Why Should You Buy App Reviews by Cooperating with BestReviewApp

buy app reviews

App review is a core part of affecting app ranking on app stores, and the content of reviews may decide whether the users will install your app. Thus, it is evident that getting app reviews is essential for app developers to promote their apps. In order to achieve this goal, most app developers choose to buy app reviews from a reliable company to make their app stand out from others. While, how to choose a good company is not easy. In the fierce competition, BestReviewApp has become the preferred choice for app developers with their professional service and competitive skills.

Why should you buy app reviews?buy app reviews

There are many methods to get app reviews, why should you choose to buy app reviews to promote your app? At below, there are 3 benefits to convince you:

  • Good and fast result

Comparing with other methods to get app reviews, buying app reviews is a method that can give you a fast result. Once you choose a trustworthy company and activate your order, you will get positive reviews in a short time. Also, if there are some problems happened in your reviews, you can contact the support of this company to deal with. It is convenient and efficient.

  • Professional team

If you choose to buy app reviews from a company, they will provide their most professional service to help you. The ultimate goal of them is to increase the visibility of your app so that grow increasing downloads and revenues. This method also can avoid the situation that you cause some trouble with poor experience and skills.

  • Save time and efforts

If you have enough budget, it is perfect for you to buy app reviews. It is a method that saving your time and efforts. Also, it is beneficial for those who are busy with other business. Maybe you will pay for this method, while you will get a surprising result.

Why should you buy app reviews from BestReviewApp?

Among the numerous app reviews provider, why BestReviewApp stand out from the crowd? The following details will remove your doubts effectively.

larger user basebuy app reviews - user base

BestReviewApp has a larger user base all around the world, and the number is still increasing. Once you activate your order, these users will install your app and leave positive reviews for your app. This also ensures all the reviews are from real users. The special part is BestReviewApp has an app where gathering the worldwide reviewers. They search your app in this app, and finish the task to get the bounty. This system will keep them stay there and attract more new reviewers to join in. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that they will not give you enough reviews that you want to get.

High-quality reviews

They are strict with the quality of reviews, and they are still working on exploring more new methods to avoid the cheating behaviors. Each reviewer on this company is limited to use one unique IP address, and the nickname of different devices cannot be similar. Therefore, they can guarantee all the reviews are from real users. Also, you do not worry the risk that your app will be punished or removed by Apple.

In addition, the content of reviews they provide is valued. Each review is unique, and the content is high-quality, too. Each review is the reviewers’ real feedback after they have experienced your app. Also, you can choose your targeted country, they will give you the local reviews to promote your app effectively.

Reasonable charge

Maybe the price is the part app developers most focus on. In BestReviewApp, you don’t worry you will lose more than you gain. They will give you the best cost-effective service to promote your app on app stores. Also, there are some discounts you can get if you place a big order. They offer 10% discount for over 50 reviews and 30% discount for over 100 reviews. You can pay via , which is fast and safe. You can also contact the support via Skype if you have any questions about the review service.

Precise targeting

Just mentioned above, they have worldwide reviewers, which means that you can get app reviews from any country. Comparing with other kinds of reviews, local reviews are more appealing and effective to attract new users to install an app. Therefore, there is no country limitation for app developers to get app reviews in BestReviewApp. It exactly helps this company have more competitive than others.

The different app has different features and functions. If you buy app reviews from this company, they will customize your promotion plan according to your app. For example, when you upload your app link, they will analyze it and choose the most suitable keywords for your app. Then, they will guide their reviewers to leave positive reviews with these keywords. This method can increase the keywords search results on App Store so that increase app downloads.

Guaranteed servicebuy app reviews - guaranteed services

BestReviewApp offers professional and completed service to help you get app reviews on App Store. They have helped more users to achieve their success and build a good reputation in the past years. What they do is not only give a good review service for you, they also hope that all the app who have used their service will increase downloads and the ranking on App Store. They support 24/7 service to answer your questions. If you are not happy with their service during your order, you can contact their support at any time.

what’s more, the after-sale service of this company is also a bright spot. After finishing your order, if you find your reviews disappeared or be removed by Apple, you can contact their support. Their experts will analyze your app and draw out a complete plan to make up your loss. All the service is to make you worry-free and risk-free. Once the reputation has built among old users, they will return back and introduce more new friends to buy app reviews from this company. It is exactly their strategy to marketing their service.

