What Should You Do to Improve App Keyword Ranking?

improve app keyword ranking

Improve App Keyword RankingKeyword optimization has been one of the most important aspects of SEO for a long time. Its dynamics have changed over time but keywords are still important for search engines to rank your pages. This is also true for the App Store and Google Play store. If you want your apps to rank high on these stores, you need to improve app keyword ranking effectively. There are millions of apps between the two major mobile app stores and you have to do it right to make sure that your app’s keywords help your app rank higher. If you want to improve app keyword ranking for these stores, you should follow certain strategies. Make sure to follow these tips to choose the right keywords and rank them higher than the competition.

Conduct Keyword Research

Like SEO, app store optimization also requires keyword research to find the keywords that best address what your target audience is looking for. These keywords are required to be entered into the App Store’s keyword box. The keywords will be used all across your app store’s page. Apple has shown increasing support for plurals too.

Make sure to choose the right keyword research tool to ensure that you are choosing the right keywords that define your mobile application. It is important to make the most of the available character space when choosing the keywords.

Dealing with Overused Keywords: If you notice that a keyword has been overused in your segment, it is recommended to choose alternatives like synonyms or other strategies to make them more unique. However, it is important that the variations are used by people.

You will find average-searched keywords and highly-searched keywords. It can be much more difficult to improve app keyword ranking for the latter than for the former. It will be better to maintain a balance between the two.

Improve App Keyword RankingKeywords vs Key Phrases: When it comes to choosing between key phrases and keywords, it is recommended to break the keywords list into individual words. So if your recommended key phrase is “fitness trainer”, you should list it as “fitness, trainer” in the App Store’s keyword list.

Follow these tips when optimizing your app store presence for keywords:

  • You should focus on finding the most relevant keywords for which your app can rank higher. This is contrary to ranking higher for specific keywords.
  • The number and rate of your app downloads will have a big impact on your app’s rankings in search results. So if your app generates a higher number of downloads, you can consider ranking higher for more competitive keywords. You can get these keywords from your competitors.
  • If you don’t have a large volume of downloads, focus on less competitive keywords. You should gradually start targeting more competitive keywords when your download volumes increase.

It is important to keep in mind that as your app’s performance changes over time, you should conduct keyword research again and again to make changes to your app keyword strategy. This is important to improve app keyword ranking for a long term.

What Makes a Great Keyword

When choosing your app keywords, it is important that you don’t base your decision on one or two factors. For example, most app developers will select keywords after considering the number of searches they are generating. You should rather consider the following key factors when choosing the right keyword:improve app keyword ranking - keywords relevance

  • Relevance: Consider how relevant your selected keywords are for your application. Consider whether someone searching for your app is interested in what you have to offer. Also consider how likely they are to download the app.The keywords that you choose should match the function and targeted users of your app.
  • Competitiveness: It is never a good strategy to rank low for a highly competitive keyword. Target keywords you can rank higher for as long as they are relevant and generate a decent volume of traffic. You don’t want to rank 500 for a keyword that generates millions of searches. People will not scroll down beyond the top 10 results to search for an app. You can check the competition index of keywords by searching them on app stores. If there are many search results, which means the apps covering this keyword are less. If there are more results when you search this keyword, which means it has high competitiveness.
  • Search Index: The search index stands for the popularity of keywords. The higher search index the keyword gets, the more traffic it has. Usually, the keywords that have high search index but low competitiveness are the best choice for app developers. If you use this kind of keywords, your app will get the maximized exposure rate and get increasing installs.
  • Keywords Attribute: Keywords attribute has a huge impact on app installs and ranking on app stores. As we all know that keywords include brand words, behavior words, the words of competitors, function words, professional words and high-difficulty words. App developers should focus on the behavior words, the words of competitors and function words. If your app has a good reputation, you can pay attention to the brand words. Also, the words of competitors should put in the section of keywords filed to ensure the security.

Once you come across keywords that meet the best of both these criteria, you should choose the one that receives higher volume of searches.

Improve the volume of keywords coverageimprove app keyword ranking - keywords coverage

An effective keyword not only can improve app keyword ranking on app stores, but also can grow numerous organic traffic in a short time. There are some useful methods to increase the volume of keywords coverage:

  • Analyze and track the keywords of your app: Learning about the keywords of your app is very important for app developers. You should know the total volume of keywords, the change of your keywords, the keywords ranking and the search index. This method can help you find the most effective keywords, replace the bad keywords so that design a complete plan of your app.
  • Expand your keywords by analyzing the keywords of competitors: There are 3 main methods to expand app keywords: create some long tail words via your keywords, analyze the words of competitors and find more effective keywords via keywords tools. The competitor’s keywords is a valued place where you should spend more time on, which can give you a happy result.

Using Keywords to Optimize your App

Once you have identified the best keywords for your app, you should use them using the following tips to improve app keyword ranking:

  • App’s Title: The title has one of the most important roles in keyword optimization. It is important that the primary keyword is included within the title. It will have a big ‘boost’ for your app’s search-ability. Your app is more likely to be found by searchers.
  • Description: This is where you can use the other targeted keywords. Remember that app’s description is limited in terms of a number of words. You should choose the best keywords to add it in a uniform manner.
  • App’s reviews: App reviews also can provide some effective keywords for your app. You can collect all reviews from users to find the effective keywords of your app. Also, app reviews can reflect the problems of your app, which can help you promote your app effectively. Of course, if you have enough budget, you can buy app reviews with keywords from a reliable app-review provider.

In the description, you should be describing what your app does, its key highlights, and any awards or accolades it has won. This is where your visitors get most of the info about your app. So make sure that you provide the best details about your application.

Improve App Keyword RankingWhen creating your app’s name, it should be unique. There should be no resemblance to any of the popular apps on Google Play or App Store. If there is any resemblance, it can undo all your keyword optimization efforts. there is a good chance that the app store will autocorrect searches so that searchers find only the popular apps and not yours.

Don’t Repeat Keywords: If the identified keywords feature repetition of same words, you should leave out the repeated words. You should not repeat the keywords both in the title and description.


When it comes to app store optimization, keywords play the most important role in helping your app rank. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to improve app keyword ranking. It doesn’t matter how great an app you may have designed. If you don’t optimize your app effectively for the App Store or Google Play store, it will not rank high enough to drive the desired volume of downloads. App store optimization is the equivalent of marketing. You may have the best and most reliable product with all the key features on the market, but if it is not promoted well, it will not have buyers.