App Review Service Provider?

app review service provider

choose good app review service providerAfter understanding the importance of good app reviews and how to get app reviews, you need to know how to choose a good app review service provider. There are a lot of crap out there who will boast to the end of the world that they will offer you the best services at expensive costs only for you to find out that they can offer nothing. In fact, they don’t understand the job you contacted them for but they just want your money.

There are certain things to look out for when sourcing for a good app review service provider. Even the bible said by their fruits you shall know them. Some people might notice that all they need to go for are the popular app review service providers who charge outrageous prices believing that the price gives better quality. However, this is absolutely wrong, because quantity in no way determines quality rather you need to carefully scrutinize every app review service provider that comes your way and look out for these qualities as stated below.

Be prepared for app quality

Before you choose the app review service provider, ensuring your app quality is very important. No one would like to install or review an app with low-quality on app stores. Although you choose to buy app reviews, you have to guarantee the quality of your app. Only in this way, the reviews you have bought could match your app. Also, the Apple will believe the reviews are organic and don’t publish your app. To improve your app quality, you can try app store optimization(ASO). It is an efficient way to make your app more visible on app stores so that grow installs and revenues.

Quality reviews from real people

This is one of the most important factors to determine in picking an app review service provider for your app. A lot of service providers claim they can give you thousands to millions of reviews, but is it really original? Is it permanent? Are these reviews from real people? Can they prove the Genuity of the reviews they are offering you?

choose good app review service provider - quality reviewsThese and some other questions are what you need to ask the app review service providers before giving them your money because it has become a common scenario of giving reviews from fake profiles and users, yes you will get millions of reviews from the service provider but they might be reviews from fake users, these reviews from fake users are easier to get and saves them stress and money which in return doesn’t work for your app.

You may have encountered this once and wonder why after so many reviews a service provider offered you your app is still not getting necessary recognition? The answer to you is that reviews must have been from fake users who don’t even exist. You need to be patient and careful before losing your money to an app review service provider.

Low prices

Yes as we said earlier, you need to be on the alert, there are good app reviews services that offer very cheap and giveaway prices with quality app reviews from real users compared to some popular ones. They just charge you an outrageous sum for doing absolutely nothing other than deceiving you into believing they gave you the best app reviews. About this, Bestreviewapp is a good example in this niche. They guarantee all the reviews are from real users to promote your app.

Good support

choose good app review service provider - good supportA good app review service provider knows what your app is all about and wants your success because you have patronized his/her service. After giving you good positive app reviews from real users, they give you further support because they want your app to receive the feedback it needs to gain popularity within mainstream phone users.

Refund guarantee

A good app review service provider is not just concerned about your money, they want to give you a quality service too. They are sure of giving you a 100% quality service and they will always tell you if you feel unsatisfied with their service there is always a money back guarantee if the reviews don’t work for you. This way you don’t totally loose at both ends.

Patient and heart-warming

During the process of buy app reviews, there must have been a lot of problems you would meet. In this time, a good app review service provider will give you a great solution with patient and careful. They will not complain at any time, and the ultimate goal of them is to create a good user experience. Actually,  it is indeed because their kind service that they can get a good user base and build a great reputation.

After-sale serviceapp review service provider - after-sales provider

After providing the app reviews for customers, which not means that the order is ending. A good app review provider will support you until your app gets a good result. If the reviews you bought cannot bring the good results for your app, you can contact them to make up. A reliable provider will analyze the problem and draw up a new plan to promote your app.

In conclusion

In the mobile world, there are numerous app promotion service providers claim that they can boost app ranking and increase app downloads easily. While, you have to sharpen your eyes to choose a suitable one from the fierce competition. These tips mentioned above can help you make a clever decision. If you find more methods, welcome to leave in the comment section.


What Are the Best Ways to Get an App Featured on App Store

get app featured

get app featuredYou have built an excellent app that has a large potential customer base on the App Store and you want to get the maximum downloads for it. You want to rank high in your category. And you want to get it featured on App Store. That is one of the most difficult things to achieve for an app developer. Getting featured is the ultimate recognition that your app can get on the App Store. So what can you do to get app featured on App Store? Here are the best ways you can go about it.

1. Design an app for iOS, not just one device

Start by building an app that is developed for the iOS platform. In other words, build it for both the iPhone and iPad. The app should be able to run device-based views and have a universal code base for communicating with the API and for app logic. Create more efficient in-app views with the help of Auto Layout and size classes. This can help your app render better on newer iPhones and iPads with larger displays. It will require a little more effort with the design and development phase to have your app reach for both iPhone and iPad platforms.