In conclusion

From the above, we have known the benefits of buying app reviews and why you should choose BestReviewApp to get app reviews. As an app developer, getting more app reviews is a must to do to promote and market an app. Combining with the information mentioned above, BestReviewApp is one of the best choices for you to get app reviews.

How to Choose a Good App Review Service Provider?

app review service provider

choose good app review service providerAfter understanding the importance of good app reviews and how to get app reviews, you need to know how to choose a good app review service provider. There are a lot of crap out there who will boast to the end of the world that they will offer you the best services at expensive costs only for you to find out that they can offer nothing. In fact, they don’t understand the job you contacted them for but they just want your money.

There are certain things to look out for when sourcing for a good app review service provider. Even the bible said by their fruits you shall know them. Some people might notice that all they need to go for are the popular app review service providers who charge outrageous prices believing that the price gives better quality. However, this is absolutely wrong, because quantity in no way determines quality rather you need to carefully scrutinize every app review service provider that comes your way and look out for these qualities as stated below.

Be prepared for app quality

Before you choose the app review service provider, ensuring your app quality is very important. No one would like to install or review an app with low-quality on app stores. Although you choose to buy app reviews, you have to guarantee the quality of your app. Only in this way, the reviews you have bought could match your app. Also, the Apple will believe the reviews are organic and don’t publish your app. To improve your app quality, you can try app store optimization(ASO). It is an efficient way to make your app more visible on app stores so that grow installs and revenues.

Quality reviews from real people

This is one of the most important factors to determine in picking an app review service provider for your app. A lot of service providers claim they can give you thousands to millions of reviews, but is it really original? Is it permanent? Are these reviews from real people? Can they prove the Genuity of the reviews they are offering you?

choose good app review service provider - quality reviewsThese and some other questions are what you need to ask the app review service providers before giving them your money because it has become a common scenario of giving reviews from fake profiles and users, yes you will get millions of reviews from the service provider but they might be reviews from fake users, these reviews from fake users are easier to get and saves them stress and money which in return doesn’t work for your app.

You may have encountered this once and wonder why after so many reviews a service provider offered you your app is still not getting necessary recognition? The answer to you is that reviews must have been from fake users who don’t even exist. You need to be patient and careful before losing your money to an app review service provider.

Low prices

Yes as we said earlier, you need to be on the alert, there are good app reviews services that offer very cheap and giveaway prices with quality app reviews from real users compared to some popular ones. They just charge you an outrageous sum for doing absolutely nothing other than deceiving you into believing they gave you the best app reviews. About this, Bestreviewapp is a good example in this niche. They guarantee all the reviews are from real users to promote your app.

Good support

choose good app review service provider - good supportA good app review service provider knows what your app is all about and wants your success because you have patronized his/her service. After giving you good positive app reviews from real users, they give you further support because they want your app to receive the feedback it needs to gain popularity within mainstream phone users.

Refund guarantee

A good app review service provider is not just concerned about your money, they want to give you a quality service too. They are sure of giving you a 100% quality service and they will always tell you if you feel unsatisfied with their service there is always a money back guarantee if the reviews don’t work for you. This way you don’t totally loose at both ends.

Patient and heart-warming

During the process of buy app reviews, there must have been a lot of problems you would meet. In this time, a good app review service provider will give you a great solution with patient and careful. They will not complain at any time, and the ultimate goal of them is to create a good user experience. Actually,  it is indeed because their kind service that they can get a good user base and build a great reputation.

After-sale serviceapp review service provider - after-sales provider

After providing the app reviews for customers, which not means that the order is ending. A good app review provider will support you until your app gets a good result. If the reviews you bought cannot bring the good results for your app, you can contact them to make up. A reliable provider will analyze the problem and draw up a new plan to promote your app.

In conclusion

In the mobile world, there are numerous app promotion service providers claim that they can boost app ranking and increase app downloads easily. While, you have to sharpen your eyes to choose a suitable one from the fierce competition. These tips mentioned above can help you make a clever decision. If you find more methods, welcome to leave in the comment section.


