What Are the Best Ways to Promote iOS Apps?

promote iOS apps

promote ios appsA mobile developer’s success in creating an amazing app is just the beginning as it opens up massive opportunities to make it big. It’s time to let people know about your unique offering sprung from your brilliant ideas and creativity! Investing time and efforts in any or all of these proven effective ways to promote iOS apps are well worth it.

Free and Paid Version

Form a large user base by making your app initially available for free, whether in the form of a trial version for a limited time or with ads. Let your customers enjoy a free trial that’s useful enough, and still offers them the option to upgrade through an in-app purchase as they wish. This gives users the flexibility to download and keep it on their device without costing them anything. At any point in time, they can have access to full features and instantly acquire more functionality by getting the paid version. You benefit both ways, where you gain profit on ads driven by the free app and from the revenue generated by purchases made.

Social Networking

Promote iOS apps by posting about it, announcing to all your friends, family, and colleagues across popular social network accounts. Submit your iPhone/iPad app information to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. and bookmarking sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon for optimal media exposure. Making your presence known on these favorite places significantly increase visibility and traffic to your app’s page.

Run A Contest

promote ios apps - run a contentGiving freebies, running a contest, and discounted coupon codes never fail to attract a good number of interested customers, especially for new and recently launched apps. Promotional items like coffee mugs, pens, T-shirts, and buttons are common giveaways which people fascinatingly still find useful. Physical items help create brand awareness beyond the digital world.

Buy App Store Reviews

Every mobile developer has a different marketing budget and favored strategy to promote iOS apps, but getting an app or game reviewed is a must for all developers. A higher rating equates to more downloads since users tend to listen to good feedback from real people. Your app attains popularity with users helping you effortlessly spread the word through the stars and comments they put in place. You can never go wrong in buying app store reviews which ensures positive responses, making it one of the most effective and efficient ways, if not the best in getting the results you want!

Build A Website/Landing Page

Create your very own website where you can showcase more of your app without the restrictions of the app market description page. Keep it simple yet striking with a well-designed landing page or an attractive one-page site. Promote iOS apps by incorporating banner images that direct online visitors to your mobile app rather than staying on the mobile site. They can quickly download your app in a click of a button whenever they want.


promote ios apps - advertiseAdvertisements work for all kinds of apps, as long as you find the right websites with a suitable niche to buy up an ad space. It’s even better if you can find bloggers who are willing to promote iOS apps and coordinate directly with them. If you have money to splurge, go all out and go with the route of TV advertising and celebrity endorsements to reach a large audience and construct a strong user base.

Press Release

The newness factor linked to an app creates anticipation to users, thus press releases do wonders in boosting apps to high ranks and increasing the number of installs. General or specialized media typically mention the latest and coolest apps on their pages, as well as prestigious awards if any to make a good first impression. Draft a press release that has screenshots of your app and tells of your brand’s story. It should also include your website’s URL and a download link, then promote iOS apps by sending your exclusive content to press targets.

Email marketing

You could collect the Email of potential users via Facebook and Twitter. Then, you can send them an email and notify that you have uploaded a new app on app stores, hoping they will install and leave their feedbacks. This method is more effective than others since you have a targeted goal. Of course, the email also can be received through other channels, for example, the recommendation of your clients and friends.

Create an appealing videopromote iOS apps - create a video

The video on the app store is the only dynamic part app developers can use to represent their apps. You have to make your app more creative, funny, attractive and worthy. In order to get more new users to install your app via the video, you can start with a story. A story that shows your app and the experience when you create it. But, you should control the time of video within 30 seconds. A too long story will give users a boring experience so that drive them to leave your app alone.

Put your app on review sites

There are many professional review sites who majors in reviewing other sites objectively. The sites are reviewed by them must receive tons of traffic and exposure. So,  if you want to increase the exposure rate of your app and get increasing downloads, you can try to do this method. While, before you upload your app to these sites, you have to guarantee the quality of your app is value. Or, the results will not let you happy.

Time-limited downloads(For paid apps)

Usually, users would like to install free apps rather than paid one. Therefore, if you have a paid app, there is a big challenge for you to get app installs. In this time, time-limited downloads is a great method to achieve your success. During the activity, your app will gain numerous installs and traffic, which lays a great foundation for the later app promotion.

Cooperate promote iOS apps - cooperate

If you are a developer who has not enough time and efforts but budget, you could cooperate with a professional app promotion company to assist you. You should believe your spend is valued and can receive a good result in return. Nowadays, there are many companies offering app promotion service, including app installs, app reviews and ratings. However, in this big and complete marketing, you have to sharpen your eyes to choose a reliable one, like AsoTop1ReviewApp4u.

