Why Should You Buy App Reviews by Cooperating with BestReviewApp

buy app reviews

App review is a core part of affecting app ranking on app stores, and the content of reviews may decide whether the users will install your app. Thus, it is evident that getting app reviews is essential for app developers to promote their apps. In order to achieve this goal, most app developers choose to buy app reviews from a reliable company to make their app stand out from others. While, how to choose a good company is not easy. In the fierce competition, BestReviewApp has become the preferred choice for app developers with their professional service and competitive skills.

Why should you buy app reviews?buy app reviews

There are many methods to get app reviews, why should you choose to buy app reviews to promote your app? At below, there are 3 benefits to convince you:

  • Good and fast result

Comparing with other methods to get app reviews, buying app reviews is a method that can give you a fast result. Once you choose a trustworthy company and activate your order, you will get positive reviews in a short time. Also, if there are some problems happened in your reviews, you can contact the support of this company to deal with. It is convenient and efficient.

  • Professional team

If you choose to buy app reviews from a company, they will provide their most professional service to help you. The ultimate goal of them is to increase the visibility of your app so that grow increasing downloads and revenues. This method also can avoid the situation that you cause some trouble with poor experience and skills.

  • Save time and efforts

If you have enough budget, it is perfect for you to buy app reviews. It is a method that saving your time and efforts. Also, it is beneficial for those who are busy with other business. Maybe you will pay for this method, while you will get a surprising result.

Why should you buy app reviews from BestReviewApp?

Among the numerous app reviews provider, why BestReviewApp stand out from the crowd? The following details will remove your doubts effectively.

larger user basebuy app reviews - user base

BestReviewApp has a larger user base all around the world, and the number is still increasing. Once you activate your order, these users will install your app and leave positive reviews for your app. This also ensures all the reviews are from real users. The special part is BestReviewApp has an app where gathering the worldwide reviewers. They search your app in this app, and finish the task to get the bounty. This system will keep them stay there and attract more new reviewers to join in. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that they will not give you enough reviews that you want to get.

High-quality reviews

They are strict with the quality of reviews, and they are still working on exploring more new methods to avoid the cheating behaviors. Each reviewer on this company is limited to use one unique IP address, and the nickname of different devices cannot be similar. Therefore, they can guarantee all the reviews are from real users. Also, you do not worry the risk that your app will be punished or removed by Apple.

In addition, the content of reviews they provide is valued. Each review is unique, and the content is high-quality, too. Each review is the reviewers’ real feedback after they have experienced your app. Also, you can choose your targeted country, they will give you the local reviews to promote your app effectively.

Reasonable charge

Maybe the price is the part app developers most focus on. In BestReviewApp, you don’t worry you will lose more than you gain. They will give you the best cost-effective service to promote your app on app stores. Also, there are some discounts you can get if you place a big order. They offer 10% discount for over 50 reviews and 30% discount for over 100 reviews. You can pay via , which is fast and safe. You can also contact the support via Skype if you have any questions about the review service.

Precise targeting

Just mentioned above, they have worldwide reviewers, which means that you can get app reviews from any country. Comparing with other kinds of reviews, local reviews are more appealing and effective to attract new users to install an app. Therefore, there is no country limitation for app developers to get app reviews in BestReviewApp. It exactly helps this company have more competitive than others.

The different app has different features and functions. If you buy app reviews from this company, they will customize your promotion plan according to your app. For example, when you upload your app link, they will analyze it and choose the most suitable keywords for your app. Then, they will guide their reviewers to leave positive reviews with these keywords. This method can increase the keywords search results on App Store so that increase app downloads.

Guaranteed servicebuy app reviews - guaranteed services

BestReviewApp offers professional and completed service to help you get app reviews on App Store. They have helped more users to achieve their success and build a good reputation in the past years. What they do is not only give a good review service for you, they also hope that all the app who have used their service will increase downloads and the ranking on App Store. They support 24/7 service to answer your questions. If you are not happy with their service during your order, you can contact their support at any time.

what’s more, the after-sale service of this company is also a bright spot. After finishing your order, if you find your reviews disappeared or be removed by Apple, you can contact their support. Their experts will analyze your app and draw out a complete plan to make up your loss. All the service is to make you worry-free and risk-free. Once the reputation has built among old users, they will return back and introduce more new friends to buy app reviews from this company. It is exactly their strategy to marketing their service.