What Should You Do to Improve App Keyword Ranking?

improve app keyword ranking

Improve App Keyword RankingKeyword optimization has been one of the most important aspects of SEO for a long time. Its dynamics have changed over time but keywords are still important for search engines to rank your pages. This is also true for the App Store and Google Play store. If you want your apps to rank high on these stores, you need to improve app keyword ranking effectively. There are millions of apps between the two major mobile app stores and you have to do it right to make sure that your app’s keywords help your app rank higher. If you want to improve app keyword ranking for these stores, you should follow certain strategies. Make sure to follow these tips to choose the right keywords and rank them higher than the competition.

Conduct Keyword Research

Like SEO, app store optimization also requires keyword research to find the keywords that best address what your target audience is looking for. These keywords are required to be entered into the App Store’s keyword box. The keywords will be used all across your app store’s page. Apple has shown increasing support for plurals too.

Make sure to choose the right keyword research tool to ensure that you are choosing the right keywords that define your mobile application. It is important to make the most of the available character space when choosing the keywords.

Dealing with Overused Keywords: If you notice that a keyword has been overused in your segment, it is recommended to choose alternatives like synonyms or other strategies to make them more unique. However, it is important that the variations are used by people.

You will find average-searched keywords and highly-searched keywords. It can be much more difficult to improve app keyword ranking for the latter than for the former. It will be better to maintain a balance between the two.

Improve App Keyword RankingKeywords vs Key Phrases: When it comes to choosing between key phrases and keywords, it is recommended to break the keywords list into individual words. So if your recommended key phrase is “fitness trainer”, you should list it as “fitness, trainer” in the App Store’s keyword list.

Follow these tips when optimizing your app store presence for keywords:

  • You should focus on finding the most relevant keywords for which your app can rank higher. This is contrary to ranking higher for specific keywords.
  • The number and rate of your app downloads will have a big impact on your app’s rankings in search results. So if your app generates a higher number of downloads, you can consider ranking higher for more competitive keywords. You can get these keywords from your competitors.
  • If you don’t have a large volume of downloads, focus on less competitive keywords. You should gradually start targeting more competitive keywords when your download volumes increase.

It is important to keep in mind that as your app’s performance changes over time, you should conduct keyword research again and again to make changes to your app keyword strategy. This is important to improve app keyword ranking for a long term.

What Makes a Great Keyword

When choosing your app keywords, it is important that you don’t base your decision on one or two factors. For example, most app developers will select keywords after considering the number of searches they are generating. You should rather consider the following key factors when choosing the right keyword:improve app keyword ranking - keywords relevance

  • Relevance: Consider how relevant your selected keywords are for your application. Consider whether someone searching for your app is interested in what you have to offer. Also consider how likely they are to download the app.The keywords that you choose should match the function and targeted users of your app.
  • Competitiveness: It is never a good strategy to rank low for a highly competitive keyword. Target keywords you can rank higher for as long as they are relevant and generate a decent volume of traffic. You don’t want to rank 500 for a keyword that generates millions of searches. People will not scroll down beyond the top 10 results to search for an app. You can check the competition index of keywords by searching them on app stores. If there are many search results, which means the apps covering this keyword are less. If there are more results when you search this keyword, which means it has high competitiveness.
  • Search Index: The search index stands for the popularity of keywords. The higher search index the keyword gets, the more traffic it has. Usually, the keywords that have high search index but low competitiveness are the best choice for app developers. If you use this kind of keywords, your app will get the maximized exposure rate and get increasing installs.
  • Keywords Attribute: Keywords attribute has a huge impact on app installs and ranking on app stores. As we all know that keywords include brand words, behavior words, the words of competitors, function words, professional words and high-difficulty words. App developers should focus on the behavior words, the words of competitors and function words. If your app has a good reputation, you can pay attention to the brand words. Also, the words of competitors should put in the section of keywords filed to ensure the security.

Once you come across keywords that meet the best of both these criteria, you should choose the one that receives higher volume of searches.

Improve the volume of keywords coverageimprove app keyword ranking - keywords coverage

An effective keyword not only can improve app keyword ranking on app stores, but also can grow numerous organic traffic in a short time. There are some useful methods to increase the volume of keywords coverage:

  • Analyze and track the keywords of your app: Learning about the keywords of your app is very important for app developers. You should know the total volume of keywords, the change of your keywords, the keywords ranking and the search index. This method can help you find the most effective keywords, replace the bad keywords so that design a complete plan of your app.
  • Expand your keywords by analyzing the keywords of competitors: There are 3 main methods to expand app keywords: create some long tail words via your keywords, analyze the words of competitors and find more effective keywords via keywords tools. The competitor’s keywords is a valued place where you should spend more time on, which can give you a happy result.