Generate high ratings

App ratings have a big impact on app ranking on App Store. Especially in the iOS 11,  Apple has raised the role of app ratings on App Store. So, to face the new situation and stand out from it, you have to spare your efforts to get app ratings. Just like the app reviews, it is hard to let users leave their positive reviews and high ratings. You can incentivize them to do or buy app ratings from a  trustworthy provider or company.

Celebrity endorsements

Most successful businesses have benefited from the celebrity endorsements. Maybe there are many developers have not enough budget to pay for the celebrity to promote iOS apps. While, don’t worry, there is still a chance to for you. Connecting to your special and respectable industry, asking the influencers of this area to help you promote iOS apps is a good way. It is a cheaper way than others and related to the mobile industry.

Blog marketingpromote iOS apps - blog marketing

If you have created a website for your app, why not update the blog to attract more new traffic and users. Pay attention to the hot topic of the mobile world and write blogs are essential for you to promote iOS apps. In addition, you can also publish the guest post and Press Release to increase your app’s exposure rate.


Out of the millions of iPhone/iPad applications to date, it won’t matter how awesome an app is without proper promotional strategies in place to pinpoint and connect with your audience. These 7 tips are certain to help developers promote iOS apps efficiently in the shortest time and produce dramatic results over the long-term.

App Store Optimization Infographic – How to Promote Your App

App Store Optimization InfographicApp Store Optimization (ASO) is one of the most effective ways to boost mobile app ranking in target markets. It’s equivalent of search engine optimization. What’s more, ASO brings genuine and good volumes of app installs. We will mention some basic knowledge of App Store Optimization   and a few of practical ways to implement it.

Why should practice ASO?

It’s quite different for users to find out a suitable app. App users may browser in app store for something new or download apps directly from bosom pals’ highest recommendations. However, search in app store appears the most effective traffic source. A study shows that 73% of mobile app installs are from search in App Store. Due to other channels’ poor performance, ASO becomes more and more vital for app visibility which is the reason why we should do app store optimization.

What is ASO for?

  1. Improving keywords coverage: This helps your app discovered in App Store and brings app exposure.
  2. Improving search results rankings of keywords: optimize app download conversions.
  3. Targeting specific users: optimize app users’ activation.
  4. Maintaining app ranking: search ranking is the only option to maintain and promote the current app promotion operation performance.
  5. Improving app weight: every app owns weight which is the key reference to proper ASO.

What are the key factors affecting ASO?

app store optimization factorsWe mentioned how important the ASO is. In the following, we have listed the main factors affecting ASO. Now, go on reading to learn the details.

App icon

App icon is the first chance for you to appeal potential users. App users won’t linger more time on your app if your app fails to make itself clear. The safe bet is choosing a simple and recognizable one.

App title

Beneath the app icon, app title plays a crucial role to boost app visibility. The app title should be appealing and preferably short including app keywords. Good app title is like the best advertisement slogan.

App keywords

Unlike Google Play, it’s available for you to fill 100 characters of keywords in Keyword field in App Store. App potential users will find your app when put in relevant keywords in the search bar, so it’s a big decision to make. Every character will cover 5 to 10 keywords at average.

Keyword search installs

Keyword search installs plays an important role in ASO. The more keyword search installs your app has, the higher ranking it will get, which in return helps you get more organic traffic and installs.

App reviews & ratings

app store optimization - reviews and ratings97% of app potential users will check app reviews before they finally download the app. Besides, app reviews are main reasons for app users to purchase paid functions and service. One thing to mind: once your app gets one-star rating, it needs more than 40 positive reviews or high ratings to make up. You may seek an app review provider for positive reviews and high ratings.

Users activation

The majority of app publishers may focus on users acquisition but seldom draw adequate attention to users activation. It’s essential that user experience of your app is good, but even paramount app will not definitely get equal users activation.

What are the top App Store Optimization tools?

With over 2 million mobile apps in app stores, it’s a challenge for a developer to make the app stand out. The right ASO tools are the shortcut to increase app downloads by boosting app visibility. Whether you want to optimize your keywords or track performance of ASO factors for a competitive edge, we will introduce a list of top ASO tools to make your app easy to find.

The ASO tools are as follows:

  • AppAnniehttp://www.appannie.com/cn/
  • SearchMan: https://searchman.com/
  • AppTweak: https://www.apptweak.com/
  • SensorTower: https://sensortower.com/
  • AppCodes: https://www.appcodes.com/
  • KeywordTool: http://keywordtool.io/app-store

A tool like AppAnnie can definitely guide you with ASO. Headquartered in San Francisco, App Annie offers analytic data for analyzing app store and advertising and comprehensive market data for developers and marketers with decision-making.

  • Key features: specialized in app keywords.
  • App stores: iOS Apple Store and Google Play.
  • Price: Store Stats and ASO tools are free.