In conclusion

From the above, we have known the benefits of buying app reviews and why you should choose BestReviewApp to get app reviews. As an app developer, getting more app reviews is a must to do to promote and market an app. Combining with the information mentioned above, BestReviewApp is one of the best choices for you to get app reviews.

Why Buy App Reviews at BestReviewApp?


buy app reviews at BestReviewAppBestReviewApp offers a great service to help app developers promote mobile apps with positive app reviews and high ratings for their app in Google Play and Apple App Store. Up to now, we have helped thousands of mobile app developers rank their apps higher in App Store and Goole Play Store. Now, read the following parts to learn why to buy app reviews at BestReviewApp.

We offer the most quality reviews

All our reviewers will rate an app with 4/5 stars and leave a positive review after downloading and experiencing the app. The reviews must contain 20 – 40 words, including users’ thoughts or even suggestions for your app instead of a normal review like “I love this app”.

Besides this, developers are able to give a score to the reviews they received. Reviewers with high scores will have priority to review apps for developers, which will eliminate the low-quality reviewers eventually and improve the review quality at the same time.

We own a huge app user base

So far, we have already gathered over 30,000 iPhone users and over 20,000 Android users all around the world. And the number is still increasing. To become our reviewers, they will have to install our Mobile Client on their device first, Our Mobile Client will authenticate the device to guarantee their genuineness.

We are strict with the quality of our service

We aim to provide good reviews for our developers. Also, we are working on exploring and preventing any cheating behaviors. We have tried to limit the users IP, one IP address can be only used once to register a unique reviewer account. We also have limits for the reviewer account, iPhone reviewers’ Apple ID nickname cannot be modified.

buy app reviews at BestReviewApp - quality serviceBesides, we have developed an app for reviewers, they’ll have to install it on their device before reviewing any apps. The app can not only authenticate the device’s uniqueness, but also can detect if you install an app and open it before writing a review. More than this, one device is limited for a unique Apple ID, and you cannot change it.

We care about your business

Some new developers have some worries when they buy app reviews. They worry about the app has the risk that removed from the app store by Apple or the Google.

Actually, we care about your app and your business more. we have hired some ASO expert, we’d love to evaluate your app and give you some suggestions and help you to create an appropriate plan for free to promote your app and your business well.

We are flexible and cost-effective

We’re responsive and flexible. If you want to pause or make some changes to an already started order, we’ll adjust it for you. Even though you hope to modify a completed review, we’ll contact the relevant reviewers to update the review on the app store as soon as possible for you.

We are trusted & preferred

We have spent the last 4 years building a reputation for providing good app reviews service for developers. Also, we also have served more than thousands of developers and helped them to get success with their apps. Indeed, we are trusted and preferred by our beloved app developers customers. Therefore, buy app reviews from Bestreviewapp is a good choice for you!

Professional customer service

buy app reviews at BestReviewApp - good customer serviceWe have a professional and completed customer service system. It’s very easy to connect with us, you can contact us by E-mail, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Telephone, or just leave a message on our website, etc.

We will reply you in a short time as long as we are online to solve your problem.

We do more than just deliver a service

What we do is not only deliver a good review service for you. we hope the apps that used our reviews service have efficiency on the ranking changes or install rate, etc. we hope our customers satisfy with our service. We hope our customers get success with their apps after using our good review service.

Buy app reviews at BestReviewApp is one of the best ways to promote your apps!  Contact us today!

How to Make Money Online with Your Mobile Phone?

The mobile phone has been popularized to each and every family and it continues to permeate into our daily life in every regard. Then with the rapid advancement of the mobile phone, more and more people are no longer just satisfied with entertainments it brings. They desire to make money online and have fun with their phones at the meantime.

make money onlineThis is truly a fascinating idea, for the Internet has brought infinite possibilities to mobile phones. However, when you immerse yourself in this terrific idea, we have to warn you that the Internet is also full of risks and cheaters. So you can’t be too careful! In this post, we will introduce you several safe ways of how to earn money online, and you can have a look at them.