Using Keywords to Optimize your App

Once you have identified the best keywords for your app, you should use them using the following tips to improve app keyword ranking:

  • App’s Title: The title has one of the most important roles in keyword optimization. It is important that the primary keyword is included within the title. It will have a big ‘boost’ for your app’s search-ability. Your app is more likely to be found by searchers.
  • Description: This is where you can use the other targeted keywords. Remember that app’s description is limited in terms of a number of words. You should choose the best keywords to add it in a uniform manner.
  • App’s reviews: App reviews also can provide some effective keywords for your app. You can collect all reviews from users to find the effective keywords of your app. Also, app reviews can reflect the problems of your app, which can help you promote your app effectively. Of course, if you have enough budget, you can buy app reviews with keywords from a reliable app-review provider.

In the description, you should be describing what your app does, its key highlights, and any awards or accolades it has won. This is where your visitors get most of the info about your app. So make sure that you provide the best details about your application.

Improve App Keyword RankingWhen creating your app’s name, it should be unique. There should be no resemblance to any of the popular apps on Google Play or App Store. If there is any resemblance, it can undo all your keyword optimization efforts. there is a good chance that the app store will autocorrect searches so that searchers find only the popular apps and not yours.

Don’t Repeat Keywords: If the identified keywords feature repetition of same words, you should leave out the repeated words. You should not repeat the keywords both in the title and description.


When it comes to app store optimization, keywords play the most important role in helping your app rank. Make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to improve app keyword ranking. It doesn’t matter how great an app you may have designed. If you don’t optimize your app effectively for the App Store or Google Play store, it will not rank high enough to drive the desired volume of downloads. App store optimization is the equivalent of marketing. You may have the best and most reliable product with all the key features on the market, but if it is not promoted well, it will not have buyers.

What Are the Benefits of Buying App Store Reviews?

buy app store reviews

Any App developer will freely acknowledge that successfully marketing their product requires nearly as much time and effort as producing it. The App market is incredibly crowded. It’s all too common for high-quality products to simply sink because inferior Apps have marketed themselves better. This is why many developers look to buy App Store reviews. Make no mistake this needn’t necessarily be buying hundreds of false five star reviews. Rather it’s the sheer volume of reviews that will propel a quality App up the rankings.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best ways to buy App Store reviews. There’s a huge number of benefits to be had, all of which will eventually lead towards greater exposure and potentially vastly increased revenue streams.

Where to Buy App Store Reviews?buy app store reviews - where to buy reviews

Before looking into the many benefits of this style of a marketing campaign it’s important to highlight some of the most important considerations when selecting a review agency. Apple has clamped down significantly over the last two years on what they term to be ‘false’ reviews. This is understandable as they naturally want to support the integrity of their reviews system. However, who is to decide what a fair review is?

Apple seeks out and actively remove blatantly false reviews. These are easy to spot and in some cases, Apps have fallen from 20k+ reviews to less than a fifth of that figure – with predictable consequences for their ranking position. This is why it’s essential to use a review agency who uses multiple people from all over the world. Mixed IP addresses are vital to protecting reviews from being removed, as too is a mix of scores. Most good agencies will suggest that their reviewing team score well, but hundreds of five stars will always raise suspicions!

About the company provide app store reviews, I recommend Bestreviewapp. It is a professional app-review provider and have rich experience in this career. The reviews provided by Bestreview are all from real users all over the world, which can make you feel risk-free and worry free. Also, there is an app for app reviewers who will provide high-quality app reviews for your app. Thus, if you want to but app reviews from a reliable company, Bestreviewapp is a great choice for you.

Developers Who Buy App Store Reviews Gain Exposurebuy app store reviews - app exposure

At the absolute heart of this marketing system is generating exposure for the App. The App Store works with a number of reviews as well as their overall score. In such a crowded market it’s vital to climbing these rankings for an App to have a chance to become viable. Take something very basic such as picture editing. There are hundreds of Apps on the market offering this kind of service, but the vast majority of users will only use a dozen or so of the highest ranked. After all, why would they choose an unknown, not reviewed App hundreds of places down the listings?

