Developer 1.Which countries do you support? We support the App stores in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, China, Australia and Others.Others means the reviews may come from any country except the mentioned ones. 2.How do you charge your services? iOS App: The Service fee of one review: USA, China: $2.99; UK, Canada, AU and Others: $3.99.
Mac App: The Service fee of one review: USA: $2.99
Android App : The service fee of one review $2.99 (No limited country ,only provide reviews on the English version)
If your app is a free download, we charge a one-off fee of $2.99-$3.99 for each review.
If your app is a paid download, the cost is $2.99-$3.99 plus the price of your app for each review.
We offer 10% off orders over 50 reviews and 30% off orders of over 100 reviews.
3.How does your system work? Your app will be featured on our reviewer home page .Everyday ,there are many new users from different countries all over the world joining our review family.They choose what kind of apps they are interested in and then download and leave a positive comment.We will award them with real money once we confirm their reviews from iTunes store and Google Play Store. 4.Who will review my app? We only employ genuine iOS and Android users from all around the world. In this way, we promote your app to the users who really want and need it. They will write a review only after they have downloaded and experienced it. 5.Which platform do you support? We focus exclusively on the iOS, Mac and Android platforms. 6.What can I expect from your service? Primarily, our service gets you as many four and five star positive reviews as you want, leading to improved search rankings in iTunes and Google Play. In addition, your app will be featured on the front page of our site. We also send newsletters to our subscriber list which currently consists of over ten thousand smartphone users. We will recommend your app on our Facebook and Twitter feeds which will provide some significant exposure to the right demographic. 7.How long will it take to have the reviews ? It normally takes between 2-4 days (depending on the number of reviews that you purchase). We are not able to guarantee a specific timeframe for total completion of your order as it takes time both for the users to use your app and the App store to verify their reviews. 8.How can I know who reviewed my app? Simply go to the Reporting section and you will get all the detailed information about the reviews of your apps, including users' nicknames in the iTunes Stores, date of the reviews and the contents of the reviews. 9.Are your services legitimate? Absolutely! We are here to provide a much needed platform for app developers to reach out to real iTunes and Google Play customers. We provide only 100% genuine reviews from genuine users to get your app the exposure it needs to thrive. 10.Can I expect only positive reviews? The short answer is no. We encourage users to write honest and unbiased reviews and to give 4-5 star ratings however the user has final say in the rating given. Reviewers who consistently leave low ratings or unacceptable reviews are removed from our system. In practice, however, you can expect generally very positive reviews. 11.How many users do you have? We have tens of thousands of registered users and everyday there are new reviewers joining us.
Reviewer 1.How to review an app? Before you write a review you must use it in person. We suggest you write an honest review, the content of which can be your experience using the app, comparison with similar apps, the features you want to recommend and any suggestions you want to make to the developers. 2. What is the difference between paid and free apps? You will get $0.50 for reviewing a free app and $1.00-$1.50 for a paid one. You are required to purchase any paid apps yourself upfront. The purchase price plus your bonus will be paid when your review is verified. Free apps can obviously be downloaded by you without cost. 3.Can I have more accounts if I owe many devices? Yes.One user is allowed to register many best accounts that many devices you have. 4.How to withdraw money and how long it will take? First make sure you have a PayPal or Alipay account.We make payments to our reviewers every Friday. Please submit a withdraw application on Thursday to be assured of payment that week. 5.How much time do I have to finish the review? App Store will verify your review 24 hours after you submit it and our system will detect your review from iTunes Store within 48 hours. If you do not complete the review within 48 hours we will reassign the app to another user. 6.Can I change my nickname? No. We detect your reviews from iTunes Store solely through the use of your nickname. If you change it you will not get paid for any reviews. 7.What is the bad record? If you claim an app but fail to review it then it will be classed as a bad record. If this happens 5 times, your account will be frozen. If you are unable to review an app you have claimed in time you must remember to cancel it! If you rate an app below 4 stars it will also be classed as a bad record and you won't get the bonus. 8.What kind of action may lead my account to be frozen? Consistently low quality reviews, low ratings, up to 5 bad records, and attempting to open multiple accounts will all result in your account being frozen. 9.How to remove bad records? Invite friends to register. Copy the link of your bad record, invite your friend to register through this link and, once your friend has successfully finished his first paid-app review, your bad record will be removed. 10.How to modify my account information if I put something wrong? As you're not authorized to modify your nickname or country randomly and forbidden to register a new account.If you put some wrong info,please contact us to help you . 11. How to contact you if I have some suggestions? Write to are always happy to hear from you.
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