Remember that the App Store considers that it’s important for some apps to be universal to be able to get app featured.

2. Build for Apple devices

The more Apple devices your app can reach, the higher the chances that it will be eligible to get app featured on App Store. Besides the iPhone and iPad, you should also focus on designing for the following other devices:

  • Apple Watch (watchOS): You can also bundle Apple Watch apps with your apps. With watchOS 3, you can reach Apple Watch users with the simpler aspects of your app’s functions. The simple thing is that Apple is interested in helping those developers who would like to reach their users with this innovative new product. Even though the watchOS environment is not anywhere as big as that for iOS, developing for it can further help increase your application’s chances of getting featured.
  • Apple TV (tvOS): Apple has been serious about promoting those apps which were designed for tvOS that runs its Apple TV. There is some code sharing between iOS and tvOS apps and this has allowed many games and video streaming developers launch their apps across both the platforms. Even if your iOS app belongs to another category, it may still make sense on tvOS.

When your app reaches more Apple devices, it is likely to have more competitiveness.

3. Make the Latest Features

get app featured - latest featuresApple keeps releasing new features and technologies and your app should make the most of them. Make sure to incorporate its latest technologies into your application, and you further boost your chances of getting featured. 3D Touch is an excellent example. Integrate the tech into your app and there is a very good chance to get app featured on App Store.

3D Touch is the latest pressure-sensitive technology launched with the iPhone 6s. It has been adopted by many to preview in-app content or to get instant access to features.

4. Use Native Code

Apple gives more importance to apps developed in native code. When you share code between different operating systems, it has its costs in terms of end-user experience. There can be complications when there is time for updating your app for the new iOS versions. The Swift and Objective-C are the languages that help in making the most of the frameworks and APIs built into iOS. App’s developed in native code offer the best-possible user experience and allow you to easily embrace the newer technologies introduced in new versions of iOS.

5. App Store Optimization

The ultimate goal of getting your app featured is to drive more sales. You should not only want to get featured, you should want to stay featured for long. So make sure that your app page is properly optimized. Once you get an app featured on App Store and your page is not optimized, fewer people are likely to download your app.  And Apple will evaluate this and your app can get dropped out of the featured list.

So in order to remain featured, you should optimize your app page using the right ASO strategies:

  • Optimize your app title and subtitle
  • Build an eye-touching icon
  • Add some attention-grabbing screenshots
  • Optimize the keywords of your app
  • Improve the quality of reviews and ratings
  • Promote the app’s screenshots
  • Create an attractive video to grow users

If your app page is worth it, it would get Apple’s attention and is not only likely to get featured, it is also likely to stay so. App Store Optimization is big and you shouldn’t ignore it.

6. Maintain Your Downloads & Ratings

get app featured - downloads and ratingsBeyond the above-mentioned factors, Apple takes many other metrics into account when determining which apps to feature. Rating is among these factors. Most of the apps which are featured on the App Store have higher ratings. So you should try and keep the ratings higher than 4.0. The higher it is the better it will be.

The number of downloads is also a factor taken into account by Apple to get app featured on App Store. So you should start by getting a good number of downloads. Although the ultimate goal is to get the maximum possible downloads, it is also important that your app has an existing user base to provide Apple the performance metrics to evaluate your app.

7. Design a Great User Experience

User experience can be considered to be the most important factor in driving both users and Apple to take your app seriously. So if you want to get an app featured on App Store, make sure to design a great user experience. The more iOS users will love your app, the more the chances of it being featured. It is no longer enough to have a widely popular brand name.

If you can impress the users, you can impress Apple. The App Store simply cannot ignore your app if it can deliver better user experience. Design and develop an app that addresses your potential user’s needs and provides a solution to their problems in the best possible way. Make sure your app does that in a visually and interactively engaging way. This factor can perhaps be the biggest one in improving the chances to get your app featured on App Store.

8. Take Design Cues from Apple

There are many reasons why Apple stands out, and design is one of them. The iOS interface and the minimalistic design concept of the Apple Watch are pretty good examples. If your app’s design matches what it has to offer, it is highly likely to draw the App Store’s attention and may get an app featured on App Store. Design an app that’s smart and clean. In other words, focus on meeting Apple’s design standards.

9. Update Regularly

If you want to get app featured on App Store, make sure it is updated on a regular basis. There’s no denying that there are so many other factors involved, updating your app often by adding new features and improving the user experience can further draw Apple’s attention. Just updating can also help you get featured. The App Store has a section called the Best New Updates. If you have a gaming app that has been recently updated, it is likely to end up in this list.