Developers who buy App Store reviews will see their product rapidly climb ahead of much of the competition. It’s simply a means of adding legitimacy to the product, as after all if others have tried it and scored the App highly then others will most certainly follow.

Expect Fast Results And Enhanced Revenue

When an App is released it’s crucial to gain exposure right away. Apps that are fresh to the market and receive great interest (reviews) have a much better chance of ‘catching a buzz’. Obviously, it helps if the App is excellent at what it does, but it’s much easier to promote a new product than one which has been low ranked on the market for a long while.

The best way developers can do this is to buy App Store reviews. As an early initial push to gain interest it’s a small investment which can pay for itself very swiftly. Remember that after this early rise through the ranks other users will download and reviews that App. Ideally, this creates a snowball effect whereby interest grows exponentially. Most agencies will deliver hundreds of unique downloads and reviews within a very short timescale, and obviously the more the better especially when in a crowded sector such as gaming or social media add-ons.

Legitimate Reviews From Real Usersbuy app store reviews - reviews from real users

Web marketing has come a long way in recent years. The old cut and paste 5 stars ‘excellent’ format doesn’t cut it nowadays. Users expect more depth as this implies an honest and fair appraisal of the App. Developers worrying that is they buy App Store reviews that they are just hiring a bot really shouldn’t be worried. Their App will be reviewed by real people who know their stuff, and will give unique feedback each time.

Boost your app downloads in a short time

73% users would like to install an app has more positive reviews, so the reviews have a great impact on app downloads. The more positive reviews your app get, the more installs you will get. Maybe there are some developers will use other methods to get app installs, but you have to admit buying app store reviews is faster and more effective to get app installs than other. Also, it will save you much time and effort so that you can put these to other valid projects.

Gain a good reputation

App review, like the fame for people, is the symbol of an app. If your app generates more positive app reviews, which stands your app has a great reputation. And the reverse is equally true. Therefore, if you buy app store reviews, you will build a good reputation for your app. Also, the good reputation also can attract more new users for your app and increase the retention of your app.

More competitive than other appsbuy app store reviews - competitive app

Having more positive app reviews mean that your app has high-valued content and interesting functions. And app stores always show the high-quality app in the recommended lists, while the app reviews are the important affecting factor of improving an app. Therefore, if you want to become more competitive, you have to get more positive reviews through more crucial tips. To achieve this goal, buy app reviews is a good choice for you.


Remember that as mentioned at the top of this article, Apple is wise to the games that developers use to exploit the ranking system. Those who buy App store reviews aren’t doing anything wrong – they are simply providing an incentive for people to try their App. It’s no different to any other company handing out free samples for feedback.

Make no mistake even a modest sum put aside to buy App Store reviews can go a very long way. It’s rapidly becoming an essential factor for any company looking to release a new App or breathe life into an existing one.

The Most Recommended Ways About How to Get App Reviews


People’s purchase decisions are often influenced by reviews from others, so does app users. App reviews play a major role in boosting app ranking and hooking potential users. Accordingly, developers have to know how to get app reviews when landing apps in the App Store or the Google Play Store.

how to get app reviewsAlthough app reviews exert a decisive role, developers often find it hard to let users make good reviews for their apps. Contrarily, people who are willing to leave behind reviews usually have a really bad experience with your apps! They do so because they find a way to complain their grievances and discontentment.

In the increasingly fierce competition, developers should seek ways to get app reviews, since app reviews can’t just produce by themselves. We provide you several ways in this guide and hope they are helpful for you.

Develop a Real Good App

To develop a real good app is the paramount thing. Users often get a nice experience from a good-developed app and feel pleased to leave reviews. A real good app contains attractive designs, meaningful contents, clear descriptions, a fast operation, attentive and satisfactory services and so on. To build a high-quality app, most app developers have used app store optimization(ASO) to achieve this goal. ASO is a process of optimizing your app in app stores to increase the search ranking and app downloads. The app review is a crucial part of app store optimization, which can affect the app installs and retention rate. So, getting app reviews is very necessary for app developers. If you want to get app reviews, especially good reviews, perfect your app so as to make users leave app reviews of their free will.