Finish online surveys

To better analyze the markets, there are apps that pay users after they finish online surveys, like Ipinion, Ipoll, Global Test Market, etc. The themes of surveys vary differently. After download these apps,you can spend only 2/3 minutes filling out the survry forms in your spare time. You will either collect points that can be transferred into real cash or receive money directly.

Download apps

You can make money online by downloading apps and reviewing for them too. For instance, users can use TryMyApps to increase incomes. iOS users get $0.3 for each download. Android users gain points for each task, and every 600 points can be converted into $1. Payments are processed every Friday through .

Review for apps

make money online-review for appsOther apps like BestReviewApp pay users if they review for an app. BestReviewApp requires users to write good reviews for apps and reward them $0.5-$2 for each positive comment. Android and iOS users obtain different payments for different tasks. While it is a good way to earn money, you have to ensure the quality of reviews you write.


To motivate people to exercise, some apps like Gym Pact and Nexercise reward users if they do regular exercise. For instance, when you are working out, you can open Gym Pact and log in. Then the app automatically records, which enables you to collect money. When the amount reaches to $5, you can transfer it into real cash via . But if you stop working out, you will be fined. The fine is used as incentives to reward these users who keep working out.

Place screen ads on the screen saver

If you are seeking an easier way to make money online with your mobile phone, you can choose to use apps like Slidejoy and Locket. Take Locket as an example, it enables you to earn money if you place ads on the screen saver. Each time when you turn your phone on, you can swipe one way to enter the ads, and the other way to access the menus. The amount of money you earn depends on how often you unlock your phone everyday. Payments are paid via .

Listen to music and watch TV

make money online-listen to music and watch tvWhile having fun with your mobile phone, you can make extra incomes too! Viggle is an interesting app which rewards users if they listen to music and watch TV programs on it. Once you log in and check in with the Viggle button, you begin to gather points. If you want to earn more points,, you can answer questions or take short surveys within the app. You can use these points to redeem at Starbucks, Best buy, etc, for Viggle has cooperation with these shops.

Sell Your Phone Pictures

You can use a new app called Foap to sell your phone pictures online. You first need to install the app, register an account, and then upload a quality picture to the Foap marketplace. If someone is interested in your picture, he/she pays $ 10 for it, and you get $ 5.You can sell the same photo for an unlimited number of times.

Open Iotta and go shopping

Ibotta is an app available for both iOS and Android users. You can use this app to make money online when you go shopping. Ibotta cooperates with some shopping stores like Target and Walgreens. When you buy things from these stores, don’t forget to take photos of the receipts. Once your receipt is verified, your account will be credited with a specified cash back amount. Once you earn $5.00, you can transfer it into real cash via Pay Pal.


These 8 methods are highly recognized, for they are reliable and profitable. However, to use these apps, you first need to download and install them. So, stop hesitating, do it now to make money online with your mobile phone! If you want to know more money-making apps, you can click here to have more recommendations. Besides, if you have better suggestions, you can let us know in the following comments.



App Promotion Skills – App Developers Must Read and Get

Discover How To Boost Your App Popularity And Page Rank With These Amazing App Promotion Service, Tested and Trusted — And What’s More…

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Sure, if you keep your nose to the grind stone – you will get “some results.”

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Do you believe that you deserve to live that lifestyle?

Do you ever wonder …. “What does that guy have that I don’t?”

 The Marketing Guru’s Big Secret ….

Many of today’s rich and famous Internet marketing gurus and Developers won’t exactly say so …. but they didn’t start out with fat wallets stuffed full of cash. They didn’t have huge advertising and operating budgets to skyrocket their businesses almost overnight.

Most of them used powerful, potent, and highly effective review sites in the beginning …. and they are still using those same websites  today, because those websites  still work!