10. Use Apple Pay for in-app payments

get app featured - Apple payEmbrace more of Apple’s products and features, and the more likely your app will be to get featured. Using Apple Pay for in-app payments is another strategy to improve your chances. This will make it easier and faster for you to have the payment process completed. Users will not have to provide details for paying. It will take just a click, and thus save time for everyone.

So if your app has in-app features that users can buy, make sure to include the Apple Pay option. This can also help improve the user experience, another key factor to get an app featured on App Store.

There is lot more you can do to improve the chances of your app getting featured on the App Store. You can use the iOS SDK, HealthKit to allow users to share their health data (for health apps). You may also develop an iMessage SDK extension. Another strategy is to integrate your app with HomeKit and connected home hardware.


So follow these steps to get app featured on App Store. Remember, there is no fixed rule to draw the App Store’s attention and get your app featured. You should ensure that all the performance metrics in Apple’s site are addressed. Your app should be developed to be future ready for the iOS platform so that you can update it often or whenever a new version of iOS is available. You should also follow closely on what Apple prefers so as to include those features. The combination of such strategies will help you increase the chances of getting your app featured on the App Store.

App Store Optimization Infographic – How to Promote Your App

App Store Optimization InfographicApp Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most effective ways to boost mobile app ranking in target markets. It’s equivalent of search engine optimization. What’s more, ASO brings genuine and good volumes of app installs. We will mention some basic knowledge of App Store Optimization   and a few of practical ways to implement it.

Why should practice ASO?

It’s quite different for users to find out a suitable app. App users may browser in app store for something new or download apps directly from bosom pals’ highest recommendations. However, search in app store appears the most effective traffic source. A study shows that 73% of mobile app installs are from search in App Store. Due to other channels’ poor performance, ASO becomes more and more vital for app visibility which is the reason why we should do app store optimization.

What is ASO for?

  1. Improving keywords coverage: This helps your app discovered in App Store and brings app exposure.
  2. Improving search results rankings of keywords: optimize app download conversions.
  3. Targeting specific users: optimize app users’ activation.
  4. Maintaining app ranking: search ranking is the only option to maintain and promote the current app promotion operation performance.
  5. Improving app weight: every app owns weight which is the key reference to proper ASO.

What are the key factors affecting ASO?

app store optimization factorsWe mentioned how important the ASO is. In the following, we have listed the main factors affecting ASO. Now, go on reading to learn the details.

App icon

App icon is the first chance for you to appeal potential users. App users won’t linger more time on your app if your app fails to make itself clear. The safe bet is choosing a simple and recognizable one.

App title

Beneath the app icon, app title plays a crucial role to boost app visibility. The app title should be appealing and preferably short including app keywords. Good app title is like the best advertisement slogan.

App keywords

Unlike Google Play, it’s available for you to fill 100 characters of keywords in Keyword field in App Store. App potential users will find your app when put in relevant keywords in the search bar, so it’s a big decision to make. Every character will cover 5 to 10 keywords at average.

Keyword search installs

Keyword search installs plays an important role in ASO. The more keyword search installs your app has, the higher ranking it will get, which in return helps you get more organic traffic and installs.

App reviews & ratings

app store optimization - reviews and ratings97% of app potential users will check app reviews before they finally download the app. Besides, app reviews are main reasons for app users to purchase paid functions and service. One thing to mind: once your app gets one-star rating, it needs more than 40 positive reviews or high ratings to make up. You may seek an app review provider for positive reviews and high ratings.

Users activation

The majority of app publishers may focus on users acquisition but seldom draw adequate attention to users activation. It’s essential that user experience of your app is good, but even paramount app will not definitely get equal users activation.

What are the top App Store Optimization tools?

With over 2 million mobile apps in app stores, it’s a challenge for a developer to make the app stand out. The right ASO tools are the shortcut to increase app downloads by boosting app visibility. Whether you want to optimize your keywords or track performance of ASO factors for a competitive edge, we will introduce a list of top ASO tools to make your app easy to find.

The ASO tools are as follows:

  • AppAnniehttp://www.appannie.com/cn/
  • SearchMan: https://searchman.com/
  • AppTweak: https://www.apptweak.com/
  • SensorTower: https://sensortower.com/
  • AppCodes: https://www.appcodes.com/
  • KeywordTool: http://keywordtool.io/app-store

A tool like AppAnnie can definitely guide you with ASO. Headquartered in San Francisco, App Annie offers analytic data for analyzing app store and advertising and comprehensive market data for developers and marketers with decision-making.

  • Key features: specialized in app keywords.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: Store Stats and ASO tools are free.