Provide Exceptional Customer Services

Providing exceptional customer services has proven useful in how to get app reviews. This helps you exchange one to one message with your users within the app. Also, you can set a live two-way instant messaging window for users to communicate with each other. Besides, make a “Send Feedback” button that opens an email form. Users fill the form and make suggestions for your app. From this way, you avoid negative reviews, get app reviews and keep your users too.

Run a Contest to Get App Reviews

how to get app reviewsIt is quite useful to run a contest to let users rate your app on social platforms. Some forums contain sections where app developers run a contest to prompt users making reviews. As for rewards, you can present winners giveaways, gift cards or real cash. Thus, users are motivated to leave reviews. But make sure the contest is impartially held.

Implant An App Review Plugin

Many app developers choose to implant an app review plugin to get app reviews. When users open the app, the plugin will pop up later and ask users to rate in a polite way. Users usually have three choices-Yes, rate the app, remind me later, and no thanks. If users choose the first one, they are taken right to the App Store where they can leave app reviews. If they choose the second one, the plugin will prompt later.

One thing needs to be strengthened is timing the prompt. If it automatically open at the beginning, it will influence the speed of operation. Besides, the plugin should pop up only when users have completed their tasks. If not, it leaves a bad impression on users, let alone getting reviews.

Buy App Reviewsget app reviews - buy app reviews

Another method of how to get app reviews we recommend is buying app reviews. It is quite a difficulty to obtain reviews from users. Actually, the only one who is willing to rate your app is the one who really has a bad experience with your app!

To avoid that, you should buy good app reviews from companies. For instance, buy app reviews from BestReviewApp. It will make users all around the world rate your app. There is no need for you to worry whether the reviews are fake or not. BestReviewApp let real users download your app, play it, and then leave good comments. You can go to the official website to have more.

Incentivize Users to Review Your App

We all love free things, so does app users. Entice your users to review your app and reward them. Although pop-ups are helpful, users still are reluctant to rate your app. So, how to get app reviews? Incentivize them. You can provide gifts or real cash to motivate them. However, be meticulous when using this tactic, because Apple might remove these apps that incentive users.

Review Exchange in Social Media and Forums

Maybe you will think review exchange will not give you a perfect result in a short time, but it is free and the review is high-quality. The first important step of this method is to find the targeted users. Because only you have assured a goal, you will advertise your product effectively. Thus, before you put your app in social media and forums, you must find the relevant users about your app. For example, you can create a group in Facebook and Linkedin, introducing your app function and features in these groups. With there are many app developers who want to get app reviews, you can ask for their help and give them the same reviews in return.

Utilize Your Interpersonal Relationshipsget app reviews - personal relationships

Actually, your friends and relatives are the precious resources for you. You can’t image the great power of them. If your app quality is valued, you can introduce it to your friends and relatives. They will advertise your app in their friends’ circle so that you can get more and more app downloads and reviews. This method not only helps you get app installs, but also build a good reputation for your app.


Most app developers are not reluctant to use advertisement to popularize their app and get app reviews with the high budget needed. But it is the most effective and fast method. Also, advertising can leave a great first impression for users, and it has a huge impact to drive users to install your app. Only if your app has millions of downloads, you have not worried the volumes of positive app reviews. You must believe that what you give out comes back to you, and in most cases many times over.

Put Your App in Review Sites

If you want to get more positive app reviews, why don’t you consider put your app on some review sites? These sites always have a huge influence in app career, and you can get more app reviews form these platforms. But you must guarantee the quality of your app, because the reviewers would like to give positive and high-quality reviews for a valued app.


App reviews play an important role in app promotion process, so app developers have to pay more attention to app reviews. In addition the methods mentioned above, app developers have to combine the actual condition so that create more appropriate methods for your app.

Why Buy App Reviews at BestReviewApp?


buy app reviews at BestReviewAppBestReviewApp offers a great service to help app developers promote mobile apps with positive app reviews and high ratings for their app in Google Play and Apple App Store. Up to now, we have helped thousands of mobile app developers rank their apps higher in App Store and Goole Play Store. Now, read the following parts to learn why to buy app reviews at BestReviewApp.

We offer the most quality reviews

All our reviewers will rate an app with 4/5 stars and leave a positive review after downloading and experiencing the app. The reviews must contain 20 – 40 words, including users’ thoughts or even suggestions for your app instead of a normal review like “I love this app”.