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Check out bestreviewapp..In fact, I’m so sure that you’ll love “bestreviewapp” – I’m so sure it will be your answer to working less and earning more – I’m backing up my words with this

BestReviewApp Makes My Smart phone Be My Purse!

The techno age seems to throw so many inventions and advancements to us that at times it really becomes unbelievable that we are part of this jet age where technology seems to have revolution in our lives like never before. With so many gadgets and so many versions of these gadgets we really are moving ahead in terms of technology with a great speed. One area that has created a whole new techno world and thrown open the doors to information and usefulness of the electronic gadgets especially them mobile phones are the applications. These applications have made our life easier and comfortable too. With endless applications in various categories like business, entertainment, games, sports, education, music, photos, social, and travel. With applications the reviews follow and these help us in knowing how good and useful the particular application is. But have you ever imagined something like this where you review an application and get paid for it? It sounds really cool isn’t it?

Yes, with the BestReviewApp you could get paid for downloading the applications for free and for rating and reviewing it. So how does it work and what you need to do? Well with huge number of applications floating around our eyes with several new additions in almost all the categories, you may be downloading these apps many times. Some of them may be of great use to you while some may not be that useful. After using the app you may feel like reviewing and letting others know how the application was as per your use. Bestreviewapp helps you in getting paid for these reviews.

All you need to do is that on this website create an account. Then you are needed to download the application on your cell phone and this also covers the apps for Apple for Mac, iPad and iPhone and simply use these apps. Write your honest review whether the application was beneficial to your or not and get paid for writing this review. You would get paid for both the free apps as well as the paid apps. For free apps you would receive $0.50 and for the paid apps you would get $1-$1.5. For paid apps you would receive your money back with addition. Doesn’t this make the paid app free? For your reviews you would be getting them money via  by submitting the request every Friday.

So are there any specifications with respect to the review? You need to write the review within 48 hours of your app download and this would be verified by the App store within 24 hours of submission.

Though the money may seem only half a dollar and one dollar but the effort you need or take is few words probably some 30-40 words and four to five stars rating. Now this doesn’t seem such a big task since anyways you would be using the app. All that is need is how you feel about it and expressing this in words. Why not try this by writing how you felt about the app with some comparisons and if you have any suggestion you could give them too. So why not try this for fun.

The Most Effective Way To Promote Your App

After the success of two predator operating system Android and iOS . In the race of these two mostly use operating system , developers around the glob are working on app development for OS . Development of an application is really a hard job but nowadays promotion of a developed app is much more tough job ,  There are several people spending much time in promotion of apps , they spend much money on publicity , Obviously if you wouldn’t get the fruit of your success in the end you will lose yourself , But shouldn’t there be an easy method available for app promotion ? A platform where you can get honest review about your applications ., where your application can be promoted on social media . Every developer wants app promotion , increase app sales and also want good ranking .

The answer is “Yes” you can find all this packed in one thing BestReviewApp . It is the more recommended platform for every developer , who cares about their app promotion .

If would want to make your application most popular you must have a try of it .

BESTREVIEWAPP ,which could give you a real positive review and rating for your application In Google Play store and in Apple Store, has made it much easier for developer . In fact it is a general observation that if your app has high number of positive reviews and ratings , your number of downloads will increase.
Here are what BESTREVIEWAPP can do for you:

1.One download and one review. All you need to do just specify the URL of your application , choose the targeted country and the amount of reviews.

2.Real reviewers will test the app, write reviews about 20-40 words and rate 4-5 stars. (All are real , not fake bots)

3.Recommend your app on their social media like Facebook ,Twitter,Google+ (Optionally),to get your app a nice exposure.

For the reviewers those would get paid for their honest reviewing an app , all you need to find an app form Google play store and iTunes Store , after download it fully experienced this application , And after the claimed of app , you have some given interval for writing a review about this app , when the app is confirmed it will go for another review , and the money you paid for this app at stores will get back when you will receive clearance for objective , How to withdraw these money ? You can use your  account ,

So what are you waiting for , it’s a great opportunity for app promotion lets have a try in Bestreviewapp.