How to assess Your ASO Performance?

app store optimization performanceIt’s essential to assess your ASO performance after you rack your brains to practice ASO. It’s a common mistake to fail to track your ASO performance to pick the best choice. There are some factors for you to assess your ASO properly:

  • More extensive coverage of app keywords: it’s essential to expand coverage of app keywords for each version.
  • Higher keywords ranking: it’s crucial for app exposure to boost app downloads.
  • More download volumes: one thing you may take consideration is to make the assess under the same circumstances. Make sure your assess of ASO performance during the session only practicing ASO with no other promotion.
  • Other factors: new activation rate, users retention rate, users activation and so on.

What should the content provider focus?

As a content provider, you must acknowledge your app keywords which matter most for users to find your app and keywords ranking. It’s also vital to have an idea of your competitor’ app keywords and keywords ranking. If you seek ASO agency for cooperation, keep close contact with ASO agency. Adhere to your cooperation strategies: never doubt your ASO agency and maintain enough communication to make your expectation clear.

What is the process of ASO?

There are something you’d better have a clue before you practice ASO: What your app is for? What is the specific group of your app users? Then it’s easy for you to sort out such specific group of app potential users and match them with relevant keywords which may be based on collected adequate data from App Store search suggestion or other relevant tools. Then there is ample evidence to target the most needed keywords to boost your app downloads.

One thing you need to remember, if you choose competitor’s app title for your app keywords, it may take risk of Apple’s warning. However, if your app keywords do not cover hot words relevant to the brand, there is no need to worry the risk.


As an app developer, it’s never an option but a must to do for boosting your app visibility in the competitive global ocean. Today we talk about some factors of ASO (app store optimization), it’s quite necessary for you to obtain the process of ASO and track its performance. We also hope our strategies will provide you more information about ASO and make your app more visible to potential users.

Little Comma Is Not Easy to Use Well In Apple Keywords

As we all know, App Store allows developers to enter a keyword of up to 100 characters, each character is very important. Every developer wants to find ways to cover more hot words with a minimum of keywords, however, can not make bricks without straw, How to use this valuable space to 100 characters has become the majority for iOS app developers .

We all know that the punctuation in keywords will occupy a space character just like letters, numbers. Some of the developers often remove the comma and filling more letters, hoping to achieve better coverage results. So the whole keyword without any commas, and other developers will just put commas in keywords casually, However, after mentioning that the new submitted keywords has an awful coverage of hot words, a lot of hot words has not been covered, Thus did not meet the purpose of improving product exposure, leads to be much difficult to expand the inlet of product flow, resulting in the growth of organic traffic is very slow.

Based on our years of accumulated data, by analyzing from massive to figure our Apple’s rules and core algorithms, And it proves that comma between keywords will affect Apple backstage keyword crawl, if the commas is placed reasonably in keywords, it will significantly improve the overall product coverage of hot words. Which will also increased the exposure of the App, Fully enhance the products’ performance in the Apple store, So how to place the comma in the keywords is very important for most ASOers when design the keywords scheme.

Can comma between keywords be removed?

Remove or retain a comma between keywords is an key factor to be considered for ASOer, Such as removing the comma between the higher degree of matching keywords A and B,Apple will strengthen the association properties between the A and B during crawling. Which will improve the ranking of the hot words related with both A and B.

How to place the comma in those combination keywords

Apple systems typically crawl every two words frequency to match the keywords, so for those keywords of three words combination without a common nor in head or tail, Apple may ignore the composition, thus affecting the hot words coverage for those combination keywords, so it’s very necessary and important to place comma for those combination keywords, so in order to make it easy to crawl for Apple, the combination keywords should be highlighted.

ASO is a gradual process, the use of a comma can not be ignored when design the keywords, all those conclusions are derived from the long-term collected data and analysis from Apple, Hope this can offer some help for ASOer!

Keep following us to receive more skills for ASO.

How To Market Your App?

You’ve invested weeks and months of marketing resources designing and developing your app, but when you launch in the app stores you don’t get as many installs as expected. What happened?

1. A landing page for your app on your corporate website (SEO)

Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) best practices also apply to mobile apps. Your new app should have a dedicated marketing page on your current corporate website. That page  will be the foundation of future cross-promotion  with your other marketing campaigns and linking opportunities, external and internal. For example, somewhere in the app description you should provide a link to your desktop website. The website should also link back to the destination of the mobile app in the app store(s). Linking between the app store and the website boosts the app’s SEO value and also confirms that the app is authentic, not an imposter.

In addition to cross-linking with the app store,  you should also focus on optimizing the web page that the app lives on.  The app itself won’t get crawled by search engines to  determine what the app does, or who the app is for. Instead,  the search engine will look at the content on the page that the  app lives on to determine the relevancy. Follow traditional SEO tactics – use metadata attributes,  focus and align your  keyword strategy, write rich content, etc. – to show up  in prime location organically in search results.