Besides this, developers are able to give a score to the reviews they received. Reviewers with high scores will have priority to review apps for developers, which will eliminate the low-quality reviewers eventually and improve the review quality at the same time.

We own a huge app user base

So far, we have already gathered over 30,000 iPhone users and over 20,000 Android users all around the world. And the number is still increasing. To become our reviewers, they will have to install our Mobile Client on their device first, Our Mobile Client will authenticate the device to guarantee their genuineness.

We are strict with the quality of our service

We aim to provide good reviews for our developers. Also, we are working on exploring and preventing any cheating behaviors. We have tried to limit the users IP, one IP address can be only used once to register a unique reviewer account. We also have limits for the reviewer account, iPhone reviewers’ Apple ID nickname cannot be modified.

buy app reviews at BestReviewApp - quality serviceBesides, we have developed an app for reviewers, they’ll have to install it on their device before reviewing any apps. The app can not only authenticate the device’s uniqueness, but also can detect if you install an app and open it before writing a review. More than this, one device is limited for a unique Apple ID, and you cannot change it.

We care about your business

Some new developers have some worries when they buy app reviews. They worry about the app has the risk that removed from the app store by Apple or the Google.

Actually, we care about your app and your business more. we have hired some ASO expert, we’d love to evaluate your app and give you some suggestions and help you to create an appropriate plan for free to promote your app and your business well.

We are flexible and cost-effective

We’re responsive and flexible. If you want to pause or make some changes to an already started order, we’ll adjust it for you. Even though you hope to modify a completed review, we’ll contact the relevant reviewers to update the review on the app store as soon as possible for you.

We are trusted & preferred

We have spent the last 4 years building a reputation for providing good app reviews service for developers. Also, we also have served more than thousands of developers and helped them to get success with their apps. Indeed, we are trusted and preferred by our beloved app developers customers. Therefore, buy app reviews from Bestreviewapp is a good choice for you!

Professional customer service

buy app reviews at BestReviewApp - good customer serviceWe have a professional and completed customer service system. It’s very easy to connect with us, you can contact us by E-mail, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Telephone, or just leave a message on our website, etc.

We will reply you in a short time as long as we are online to solve your problem.

We do more than just deliver a service

What we do is not only deliver a good review service for you. we hope the apps that used our reviews service have efficiency on the ranking changes or install rate, etc. we hope our customers satisfy with our service. We hope our customers get success with their apps after using our good review service.

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Most Effective Ways to Promote Your Android Apps

Promote Android Apps If a developer wants to be successful with their creations, they need to find a way to distinguish their work from other developers in the industry. This can be done by marketing the developer’s apps so that android users are aware of its existence and its functionality. So, for those who are interested in how to promote Android apps online, here are 7 effective tips that can be started today.

Promote Android Apps via Facebook Ads

When a developer wants to boost their app install rates, one of the best things that they can do is utilize paid vehicles like Facebook that provides opportunities for developers to show ads of their apps to specific target audience. Therefore, when a developer advertise their apps on Facebook, they can choose which audience they want to appeal to. The developer’s audience can be identified by age, location, mobile operating systems as well as other types of criterion. Additionally, if the developer wants to customize their audience to a specified group of users, they can create an email list.

Buy Google Play Reviews

Another option that developers can take advantage of involves promoting their by buying Google Play Reviews. Finding the best services provider for these services is one of the keys to being successful. So, developers should search around for online businesses that will provide detail reviews that actually promote their product based on the features offered.

Promote Android Apps in Multiple Stores

Promote Android Apps in Multiple StoresIn addition to promote Android apps in Google Play Store, developers can also publish their app in some other app store like Amazon, Samsung app store, and so on. The more stores your app is published in, the more chances it will be noticed by people. Also, you need to learn different methods to promote Android apps in different app store.

Offer Premium Apps

Though there are many different ways to encourage users to download an app, one of the most successful is to get users to download premium versions. While free apps can help with building up the user base, it does not always cover the extra territory that is available to the developer. Meaning after the user downloads a free version, they may then move forward by buying the full version or add ons when they need them.

Advertise Though Free Content

Sites like MobileStartupz.com. are ideal for developers that want to take advantage of free publicity. So, this is also an excellent resource for marketing an app. On these types of sites, the developers will be appealing to a start-up voting community that will not only give excellent input about an app, but will also give the developer top billing when their apps are voted in the top ranking spots.