How to assess Your ASO Performance?

app store optimization performanceIt’s essential to assess your ASO performance after you rack your brains to practice ASO. It’s a common mistake to fail to track your ASO performance to pick the best choice. There are some factors for you to assess your ASO properly:

  • More extensive coverage of app keywords: it’s essential to expand coverage of app keywords for each version.
  • Higher keywords ranking: it’s crucial for app exposure to boost app downloads.
  • More download volumes: one thing you may take consideration is to make the assess under the same circumstances. Make sure your assess of ASO performance during the session only practicing ASO with no other promotion.
  • Other factors: new activation rate, users retention rate, users activation and so on.

What should the content provider focus?

As a content provider, you must acknowledge your app keywords which matter most for users to find your app and keywords ranking. It’s also vital to have an idea of your competitor’ app keywords and keywords ranking. If you seek ASO agency for cooperation, keep close contact with ASO agency. Adhere to your cooperation strategies: never doubt your ASO agency and maintain enough communication to make your expectation clear.

What is the process of ASO?

There are something you’d better have a clue before you practice ASO: What your app is for? What is the specific group of your app users? Then it’s easy for you to sort out such specific group of app potential users and match them with relevant keywords which may be based on collected adequate data from App Store search suggestion or other relevant tools. Then there is ample evidence to target the most needed keywords to boost your app downloads.

One thing you need to remember, if you choose competitor’s app title for your app keywords, it may take risk of Apple’s warning. However, if your app keywords do not cover hot words relevant to the brand, there is no need to worry the risk.


As an app developer, it’s never an option but a must to do for boosting your app visibility in the competitive global ocean. Today we talk about some factors of ASO (app store optimization), it’s quite necessary for you to obtain the process of ASO and track its performance. We also hope our strategies will provide you more information about ASO and make your app more visible to potential users.

Most Effective Ways to Boost App Ranking

Best Ways to Boost App RankingThe smartphone era is upon us, people do almost everything with it, as a result, almost all enterprises from all walks of life are developing their own apps to reach more users online. However, developing an app is only half of the battle, to generate business growth through apps, it’s necessary to make it as ranked app, Here are the best ways for you to know how to boost app ranking.

Gather Traffic and Downloads

In order to have a good ranking for your app, a certain amount of downloads and traffic are necessary, like 5,000 to 10,000 downloads increased in a short time. Especially for those new apps, it’s the most important period to gather as much as traffic , due to the App Store always puts a high weight for those new apps.

Keep It Consistent

If you find your app on the top chart accidentally one day, don’t get too excited, this is not enough at all. You need to keep this growth pace at lease for several months till its position on the top chart remained relatively stable. Like increasing 20,000 downloads monthly to maintain the top ranking. Otherwise, the ranking is very easy to fall, at that time, you will need to pay more to rescue its ranking.

Engagement and Retention

User retention will affect the app ranking, the App Store values users’ engagement and feelings. To do this, you will have to find out what your users think about your app and what they love. You can discuss with your app fans to listen to their voice to make an app they love. A personal sharing by your users is more powerful than just a “like”. App Store gives more weight to apps that are popular with users.

Regularly Update and Upgrade

Best Ways to Boost App Ranking - upgradeKeep a regular update for your app, one side, it will make your users feel they are concerned, their problems are fixed and their suggestions are adopted. This will be helpful to encourage them stick and engage with your app. On the other side, it also sends a signal to the app store and let them know you are keeping spending time and energy in improving your app experience. This is very helpful to maintain and boost your app ranking.

Optimize Screenshots and Descriptions

The screenshots and descriptions will not affect the ranking directly, but it’s indeed very important for the conversion. Quality screenshots and good description help to lead potential users to click, download, and install. Then, a high conversion will definitely help to boost the app ranking.

Pay Attention to Icon Design

The app icon is the first thing for the potential users to locate your app in the search results after searching your app name. If your app icon is too complex or not easy to be found, it will probably be neglected or uninstalled eventually. Too many uninstalls are harmful for app ranking.

Do App Store Optimization

ASO is important and necessary. There are a lot of skills about ASO, like optimize your app keywords, titles, names, screenshots, etc. We have posted an article about ASO guides before, Click what is aso to get the complete details.

Improve Ratings and Reviews

boost app ranking - reviewsA certain amount of positive reviews help to generate credibility and also attract more users to download your app. Good reviews will notify those potential users that your app is high recommended and good reviewed by other users, which will help to generate more installations. Apart from this, it also sends a signal to the App store, telling that your app is high recommended and should be boosted to the top chart. Learn importance of reviews and ratings in this post.

Care Social Platform

Don’t forget that people communicate and share with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Make sure that you can be connected by at least one of these ways. Also, you need to focus on how to get users share and spread your app with their personal social media accounts.


Boost app ranking is not an easy task. However, as long as you tried the ways above, you will experience the app downloads increasing and app ranking soaring.

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