2. Optimize for discovery in the app stores (ASO)

In addition to optimizing the page that your app lives on for  your corporate website, you also want to optimize the page that your app lives on in the app stores (also referred to App Store  Optimization). The descriptive content submitted with the app is vital to the app’s success in the app store when submitting in app to app stores. These are the areas that you want to optimize:

Title of the app

Determines the URL and title tag of the web page the app is  hosted on. Choose a title for the app that reflects the brand and also the app’s function. This allows your app to be found by your brand name as well as the purpose of the app if brand isn’t top of mind for the user.

Category of the app

It is important for better visibility in niche and vertical  searches. A lot of times an app can fit into several categories. If there is no single best fit, choose the category that best fits the  app’s purpose but also contains the least number of competing apps.

Keyword field

Influences the search results because there is far less text to indicate relevance of an app than there is for a traditional web page. Just as Google and major search engines frown on keyword stuffing on websites, stuffing the keyword field with unrelated keywords can get an app rejected from app stores.  So play fair – stick with descriptive keywords that are relevant to the purpose of the app.

Description field

is the largest area of the page and acts like the main content on a web page. As with traditional SEO for websites, the description for the app should be written for the target audience and be optimized with relevant keywords.

Or you can find some company which offers ASO service .Such like TryMyApps.

3. Internationalize and localize

Although the United States app store market is the largest revenue opportunity, users from other countries can benefit from an app that supports their native language and country. To validate the importance of internationalization and localization, Apple sent an email to its developers with the sole purpose of reminding them of the benefits of localization apps to provide a more pleasant user experience and reach more users.Apple offers clear steps to help app developers internationalize and localize apps to capture the opportunity of more revenue, by attending to the native user experience of other countries worldwide.

However, when investing resources in localizing your app, be sure to know your target audience. It would be a waste of resources to localize (and maintain the app) for every country and language. You have to consider the incremental downloads and revenue you can gain from internationalization and localization strategies.

4. Social promotion & reviews

Encouraging users to review your app is one of the most powerful marketing tactics that will boost your inbound traffic and app install. It is important to proactively gather reviews of your app because they are a strong social first impression, showing up right after the title of an app listing. Here are a few ideas for social media promotions:

Incentives – if you have a paid mobile app, you can use Facebook (or any other social media channel) to offer it for free on a certain day to any fan/follower/subscriber.

Youtube – create a Youtube video of your app to show it’s function in a real life demo. Be sure to include a ‘download’ call to action.

Forums/Communities – share the news of your app launch in any forums or communities you’re a member of. Encourage and ask people to try it out and share feedback.

Add social media endorsements in app description – when your first users are sharing positive reviews about your app, grab those endorsements and put them in your mobile app description. If your app cannot collect some good reviews at the very beginning after launching. you also could get some genuine reviews by trying paid-review service, You could try BestReviewApp. It’s a platform gathered a lot of app developers and app users, app users will write an good and unbiased review after downloading and experiencing an app.

5. Advertising

Allocating budget for an advertising campaign for the launch of your mobile app can boost your initial installs and increase your organic lift for your app. The most important part of advertising your mobile app is targeting the right audience. Here are the top mediums for advertising your mobile app:

Mobile Web Ads – As you might guess, advertising your mobile app on mobile web browsers is one of the best ways to get people to instantly download your app. Users are already using their mobile phones and can easily navigate to your app download link.

In-App Ads – In addition to using in-app ads to increase incremental revenue for a user of an app, you can also use it as an opportunity to advertise your own app, especially if it’s relevant to the app the user is already using.

Networks – You can advertise your app through incentivized networks, like TapJoy, to boost app installs. Networks connect advertisers to web sites that want to host advertisements.

Desktop Web Ads – Whether you go with search ads or banner ads, you can use this type of advertising to point directly to your listing in any of the app stores for a direct download.

Social Media – Facebook and Twitter is making it easier for mobile app marketers to advertise on social media. Facebook launched Mobile App Install Ads as a way for marketers to specifically advertise apps, and Twitter is experimenting with adding ‘click to download’ right in the Tweet card to make the user acquisition experience as seamless as possible.

If you’re seeing a high churn rate of people downloading your app and then quickly uninstalling it, you should analysis your marketing efforts to find out where you can drive higher quality users. Find out which marketing activities are driving a lot of traffic but not a lot of installs. Look for channels that drive high conversion rates from a visitor to an install. Furthermore, identify which channels drive the highest valued users by also tracking in-app activities.