Promote Apps on Youtube

Promote Android Apps on YouTubeOne of the biggest problems with getting an app noticed is developers don’t explain what the app is for and what it can do for users. So, when a developer provides an overview of what an app can do, it will place them light years ahead of others in the same development community. With this in mind, a brief but thorough overview of an app can also assist with boosting traffic and sales.

Create a Gorgeous Icon

Many marketing specialists spend countless hours working on the presentation for a new product or service. The primary goal during this time is to make sure the product is appealing to the eye. The same concept is true for developers who are placing their apps on Google Play store and other places, especially since one of the basic tricks is to promote android apps creative plans over others. For instance, if the icon for the app looks inferior, it can hamper the possibility of increasing sales severely.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy Google Play Reviews for Your Apps?

Buy Google Play Reviews Many people who create their own apps are going to wonder if it’s a good idea to buy Google Play reviews. People are going to get a lot of mixed opinions on this topic. Some people might hear rumors about people reacting negatively towards the people who do this. Other people might hear about the advantages of improving one’s rating in advance. While everything is going to have positives and negatives attached, overall, it is a good idea to buy Google Play reviews.

All Publicity is Good Publicity

Many people have heard the adage that any publicity is good publicity, but they might be uncertain as to whether or not it is true. The short answer is that it is true for the people who are obscure. For famous people who are already established and who already have famous products, bad publicity really is bad publicity. Famous app developers don’t benefit from the negative reviews that they receive. A wave of negative reviews is going to truly be negative for them.
However, for the people who have obscure apps, books, or almost anything else, all publicity really is good. Obscurity is one of the main problems facing almost all independent developers online today. Many talented people never manage to get established on Google Play just because it is very difficult to get noticed on such an enormous database. The obscure apps are going to get crowded out by the apps that have a great deal of industry backing. People who are creating their own apps and marketing their own apps are going to be at a major disadvantage compared to the people who have professional marketing teams to help them.

Buy Google Play Reviews When people buy Google Play reviews, they will get ratings in the process. Those ratings are going to attract the attention of some people. The ratings will automatically manage to elevate people above the app developers who have no ratings at all. People can move up an entire tier as a result of Google Play reviews.

Good Reviews Attract More Reviews

Buy Google Play reviews is only going to be the first step. Many people do not review an app if they are the first to use an app, regardless of their experiences with it. People don’t like to be the first to do anything in some cases, especially when it comes to leaving reviews. If people see that other reviews are there, they might be more likely to leave reviews of their own. Google Play reviews can more or less beget Google Play reviews.

People who are worried about fake-looking reviews that give themselves away as fake reviews should note that it is possible to buy Google Play reviews that are much better written than that. Talented freelance writers are more than aware of this problem, and they will be happy to actually use the apps and to actually create real reviews that are honest and well-written. The money more or less just acts as an added incentive for them to write. The presence of their reviews will encourage other people to write as well.

What’s more, people are more likely to rate an app highly if previous reviewers have rated the app highly. People are going to be more positively biased towards an app that has attracted good ratings, however the ratings were determined. However, even if the real reviews are negative, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Having a range of opinion sometimes gives people a good impression. Not everyone is going to like an app. People care that other people have tried an app, and not necessarily that everyone else liked the app.

Reviews Attract Attention

Buy Google Play Reviews Some people are not going to go near an app that has no reviews attached. In fact, they might be more likely to try out an app that has negative reviews attached than an app that has no ratings attached. People are wary of trying things for the first time. People might be more inclined to try out an app that has managed to attract even one positive review, which is reason enough to buy Google Play reviews.

It should be noted that most people are not going to really think about whether the reviews are fake or not. Not everyone is even aware of the fact that a lot of people buy Google Play reviews. Since reviews beget more reviews, many of them are going to be real eventually. One way or another, lots of fans aren’t really going to care.


When people buy Google Play reviews, they are potentially plucking themselves up from obscurity. It is too difficult for individual people to get discovered on the Google Play store, which is huge. People need to make themselves discovered, and they can do that by purchasing Google Play reviews. They will get themselves over one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to app marketing, which involves that long period where no one notices what you have created. When people buy Google Play reviews, they’re taking a shortcut. From there, they can complete the rest of the journey.